All About the Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut

Schnauzers are adorable furry friends. Giving them a Teddy Bear Schnauzer haircut can make you ogle at them for an eon. You can get confused about the best Schnauzer cut to select in a dog world full of Schnauzer haircut styles.

If you are looking for a simple one-length haircut for your Schnauzer, the teddy bear cut is your match. So what else do you need to know about the Teddy Bear Schnauzer haircut?

Miniature Schnauzer dog haircut

The Three Types of Schnauzers

The three types of Schnauzer are Miniature, Standard, and Giant Schnauzer. The following are the notable distinguishing characteristics of each breed:

Miniature Schnauzer

  • Height: 12 to 14 inches (30.48 to 35.56 centimeters)
  • Weight: 11 to 20 pounds (4.95 to 9 kilograms)
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Breed group: Terrier
  • Colors: Black, white
  • Barking level: Frequent
  • Good with: Families, dogs 

Standard Schnauzer

  • Height: 17 to 20 inches (43.18 to 50.8 centimeters)
  • Weight: 30 to 45 pounds (13.5 to 20.25 kilograms)
  • Lifespan: 13 to 16 years
  • Breed group: Working
  • Colors: Black, gray
  •  Barking level: When necessary
  • Good with: Families, seniors, children, dogs 

Giant Schnauzer

  • Height: 23.5 to 27.5 inches (59.69 to 69.85 centimeters)
  • Weight: 55 to 85 pounds (24.75 to 38.25 kilograms)
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Breed group: Working
  • Colors: Black, fawn, gray
  • Barking level: When necessary
  • Good with: Families

The Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut

A Teddy Bear Cut for Schnauzer leaves one-length fur on all parts of the dog. The remaining hair is usually 1 to 2 inches (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) long. Sometimes, the hair on the dog’s face can be shorter to give the dog a regal, serious, and show-dog-like look.

However, most Schnauzer lovers prefer leaving the hair on the head and ears intact to give the dog a teddy-bear look. Also, they clip the dog’s beard in a rounded style.

When you give your Schnauzer a teddy bear cut, it becomes easy to brush and maintain its hair. If the fur of your Schnauzer becomes matted every time before your next dog grooming appointment, the teddy bear cut can be an ideal intervention to stop the issue.

You can opt for hand stripping or clipping your Schnauzer to give it a Teddy Bear dog haircut. However, hand stripping is out of fashion, labor-intensive, and expensive. On the other hand, clipping requires training and specialized equipment.

If you want to get the teddy bear shave for your Schnauzer, how do you find the best pet hair groomer? You do not want to spend your time and money to get a shabby haircut for your dog. So, here are some of the strategies that you can use to get the best pet hair groomer in town:

Ask Around

Dogs with the best haircuts are a walking advertisement of the groomers behind the good results. Your veterinarian, kennel manager, or neighbor is a good resource that you can tap to identify the best groomers in your area. Alternatively, you can spot a nicely-shaved dog and ask its owner about the groomer behind the good looks of their dog.

Interview Potential Groomers

If you identify a potential pet groomer, ask questions about their shaving prowess. You can ask about the grooming school they attended. Also, ask about their experience with Schnauzers. Lastly, ask whether the groomer belongs to any pet grooming association.

Ask for Certifications

Some states certify pet groomers. Any professional pet groomer cannot shy off from providing their certifications. If they do not have the appropriate certificates, drop them off.

Be Patient

Sometimes, pet groomers operate under a tight schedule. If you make your inquiries but find the groomer busy, ask them to contact you when at ease. It is difficult for a pet groomer to talk during the grooming process. So, take your time until you get your questions answered.

Trust your Instincts

It is hard to trust a first-time pet groomer. However, believe in the decision that you made to select the groomer. You did your due diligence, and all you need to do now is see the results. Also, trust the groomer to yield to your expectations. It is okay to feel nervous, but believe that the clipping process will grow well.

How Often Should Schnauzers Get Haircuts?

All types of Schnauzers have wiry, dense, and medium-length coats. This kind of coat makes grooming a necessity for all Schnauzers. So, what is the schedule for Schnauzer cuts?

Experts recommend taking your schnauzer for a haircut after four to six weeks. This timeline matches the natural shedding cycle of your dog. If you follow this schedule, you will give your dog optimal skin and coat health.

Notably, Schnauzers have compound hair follicles. For this reason, one hair follicle can support up to 30 strands of hair. However, only one strand becomes the guard hair. Guard hairs provide every dog with a coat of distinct texture and color. The guard hair starts growing at the base of a hair bulb. Therefore, it requires care even though the coat requires clipping.

Clipping helps the guard hair to get to the surface of the Schnauzer’s coat. If this hair does not get to the skin, your Schnauzer can develop bumps. Coat bumps are an indication of ingrown hair. They are irritating to the dog. Also, they can get an infection and give rise to a patchy coat because no hair can grow from the affected follicle.

Introduce your dog to clipping at an early age, regardless of whether it will be getting homemade or professional haircuts. Experts advise exposing a Schnauzer to professional grooming periodically to get the dog used to the exercise.

If you build a trusted relationship with a dog groomer, your dog will feel comfortable and happy during every clipping process. Also, the groomer will notice any health changes in your dog and advise you to take it to a vet. So, take time to identify an ideal pet groomer and create a long-term relationship.

Should I Do the Teddy Bear Cut on My Schnauzer at Home?

Brushing and washing your Schnauzer is easy. You can do it at home without the need for outsourcing expert services. However, is it possible to carry out Schnauzer haircuts at home? The answer is yes. You can give your Schnauzer a teddy bear shave at home. Doing so strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

To succeed in giving a homemade Schnauzer cut to your dog at home, you need to get Schnauzer haircut images. The images should feature how a Schnauzer looks from all angles after getting a teddy bear shave.

You also need to contact a professional groomer to get advice on the equipment you require to give your dog this cut. If you are unsure about the proper technique to apply when shaving your Schnauzer, inquire from the groomer.

Hand stripping your dog is an ideal shaving process to carry out from home. It does not require complex equipment. This process also saves you time and money because you do not need to commute or pay a professional dog groomer.

Investing in grooming equipment is costly. You also need to buy a hairdryer, a unique table, carding knives, and combs brushes, among other equipment.

Regarding the time you can spend at a pet grooming parlor, most pet groomers take between two and three hours to carry out most dog cuts, including the Miniature Schnauzer grooming cuts and Schnauzer puppy cut.

Groomers can also take four to five hours to six hours when shaving a Giant Schnauzer. This shaving time does not include the time spent when cleaning the dog after a shave. Clipping or hand stripping at home is cheaper than taking your Schnauzer to a professional groomer. 

If you decide to invest in clipping equipment, you need to select the best clippers. So how do you do it? The following are the steps to follow when choosing the best clippers:

  1. Identify the level of grooming that you need: If you want clippers to maintain your dog’s hair before making visits to a professional groomer, invest in inexpensive and light clippers. Otherwise, professional clippers and blades are for dog-show cuts.
  2. Consider the dog hair type: Dogs with thick coats require a clipper with attachments. Such a clipper helps you alter your grooming to suit different weather seasons. If your dog’s hair is severely matted, taking it to a professional groomer is an ideal option.
  3. Consider your pet’s behavior: Often, dogs dislike grooming. They can become restless or move around during the grooming process. You require cordless clippers to give you flexibility when shaving a troublesome dog. Also, go for quiet clippers for dogs that do not like noise.
  4. Consider the accessories and blades: High-end professional clippers come with additional knives and brushes. If you are a beginner groomer, go for clippers with an attached guide comb. Such a clipper will result in an even dog coat. Notably, the number on the blades depicts the length of hair that the blade will leave on the dog’s coat.
  5. Select a quality brand: If you want clippers that will give the best results for a long time, go for a high-quality brand. You can check online for reviews about different brands and select the brand that most dog groomers praise.
Schnauzer on the table

What is the Difference Between a Puppy Cut and a Teddy Bear Cut?

A puppy cut and a teddy bear cut are similar. Both cuts leave uniform-length hair on the coat of a dog. Also, they aim at giving a dog a puppy look. The two haircut styles restore the fur to how it was when the dog was a puppy. Sometimes, they can leave longer facial hair than the hair on the other parts of the body.  

How to Make the Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut

Like other dog haircuts, a teddy bear cut must follow a specific procedure. However, the process is more straightforward than most dog haircuts. The following are the steps to follow when carrying out a Schnauzer Teddy Bear Cut:

  1. Detangle, bathe and fluff-dry your Schnauzer. You can use shampoo and conditioner to make the fur clean and soft. Afterward, blow-dry your dog’s hair. Remember, never wash your Schnauzer before brushing it. Also, never trim a dirty dog.
  2. Place a size ten blade and a comb on your high-quality clippers.
  3. Start shaving the base of the skull. Afterward, clip the back and sides of the neck. Lastly, shave straight down the back to the bottom of the tail.
  4. Use scissors to make the already-cut hair fine. However, be careful not to disfigure the hairstyle or injure the dog.
  5. The ears of your Schnauzer are a problematic area to clip. So, take your time when you cut them.
  6. A perfect teddy bear hairstyle makes a dog have a round shape. As a beginner in clipping a dog’s hair, you may find it hard to create a rounded shape. However, you will manage to do it over time. So, keep on practicing until you achieve it.
  7. Use a flicker brush to fluff up the coat of your dog. You can also opt to apply deodorant or perfume to your dog as the last step.

Now that you have the skills to give your Schnauzer a teddy bear shave, let us discuss more tips on shaving your dog. These tips will come in handy when you are clipping your Schnauzer at home:

Shaving the Feet

You can opt to shave between the toes of your Schnauzer. You can also shave the entire foot bald. Doing so is ideal during the muddy season. You do not want your dog to find it hard to play because of dirty feet. Clean feet also keep foxtails away.

Shaving the feet of your Schnauzer is not an easy task. It requires patience. Your dog should also be willing to get its feet shaved. Some dogs have sensitive feet, and shaving tickles them.

Apply caution at all times when shaving the feet of your dog. If your dog has a problem with its feet, like a lodged foxtail, shaving its feet can be difficult and painful to the dog.

Shaving the Face

You can opt to shave the muzzle, cheeks, and face of your Schnauzer to near-bald. If your dog tends to have a dirty face or leaky eyes, shaving their face clean gives them a lovely appearance. Additionally, it displays the beautiful and delicate facial bones of your dog.

Shaving the Sanitary Area

Shaving the groin and genitals of your Schnauzer improves its sanitary condition. If your dog has puppies to nurse, shaving its underbelly clean allows the puppies to feed easily. It also helps to keep their mother clean.

Creating a Round Head

If you want to make a perfect round head when giving your dog a teddy bear shave, apply the following process: 

  1. First, comb the hair on top of your dog’s head forward.
  2. Next, position straight scissors on the nose bridge of your dog at a straight-up angle and cut the hair.
  3. Trim the hairs on the dog’s nose up until you get close to the eyes. The move removes the hair that blocks the dog’s vision. It also gives your dog an expressive look.
  4. Shape the jaw and cheeks using rounded scissors.
  5. Blend the jawline until you get to the base of the dog’s ears.
  6. Use blending shears to make a satisfactory transition from the head to the neck.
  7. Fluff the hair on the face and head occasionally. The move reveals scraggly hairs that distort a round look. Remember, you are seeking to get a symmetrical round shape.
  8. Trim the top of the dog’s muzzle using curved scissors and blend up to the ears.
  9. Tilt the head of your dog forward. Next, blend the back of the neck. The move creates a slight arc that blends into the dog’s body.

Should You Leave Long or Short Hair?

Before deciding to leave long or short hair on your dog, you should consider several factors. First, ask whether anything is bothering your dog because of its current hair length. If there are mats behind its ears or on its legs, go for short hair on the said areas. Hanging hair on the eyes of your dog or poopy back hairs also calls for short hair on the eyes and sanitary areas.

Your choice of dog’s hair length also depends on your lifestyle. You do not have to go for a dog’s hair length that you dislike. You should also assess whether you will have time to maintain the hair on your dog. If you do not have time, go for short hair length.

You can maintain long hair on your dog when you have ample time to brush and keep it clean. You can also leave long hair on a dog with healthy skin devoid of hotspots and dandruff. Last, if your dog tries not to get dirty, you can let it keep long hair.

Hold the Clipper Well

When clipping your dog, press the clipper blade against the coat of your dog first. Afterward, tilt the body of the clipper upwards. Maintain a more significant angle when using a clipper with a short blade. 

If the dog’s skin has folded, use one hand to keep the skin taut. Stretching the skin of your dog during a clipping process allows the clipper to move smoothly as you shave your dog.

Follow the Growth Direction of the Hair for Natural Cuts

If you want a natural cut on your dog, follow the growth direction of the dog’s hair. Going against or perpendicular to the hair direction results in chop marks. So, start at the back of the head, shave the back, and then head down to the legs.

Go Against the Hair Growth Direction for Smooth Cuts

For dogs with thick or flat hair, shaving against the growth direction of their hair results in a smooth cut. You should start shaving from the back and end with the back of the head. This shaving style can also remove chop lines.

Blade vs. Actual Hair Length

Even though the blades leave the hair length indicated on their back, following the hair growth direction goes twice the stated size. 

To Use or Not to Use the Scissors

If you use a long blade and comb when clipping your dog, you must use scissors for a more delicate touch. If you feel uncomfortable using the scissors, opt for a short haircut for your dog.

Use Different Blades on Head and Body

If you use blade #5 to clip the head of your dog, you should use blade #3 to cut its body. Doing so makes the head of a dog look proportional to its body.

Use Blade Number Ten on Sensitive Areas

When shaving the armpits, sanitary parts, and the eyes, use blade number ten. This blade will not make the dog feel uncomfortable during the clipping process.

How to Troubleshoot a Jamming Clipper

When a clipper jams during a clipping process, it runs through the hair instead of cutting it. It is a common problem that many dog owners do not overcome without the help of a technician. 

One of the solutions is to spray the clipper blade with a cool care spray. Point the mist on the teeth of the blade and spray until some hair starts falling off the edge. Afterward, wipe the blade with a towel and try using it.

If you fail after the first attempt, repeat the spraying procedure. However, spray all metallic parts of the blade. The objective of doing this is to remove all hair that sticks on the moving parts of the blade.

If the problem persists, sharpen the blade of the clipper. One of the objectives of using cool care spray is to prevent the blade of a clipper from becoming too hot. The spray is also a disinfectant, lubricant, and rust preventive aid.

Prevent the Overheating of the Blade

During the clipping process, keep on touching the blade of the clipper to check whether it has become too hot. A hot clipper blade can burn the skin of your dog.

Benefits of Giving Your Dog a Haircut

If you understand the benefits of giving your dog a haircut, you will enjoy doing it. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Giving your dog a haircut reduces the time you take to brush its hair every day. 
  2. If your yard has stickers, bare dirt, shrubs, and other debris that stick on the dog’s fur, cutting the hair of your dog reduces the lodging of unwanted things on the coat of your dog.
  3. Shaving your dog exposes its skin to fresh air, especially when it has a skin condition.
  4. An active dog that keeps on digging and rolling requires short hair to keep off the dirt.
  5. Short fur makes a dog enjoy hot weather without feeling too hot.
  6. Shaving your dog gets rid of mats that develop when you take too long to groom it. It can take you a long time to brush a matted dog’s fur. The dog can also feel pain during the brushing process. So, a haircut gets rid of mats quickly.
Cute schnauzer

What Does a Teddy Bear Cut Look Like?

If you see a Schnauzer with uniform-length hair, it is wearing a teddy bear cut. The usual length of the hair is 1 to 2 inches (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) long. However, some Schnauzer lovers employ whim and leave the hair length of their choice.

Key Highlights

You are now in a better position to give your Schnauzer a teddy bear haircut. You can opt to do it at home or seek the services of a professional groomer. However, doing it yourself can save time and money.

When giving your dog this cut, do not forget to clip the hair on its toes, sanitary parts, and ears. Clipping those areas require care and concentration.

The teddy bear haircut is an all-seasons dog cut. You can vary the size of the fur to match different seasons and your preferences. That said, it is time to reward your loyal furry friend with this even-size haircut.

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