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He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not

Dogs are very expressive animals, and looking at their body language is a great way to tell how they’re feeling. So, how do dogs show affection? They can show affection in many ways, such as licking your face or nudging you with their nose to get your attention. 

How do dogs show affection?

This article will give insights into the different ways that dogs show affection and teach you how to understand them better!

25 Ways in Which Dogs Show Affection

Does my dog love me? Of course, yes. How do dogs show affection to their owners? Below are dog signs of affection that will answer these questions perfectly:

Wagging of the Tail

When you walk into a room with your dog, they will wag their tail and look up at you. Dogs use body language to communicate different emotions such as happiness or fear; if there is tension in the air, an indicative hiss might be present too (in addition to more noticeable threats like barking). 

A loose-hanging tail can also mean that an animal feels safe enough around another person who poses no threat of harm. A dog’s tail always communicates different emotions, including happiness, when your pup is happy and wags their tail as hard as they can. Thanks to you for making them feel safe!

Moving Around

Dogs often move around more when excited or afraid. So if a friend comes up behind us while we’re walking our dogs and the animal starts barking at all points of reference (including ourselves), then there might be something wrong with how they feel about being approached by strangers in general.

Licking Your Face

Dogs lick people’s faces for various reasons, but it is because they love you. A dog’s licking habit can also be seen as a sign of submission or just out of affectionate grooming when solid bonds are established between pets and owners alike! 

So, how do dogs show affection to other dogs? Puppies will instinctively start licking their mother’s face to indicate that they are hungry and want food from her. Even after dogs grow out of being fed by their mothers, they still need to groom each other to show intimacy with those they care about the most. So, take these licks as signs your dog loves you too!

Jumping on People

Many people know dogs are known for being very social creatures, and one of their favorite things in the world is jumping on people. But, this can be seen as an unwanted behavior by some dog owners. So, they try to train them not to do it when greeting with excitement or happiness.

What you might not know is that puppies learn how to jump around because it’s part of showing affection–your dog wants you there! When giving mixed messages about our feelings towards others, sometimes we give mixed signals ourselves through actions that often backfire late.


Playing a little rough (roughhousing) is a good way of showing affection to your dog. It is healthy and also has been shown to help with social development and can even form bonds between you two! 

But, of course, sometimes this activity goes too far- make sure that everything stays safe by teaching them what behaviors are acceptable in playtime, for instance, no barking or biting.

Being Social With you

Dogs are social creatures who live in family packs. They’re similar to wolves, but don’t forget that their favorite person is you! When a dog senses your leadership and approval as its “pack leader,” there is a likelihood that it will be loyal to you by offering security when in the presence of other canines. 

This is one of the signs your dog is protective of you. That’s why you will always have your pup by your side 24/7 or following you on jogs every morning at 5:30 am (I know we do). 


What are you looking for in a pet? A dog is a perfect companion. Do you want to know the love of a dog? They are loyal to their family, protective of them too! 

Wolves are always loyal and share responsibility when caring for or guiding offspring because it’s instinctual to be part of a “nuclear” family unit. These behaviors come naturally to dogs, making them great pets.

Sleeping Next to You

Dogs are social creatures that like sleeping in groups. Dogs curl up with each other, showing affection for their pack member, friend or family depending on how you feel about them! And because dogs know us so well and love us just as much, there’s no surprise when they want to sleep near your bed at night time too; but this doesn’t mean it’s always okay.

After all, we still have a point of difference where our personal space comes into play. But, if I had my say, sleeping next door from me sounds pretty good.

Watch Over you When Sick

Your dog is not just a furry friend. They are also an extension of your family. Do dogs love us? You will get the answer to this question when you get sick. Dogs possess the same instinct to care for their pack mates as wolves do in nature. 

This gesture shows how much you mean to them! When we get sick or injured during our day-to-day lives, many dogs will lick away any wounds on sight without hesitation; showing love like no other creature can offer us.

Leaning on you

It can be a pain for some people when their dog wants to lean on them. They might feel like the petting and stroking are interrupting what they’re doing. But, in reality, this isn’t about you. It is one of the dog signs of affection. 

Dogs view these displays as signs that show affection for both parties involved: themselves and their human companions who provide comfort through physical contact such as leaning down. Hence, the head meets the chest or lays paws onto the owner’s lap.

Smiling at you

It’s hard to believe, but dogs do smile! You might have thought you saw your dog smiling at some point. They mimic human facial expressions; a happy canine is likely trying its best to grin and wag its tail in response to someone they love or want approval from. 

Research has shown that when confronted with people, it knows well versus those who aren’t so familiar. However, there can be differences depending on how they react and what objects these strangers are holding.

brown dog smiling

Sniffing Your Crotch

They will sniff your crotch, and it’s not just because they like the smell of you. When dogs greet each other by scenting one another’s crotches, it is meant to be a friendly gesture similar to how humans shake hands or hug! 

It gives information about who we are through our natural body odor. This helps them get acquainted with their human partners better too.

Knowing Your Name

Dogs are a bit more observant than we give them credit for. Not only can they learn your name, but when you speak it aloud, or someone else does, they will bark in excitement.

Bringing Broken Toys

Dogs are great for fixing things. They show their trust and faith in us when they bring broken toys that need mending or even want some attention from us to see if we could fix it for them!

Guarding you While Eating

Eating while guarded can be dangerous. A dog’s instinct is to protect its owner, even if there’s no real threat. Some dogs show this by sitting on their laps or lying down next to you when eating in an effort of showing affectionate devotion; however, it may lead to territorial issues depending on how often you let your pup do so for long periods. Veterinarians discourage this behavior.

Herding you

It’s pretty common for herding breeds to try and herd you if they think you are alone. This is affectionate behavior, often more prominent in dogs like Border Collies or Australian Shepherds whose job was to keep livestock under control!

Rubbing Their Face on you

Dogs often rub their faces on you to show affection. If your pup seems obsessed with doing this, it may suggest that there is something wrong, like an unhealthy skin condition. For example, if they’re constantly rubbing against trees, then maybe allergy shots would be helpful for all members involved, including yourself!

Getting Upset When you Lie Down

Some dogs can get upset when you lie down. They will try to lick your head and face desperately in an attempt to wake you up, thinking you are unconscious. This is proof of dog love. It doesn’t want to see you unconscious! If this happens often, you can consider moving it to sleep in a different room.

Gazing Into Your Eyes

They will gaze deeply into your eyes in an attempt to bond with you. Dogs looking deeply into your eyes can be a marker of attachment!


Dogs are always happy to share their belongings with you. They will present dead critters or birds they killed to show affection for the people in their lives! So please don’t be mad at your pup; instead, pat them on the head and or bury it right away and cook up something special together as a form of appreciation (not the dead animal, of course). 

Sensing When you are Sad

Dogs are intuitive creatures that can sense when their owners feel unhappy. So if you’re struggling with something, your pup will comfort and snuggle up to help cheer you up!

Cuddling you

Dogs will always look for an excuse to cuddle, so if your dog wants some snuggles, then give them the green light. This will strengthen their bond with you and show just how much they love being close to you.


Your dog will nudge you with its nose – that is a sign of affection! Sometimes, dogs use it as an opportunity for attention. However, this contact often leads to more body touching and even some soulful stares, which show how much love there really can be between an owner and a canine who care deeply about each other.


Dogs let out deep sighs to show their contentment. So if you notice your dog starts snuggling up against or sighing deeply, then it’s likely that they feel safe and comfortable in your presence.


With rolling over on their back, dogs show a high degree of trust and relaxation around you. Sometimes, this behavior also asks for belly rubs, which means dogs love us!

So, do dogs love their owners? The answer is yes! While you may never know exactly what goes through your dog’s mind, these dog signs of affection indicate how devoted they are to being close friends or more than just buddies.

brown dog rolling on beach sand

The Science Behind Dog to Human Affection

You may be wondering, what is the science behind dogs loving humans? A neurologist and author of “What it’s Like to Be a Dog,” Gregory Burns conducted an experiment comparing how dogs responded when given praise or hotdogs. 

The subjects were put into MRI machines so that their brains could be scanned for signs of preference between these two rewards. What did Gregory find? All 20% had stronger reactions towards positive reinforcement than negative feedback, meaning they loved humans just as much (if not more) than tasty treats!

How do Dog Breeds Impact Affection?

You will be mesmerized to discover that your dog’s love language isn’t just something you make up. In fact, it has a lot of roots in genetics and early training techniques! Breeds were created centuries ago with different needs targeted by their creators. For example, there are prey animals who had more stamina or herding instincts into what we know today as poodles. 

These traits influenced our furry friends’ behaviors which caused them to have unique ways of expressing affection towards us humans–some dogs prefer cuddles while others need attention shown through tricks/actions at times. All these can make them tell when someone truly cares about them.

For example, take the Labrador Retriever. These loyal dogs were bred to work closely with hunters, and they learn this eagerness by doing whatever you ask to please their favorite human. 

The Irish Setter may also fall into this category though it’s not just because of its hunting history that makes these two breeds so great: The gentle nature ingrained within both canines comes out when needed most. An example is when all attention must be paid to those who depend upon them for protection.

The Akita and Chow Chows, like many other Asian breeds, were bred to protect people or property. These dogs can be reserved around strangers but will show love by attentively sitting near their family members if a threat emerges.

How to Show Your Dog Affection

Dogs are socialized from the moment they’re born. As a result, they form strong relationships with their owners, which can be seen in how close dogs stay to one another and their owners during playtime or on walks through neighborhoods filled with other pets and people. 

But, what about showing your pup love? Though there is no single answer that applies across all dog breeds. Each animal has different preferences depending upon who’s offering affectionate gestures. 

Here are some hints based on common breed groups. They will help you know how to show affection to your dog:

Asian Breeds

Asia’s diverse canine population is full of love and loyalty, but these dogs usually prefer to approach you when the mood strikes. As a result, it can be difficult for new owners who may need direction from their pup to not only form a strong bond between them as partners on walks or adventures through nature; but these owners might also want specific commands adhered to by their dog such as “sit!” “high 5,” etc. 

Arctic Breeds

They are high-energy dogs that need to be played with daily. Owners of these types of pets should give them some exercise so they can know how much you love and care about them.

Companion Breeds

A few dog breeds can often be found snuggled up with their human companions. The most popular of these is the Bernese Mountain Dog, who loves to sit on someone’s lap or get pets from behind ear-to-ear.

Guard Breeds

Despite their tough exterior, guard dogs are softies at heart. They enjoy belly rubs and hanging out on the couch with you. However, they will really enjoy it if there’s a cozy bed that can fit both of you!

Herding Breeds

If you want a devoted friend, consider adopting one of these energetic dogs. Herding breeds are whip-smart and happiest when they have something to do. They like showing off their skills at agility courses or playing with puzzle toys. Also, extended play sessions will keep them tired so that grooming won’t seem like such an exhausting task!

Sporting Breeds

A sporting dog is a perfect pet for any family looking to keep their furry friend busy and active. So whether it’s running, swimming, or retrieving that suits them best, just be sure not to forget about the cuddles!

Terrier Breeds

Terrier breeds are energetic, determined little dogs that need plenty of mental and physical exercise to keep them happy. Once they have burned all their energy in playtime with you, though, terriers love nothing more than curling up by the fire for some quality time with you, of course!

Bottom Line

When it comes to your dog, you may not want to take them for granted. They will show their love and affection by licking, tail wagging, or even using a paw on you. There are various ways that you can show your dog affection, but the best way is to spend time with them. 

If they’re feeling lonely or anxious, hug them and tell them how much you love them. You may also want to try playing fetch or taking them for a walk!

If your dog is looking at you with that hopeful expression in its eyes or following too closely behind you as you walk around the block, chances are they’re trying to tell you something! So be sure to give them some love by petting its head, rubbing their belly. You can also try feeding them a treat or throwing one, so they have an opportunity to run after it. Dogs naturally love this game.

If all of the signs talked about in this article are present in abundance, then they really like you! Don’t forget how much fun it can be when you spend time playing fetch together with your four-legged friends!

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