Exploring the Lamb Cut on a Poodle

Are you worried about the perfect haircut to give your pet? If so, don’t fret! There are different haircuts, and the Lamb Cut Poodle style is among the best. Typically, a Lamb Cut is a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that takes a lot of skills to master. 

This hairstyle involves the clip called the “Lamb Cut,” which sees the dog’s face, tail, and feet shaved. However, its top knot is similar to the dog’s body hair. So, as much as it makes maintenance easy, you need to trim the coat down to the skin, leaving fur and tail a little longer. 

While achieving this fancy hairstyle can be a pain in the neck, there are several ways to get this perfect look. So, if you are still unsure of a Lamb Cut on a Poodle, here is everything you need to know. 

Also, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you put everything in place. In the end, you’ll not only reduce mats and dander but also make your pet look fresh, refined, fierce, and happy again.

Read on to find out!.

smiling woman haircut white poodle

The History of the Poodle Lamb Cut

The genesis of the Poodle Lamb Cut was from Germany in the late 16th to early 17th century as water retrievers. At first, owners groomed the Poodles to float in water since they are water breeds. 

“Poodle” comes from the German word pudel, meaning “water dog.” Owners shaved the Poodle to accommodate their lifestyle. If the Poodle is not shaved,  it will sink in water. 

When owners shaved the top part of the Poodle and left the bottom half unshaved, the Poodles floated perfectly in the water. Nonetheless, the owners left hair intact on the chest and joints to protect the Poodle from injury and safeguard the organs. 

Furthermore, the owners shaved the hair on the eyes and mouth to enhance a clear vision. They also tied knots of hair on top of the head to reveal a perfect view of the face. Today, Poodle haircut styles have become popular worldwide.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Lamb Poodle Cut

Coming up with an attractive Lamb Poodle Cut is not easy. You need special equipment and also the right procedure. So, if you are about to shave your canine friend, check out the following step-by-step guide to help you achieve a perfect Poodle cut. 

But before that, you need the following tools:

  • Clippers
  • Grooming shears
  • Slicker brush
  • Stainless still comb

Follow these grooming tips to help you achieve the Poodle Lamb Cut and stand out among the rest with all these tools at hand.

Grooming accessories of clipper, scissor, comb, brush


The first step is to prepare your pet before beginning the Poodle grooming procedure. This comes down to the three b’s: bath, blow-dry, and brush. With every pet, good preparation is important. 

A thorough bath and conditioning with quality pet shampoo should be followed by blow-drying the coat straight. Sanitary, nail trimming, and ear cleaning should be done before styling. On top of that, ensure that the coat is clean and dried, then brush your Poodle from the head to the tail. 

While doing this, ensure there are no knots and pay attention to areas with friction, such as the armpits. 

Shave the Feet

There are many ways to start Poodle haircut styles, but the most preferred grooming style is starting the feet first. Trim any hair that is grown out between the paw pads. Use the shortest blade possible.

To clip away hair from the pads, hold your dog’s foot in a comfortable position and clip hair from the pads. While doing this, mark the shave line to continue to the Poodle’s feet. When done, change the blade set to 15 and shave the top of the foot from the toenails up to the previous shave line when shaving the paw pads.

A tip to put in mind while shaving the foot is to use a scooping motion between toes. This act is essential since you will avoid knocking between the toes.

Trim the Face

The face is the center of attraction in every pet. It attracts pet lovers, especially if it is shaped fashionably. To trim your Poodle’s face, start with the neck, then set your clipper blade at 15 and start from the neck indentation upward to the chin.

Remember to hold your dog while the nose is facing upward to prevent nicks and properly pull the neck skin taut. Then, continue clipping from the inner ear in a straight line towards the outer corner of the eyes.

Finish off by connecting the clipped area beside the ear to the clipped site on the throat. Trim the inner corner of the eye to the nose. Don’t forget to use a light touch not to hurt the eyes.

Keep trimming the face by stretching the dog’s lips into a smile while passing the clippers along the lips and, lastly, around the nose.

Bum and Backside

After the feet, trim the bum and the backside, using adjustable blade clippers on the 10th blade setting. Remember to clean your dog’s backside and bum to prevent the spread of infections to other body parts. The next thing to do is clip delicate areas using particular clipping and trimming methods.

Trim the Body

Brush the dog’s hair coat to fluff hair away from the body. Use a ten-blade and ½ inch (1.3 centimeters) guard comb and clip along the natural contours from the neck towards the tail. Trim from the back to the belly, then cut down from the neck and stop above the elbow. 

Continue clipping around the neck to down the chest, the base of the ribs cage towards the armpits. Comb the hair when you are done clipping the entire body. Combing is vital since you will identify missed spots or stray hairs.


Many people put less effort when shaving their Poodle’s legs. But in a real sense, the Poodle’s legs grow hair and need a perfect shave. Use the same blade and comb method to trim the legs to the same length. 

Set a ¾ inch (1.9 centimeters) guard comb if you prefer long hair. Start from the top going downwards towards the ankle. The clip aligns the hair from the hair to the body when done.


Now that you are done with the legs, why not create beveled ankles? Beveled ankles are among the standard Poodle grooming styles and mainly involve combing the leg hair downwards, clipping straight along the edge where the shaved foot and leg hair meet. 

Do this around the ankle, and don’t forget to set your adjustable clipper at 40 blades. If you notice extra hairs, clean with your grooming gear.

Create a Blend

Now that you have achieved beautiful bevels, why not perform blending? Well, blending is essential in trimming or cutting Poodle hair. The Poodle Lamb Cut appears beautiful when blended.

For instance, you may want to blend the shorter neck hair with the longer body hair. On the chest. To do this, skim over the shaved edges using a clipper and ensure it is on a 7-blade setting.

Don’t Forget the Tips

Poodle hairstyles cannot be complete without creating a perfect tip building a foundation where the hair will settle. Set the sidelines starting from the shave line along with the eye’s outer cover and around the ear. Comb the ear hair, then trim from the face and go back using your shears. 

For a perfect outcome, repeat on the opposite side to create uniformity. Comb the entire top knot and trim any long hair. Do the same on the opposite side and then brush the top knot upward and shape. Check all sides to get a perfect blend.


At this point, your Poodle already resembles a lamb. Use a conditioning spray to brush off any tangled hair. Using a slicker brush, comb the ear hair straight, and trim the ends using shears. When done, brush your pet to check for any stray hair. In the end, reward your little buddy with a treat or lots of cuddles for the job well done.

Groomer grooming poodle dog


Poodles are excellent pets with lots of hair that needs to be cut. There are plenty of Poodle haircut styles you can choose from. The perfect haircut is the Poodle Lamb Cut, which stands out in Poodle groom styles. The unique and beautiful haircut is designed to suit Poodles’ lifestyle. 

If you own a Poodle, why not try the Lamb Cut Poodle style? On top of that, don’t forget to follow the tips outlined above to achieve a decent look. 

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