12 Popular Poodle Haircuts

A Little Word About the Poodle Dog Breed

We all want our poodles to have the best haircuts, right? What are the first thoughts that cross your mind when you think of a Poodle? Proud, smart, and elegant? Indeed, the poodle is an impressive royal dog that is actually a family dog, loyal, loving, and mischievous. The Poodle is regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

This loyal family companion is highly trainable. When it is bored and not stimulated physically and mentally, the poodle can get destructive.

They were bred for real jobs behind all that glamour, magnificent poodle haircuts, and family life that surrounds the poodle. The Poodle breed was originally a Water Retriever, jumping in the water to fetch waterfowl for hunters.

Modern poodle haircuts and coat styling actually originate from the practical cause. Trimmed areas lightened the weight of the poodle’s coat when and wouldn’t snag on debris in the water, while the long hair around the vital organs and joints protected it from the cold water.

How Do You Know What the Right Cut for Your Poodle is?

There are different types of Poodle that are all considered the same breed but are different-sized. All Poodle types – Toy, Miniature, Standard, and Giant, share the same distinct features; although different, they have slightly different morphology.

Poodles are non-shedding dogs, and their coat is hypoallergenic, which makes them the perfect choice for people with allergies. All Poodle types have a coat that is curly, dense, and soft. On the other hand, smaller Poodle types are more compact, and bigger ones have longer bodies. Some Poodle haircuts are more suitable for one type than another, although all of the haircuts can work if modified.

12 Popular Poodle Haircuts

  1. Dutch Cut

The Dutch Cut is one of the most popular poodle haircuts in dog shows and contests. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a uniform style that doesn’t have a different length of the dog’s coat. 

Dutch cut is typical of its tail, which ends with a cute pompom. This cut is referred to as the ‘sporting cut’ by British Kennel Club in the UK.

  1. Lion Cut

When you think about the fancy Poodle strolling around on a dog exhibition, lion cut is the haircut that suits it the most. This Poodle haircut is probably the best-known extravagant Poodle hairdo.

The dog’s limbs are hairless with a single pompom on the front and hind legs and tail. Head, chest, and stomach must be hairy. The haircut, which is the most used in dog competitions, is also known as a continental haircut. 

As impressive as it is, to master the lion cut, you need a lot of experience, time, and effort.

  1. English Saddle Cut

English saddle cut is pretty similar to the Lion cut, except for a few details. This haircut has additional pompoms on the hind legs. The pelvic area is the same length as the coat of the chest. Like a Lion cut, an English saddle cut has long ears. 

  1. Puppy Cut

This easy Poodle haircut makes dogs look like, well, like puppies! It is popular for many small dog breeds, such as Miniature Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, or West Highland White Terriers. 

The Puppy Cut’s aim doesn’t go for the sharp-looking or denied finish. The purpose is for a coat to look natural and fresh. Although the American Kennel Club claims that there should be a pompom on the end of the tail, feel free to make this cut your own by playing with various lengths.

  1. Modern Cut

If you’re looking for a glamorous cut, but you’re not ready for a Lion cut, a Modern Cut is a perfect option. This haircut elegantly follows the shape of the Poodle’s body – it’s an aesthetic cut, but at the same time very natural.

The topknot is round and fluffy but blends into the fur of the neck and shoulders. The chest coat is a tad rounded with the front legs straight. The back legs are clipped to show their shape and have a bit of extra fluff above the paws.

The Modern cut is also known as the Scandinavian cut or European cut, especially in the USA.

  1. Summer Cut

Looking for a cut that will refresh your Poodle in the hot weather? Summer cut (sometimes called Kennel Clip and Utility Clip) is a hairstyle that is short all over, with a coat slightly longer on the head and tail. 

This easy-to-manage Poodle haircut is great for dogs that are active, perfect for the long walks in the wood, for the beach, or if your dog loves rolling around in the backyard.

  1. Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut requires experience in styling Poodles as the finish must be done with scissors. The hair should be left mid-length so that the curls can be seen clearly. That will give a sweet, rounded finish which will make your Poodle look like a teddy bear.

This hairstyle requires regular baths so that the Poodle’s fur looks gorgeous all the time!

  1. Town and Country Cut

This Poodle haircut’s defining feature is that it leaves the legs hairy and cylinder-shaped, while the body coat is cut shorter. The head and the ears have a rounded finish, too. 

Town and Country haircut is becoming increasingly popular in the USA. It can work for any Poodle type, but it is the most common among the Standard and Miniature Poodles.

  1. Cupcake Cut

This stylish Poodle haircut is notable for the shape of the head – which ends in a point. This is why it resembles a muffin. Another feature of this style is thoroughly styled ears that are rounded.

Some people think that this haircut is dramatic, but we think it’s pretty classy.

  1. Short Cut

Short Cut isn’t a commonly seen style for Poodles, although it’s pretty aesthetic and perfect for avoiding dirt, tangles, and knots in the coat. Short Cut is also a good option for those who can’t go to the dog groomer often. It will look good on a Toy Poodle as well as the Standard Poodle.

Keep in mind that this haircut may cause the dog to become cold. It is recommended for warmer countries, or if you prefer shorter cuts, make sure that a Poodle wears a doggie jacket to stay protected from the cold.

  1. Bikini Clip

For this chick Poodle haircut dog’s coat is shaved on the face, feet, and tail. The rest of the coat is cut to a particular length all over the body. Often, you’ll see a pom near the feed as well as at the end of the tail. 

Don’t forget to brush the poms regularly to keep them tangle-free and fluffy.

  1. Ponytails 

If you want to give your girl Poodle a more girlish look, you should try out the Ponytails Cut. This style is characteristic for cutting the hair on the Poodle’s face and leaving long hair on the ears. Long ears will make a pigtail print which you can decorate with bows and clips.

The Importance of the Right Dog Grooming Tools for Each Job

Styling a Poodle’s coat requires more than one grooming shear, no matter which cut you choose from the ones described above. You’ll need a shear as your workhorse, a detailer sheer, as well as a finisher sheer. 

Firstly, as your workhorse, you’ll need to use grooming scissors. A good choice for grooming scissors would be the one with a beveled blade edge because they’re perfect for cutting curly and wiry coats. 

Secondly, you should use scissors with semi-convex edges, as they are great for everyday use and finish work. Besides these scissors for a finish, you should also have a set of dog grooming scissors with a convex edge for detail and perfect finish work.


Getting the right Poodle haircut can seem like a tough choice, no matter which type of Poodle you have. Deciding in advance which Poodle hairstyle should be your choice and a picture can make things a lot easier for you and the dog groomer. 

Relying just on the haircut’s name can be confusing sometimes, so it’s better to take a picture with you, just to be on the safe side.

Being well prepared and using this article as a reference for your Poodle’s next cut, your dog will look fresh and trendy, ready for a stroll on the streets.  

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