How To Demat A Dog – The Process Explained

What Does Matted Mean?

Long-haired dogs experience matting quite often. If it’s the first time you face this challenge, your biggest concern is how to de-mat a dog. Don’t worry! We will assist you in getting a solution for that, but first: what does matted mean, and what is matting in dogs?

Matting is a condition in which your pup’s fur completely tangles and knots. To be matted is to have many tangles and knots. Matting frequently affects long and medium-haired dogs and those with short but curly hair.

Mats start as a small knot that quickly grows into large clumps if left unattended. Matted dog hair is likely to hide fleas and cause skin irritation, making your hairy buddy uncomfortable; this is why it is essential to remove mats as soon as you notice them.

Continue reading to understand what is matting hair?:  how to get mats out of dog hair, tools required to de-mat a dog, and grooming tips to assist you to avoid mats in dogs!

Grooming with a dog brush

How to Demat a Dog

Once you notice your dog has matted hair, the next thing you will want to know is how to get mats out of a dog’s fur. Dealing with a matted Goldendoodle can be burdensome, especially if your Goldendoodle has a sensitive coat.

De-matting is a delicate process and will require tolerance from you and your pup, especially if there are many dog knots involved. You may have to give treats and continually pamper your pooch during the process. Here are some tips on how to de-mat a dog:

Assemble Your Tools and Products

To effectively deal with matted fur, you will need to have the right equipment and products. A de-matting brush and a slicker brush are among the best tools for this job. Cowboy Magic Detangler for Dogs will help in loosening the tangled hair. 

Ensure you also have some shampoo and warm water nearby since you will need to bathe your pup after de-mating. You can get all the required tools from a vet supply near you if you are missing one.

Ensure Your Dog Is Comfortable

Before embarking on the de-mating process, ensure your dog is comfortable and relaxed: ensure they do not feel scared or trapped. Be sure to pick a place that will enable you to control the pup, preferably a high surface, so they are at eye level with you.

Find The Mats

Use the slicker brush to brush your dog gently and locate all the dog knots and tangles: brush back all the hair surrounding the matted fur so that you can better focus on the matted spot. The mats are likely to be under the ears, back legs, under the belly, and below the neck.

Apply the Detangler

You should use detangling products such as cowboy magic detangler for dogs for matted dog grooming. Apply a dog hair detangler on the affected area, rubbing it gently to penetrate the affected area well. 

Use Your Fingers

Before engaging any tools, Loosen the knot gently using your fingers by massaging the note pulling the hair apart a small amount at a time. Once you have loosened the dog knot, use a mat splitting tool to cut through it, ensuring you cut towards the direction in which the hair grows.

Use Your Brush

Once you finish removing all the tangles and knots, use the slicker brush to gently separate the rest of the hair, a few at a time. When dealing with mats, be sure to brush towards the base, adding as much detangler as needed to loosen the hair. 

Hold the hair at the base while brushing; this ensures the process is less painful since you are less likely to snag the skin.

Bathe Your Dog

After removing all the dog matted hair and knots, you can give your dog a warm bath. Ensure you have removed all the tangles before bathing your dog because water will only worsen the matter by tightening and hardening the mats. Spraying a conditioner around the matted area will make it easy to glide brush, ensuring more tangles do not form as you dry your pup.

How to Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair

The safest way to deal with a severely matted dog is to cut off all the mats. This is because demating such hair can be uncomfortable and inhumane; if your pup has severely matted dog paws or too many dog knots in any other area, use a dog scissor or a clipper to cut them off.

For severely matted dogs, it is advisable to start from scratch by giving him a short clip all over the coat. Get the comb through the hair to the skin and clip matted fur to avoid injuries. If you do not have the right tools for clipping or are not sure how to shave a matted dog, reach out to your vet for advice.

Bathing a dog

Where are Dog Mats Commonly Found?

Although dog mats can form anywhere on your dog’s skin, they are most likely to develop in areas where the fur is longer. The following areas are most likely to develop mats in dogs:

  • Ears
  • Under the arms
  • Along the back of the legs
  • Under the belly
  • Below the neck

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Hair DeMatting

Here are a few factors to put in place when de-matting your pup:

Always use the proper tools to de-mat your dog; using your hand to pull the dog knots apart will do more harm than good, be sure to have all the tools before beginning.

Use a conditioner or dog hair detangler spray to soften the knots before combing through the hair; these products make the hair relaxed, making it easier for you and your pup.

Use one hand to hold the root and the other to brush the hair to avoid irritating your hairy friend’s skin while picking up the mat.

Last but not least, have patience! Matted dog hair removal is not a walk in the park, be slow, patient and pamper the pup!

How to Avoid Matted Hair in Dogs

Prevention is the best way to avert dog knots! Matted dog hair mainly occurs when you fail to brush your dog’s coat regularly. Regular grooming using the right tools will ensure they do not get dog knots.

If your dog enjoys swimming, be sure to apply cowboy magic detangler for dogs or your preferred dog hair detangler before they swim to avoid knots and tangles.

Keeping your pup’s hair at a manageable length will help avoid depression matted hair. Taking your dog for a regular cut, preferably every four to six weeks, will go a long way in avoiding matted fur.

If you do not have any dog hair detangler needed to de-mat your dog at home, you can use cornstarch for matted dog hair to detangle the dog knots. Apply and rub the cornstarch into the matted fur and use a brush to separate the pile.

Tools Required to Dematt a Dog’s Hair at Home

Before embarking on matted dog grooming, it is crucial to have all the needed tools in place. Here are some of the tools you will require:

Detangler Brush

Regular dog brushes work well for general grooming; however, you need a specific detangler brush when dealing with matted Goldendoodle. Detangler brushes effectively separate the knotted fur making the demating process less painful. 

Detangler Spray

A dog hair detangler spray or conditioner is a must-have tool when grooming a matted dog. A detangling shampoo will make it easier to separate the knot furs, whereas there are many detangling sprays in the market. The cowboy magic detangler for dogs works best!

Dog Clippers

For severely matted dog paws, you will need dog clippers. You do not need any complicated tools; a simple pair of dog scissors will be good enough! Avoid regular scissors since they are sharp and can easily pork or sharply stab your furry buddy.

dog scissors

The Bottom Line

Dog knots are not easy to deal with, but you can easily keep them at bay with the right tools and products. Be sure to follow the proper procedure when grooming a matted dog.

For a severely matted dog, kindly visit your vet to avoid further problems such as skin irritation and soreness.

Remember to reward good behavior with your pup’s favorite snack during and after the de-mating process!

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