How Much to Tip Your Dog Groomer

The Important Work that a Dog Groomer Does

Grooming your dog can be a lot of work. So how much to tip your dog groomer then?

Dog groomers are professionally trained in handling and grooming dogs for a safe, comfortable, and successful trip into their office. How much to tip your dog groomer can be a difficult thing to figure out, but we’ve got you covered. Find out more below!

Why Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Do you tip your dog groomer? Yes. 

A dog groomer can have a very physically demanding job. They have to lift pets and equipment regularly, all while maneuvering in the best way to ensure the safety and comfortability of both themselves and the animal. 

Dog owners know the hassle of having to lift their animal if it’s large, so having to do that repeatedly can be difficult. Dog groomers also have to worry about accidental bathroom breaks on the table, as well as biting if the dog is nervous or somewhat aggressive. 

Besides bathing and hair or fur cutting, groomers also give an overall assessment health assessment, bathe, brush teeth, and clip nails depending on the amount of service your dog needs. 

Groomers also make commissions on their grooming jobs rather than the total price. Because of this, they could only be making between 30-40% of the cost of the grooming, so adding a tip can be beneficial to them for that reason. 

When to Consider Adding a Bigger Tip

Adding a bigger tip can happen not only out of a generous heart but because of animal behavior. 

Sometimes dogs misbehave. They can be nervous or simply just do not like being groomed or having their nails trimmed. Because it’s not something that happens too often, they are not used to the attention that grooming entails.

If a groomer does not complete the grooming due to their behavior, they most likely won’t charge you. Adding a generous tip can show your appreciation (and an apology) for their services.

If your dog groomer has to groom your dog with fecal matter stuck to its hinds or deal with extreme shedding or matted hair, a bigger tip is probably needed. This is because it’s more work and a bigger job than just typical grooming. 

Older or overweight dogs need more care and attention than others. If your dog is in this category, adding the extra money to the tip can show your appreciation for your special pup, especially with lifting and showing extra care.

The Hard Work of a Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is not easy. With all of the things mentioned before, it’s clear that dog groomers do not know what they are dealing with until the dog gets to their salon. 

Whether it’s dealing with matted hair or an anxious dog, groomers have to act in the situation. However, it is necessary at the time. With first-time clients, surveys are usually given to get to know the dog’s behavior, but accidents do happen that groomers have to deal with.

Knowing different hair and fur types, as well as styles, is something that dog groomers must know, as well. Training is required to become a dog groomer, including styling, health, safety, and much more. 

Questions to Ask a Potential Dog Groomer

When trying to match your pup up with a dog groomer, it’s essential to ask some questions before entrusting the dog groomer with your pet. 

Here are some questions to ask your potential dog groomer:

  1. What is your certification?

This can be important, as it shows that they are fully qualified to work as a dog groomer and know about your dog’s safety and how to style, bathe, and trim. 

  1. My dog is scared of grooming. How do you deal with that?

If you have an anxious dog, this is a question you should be asking. If they do not work with anxious or frightened dogs, find a different groomer. 

  1. What breeds are you familiar with?

If you have a dog that needs a very stylized grooming, such as a Shih Tzu or Goldendoodle, finding a groomer that works with those breeds will often help ensure a successful trim. 

  1. Which kind of packages do you have?

Different groomers include different services in their companies. Be sure to ask what is included and what’s not to make sure you know what you are getting with your money. 

  1. Do I need to give you any information?

Insurance, credit card information, and more may be needed for the grooming. Some people do surveys to understand what kind of dog you have to be prepared for what they are working with. 

  1. Am I able to watch the grooming?

Usually, groomers have windows where you can see the room when they are grooming. This helps ease any anxiety a dog owner may have about giving their dog to someone else to care for. 

How Much Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Tips can range anywhere from 15-20%, but sometimes more is needed. 

Of course, tipping should be given with good service and care from the dog groomer, but as a commonplace practice, people who give you services should receive a tip.

Tipping may need to be bigger when accidents happen, such as unexpected bathroom happenings, biting, anxiety, matted hair, and much more. If your groomer has to alert you of something that happened when they were grooming, that’s a pretty good sign that a bigger tip is needed. 

How Often do Dog Groomers Receive Tips?

Dog groomers receive tips as often as their customers feel it is necessary. A good rule of thumb to go by is that whenever you visit the dog groomer and are satisfied with the job that was done, a tip has been earned by the dog groomer. 

Grooming can be a tricky task, and a tip is always appreciated. Make sure to do some research or ask if they are on a commission-based earning, as this can alter the way you tip.

Some places do not allow tipping, so be sure to know the etiquette of the particular groomer you visit.

The Dog Grooming Tip Calculator 

Finding out how to tip can be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with percentages. So, how do you tip on the fly?

This tip calculator explicitly made for dog grooming can help! Simply visit the link, insert the total price of your dog grooming for that visit, and the percentage of the tip you would like to leave, and the calculator will do the work for you. 

Remember, 15-20% is the standard tip for grooming, but be sure to get a complete understanding of how the visit went when your dog groomer brings out your pet. This will undoubtedly alter the way you tip. 


How to tip your dog groomer can seem complicated, as you never want to seem rude. But, with these tips, you’ll never have to worry again. 

Simply pull out the tip calculator at the end of your visit, and you’ll always feel at ease with knowing you’ve tipped the right amount. When you’ve put your tip down, you and your pup can leave knowing you’ve gotten the best service possible and shown your appreciation for their hard work. 

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