What Is the Best Broom For Dog Hair? 3 Must-have Sweepers

If you’ve ever tried to sweep your dog’s hair, you understand the frustrations. But with the best broom for dog hair, you are on the safer side. The best broom will help you clear loads of hair in your house. Thankfully, there are several dog brooms on the market. But selecting the best one is not a walk in the park. 

If you are looking for the best broom for your carpet or tiles, take a pause and check our list of the best sweepers. We tried and tested many brooms that proved to remove all hair to narrow your search. 

From our research, we found the FURemover Broom as the best dog hair broom because it gets rid of dust and fur off the floor. For more details, continue browsing to find the one that fits your fur-bursting task. Also, you will get a comprehensive guide with a review of three of our best brooms.

So, let’s get started!

Pet hair broom

Why You Need a Pet Hair Broom

A pet hair broom is vital since it has a design that will enable you to clean all the dirt and fur without leaving any speck behind. It also lessens the effort and strain when getting rid of hair on the floor. While you might be tired of your pet’s hair tumbleweeds, the best dog hair broom will not only help you clear off hair but also clean the floor. 

Nonetheless, it will remove tracks of hair trapped on the carpet. This way, you will be safe from pet allergies.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Dog Hair Broom

A dog hair broom is essential because of the following reasons:

Removes Shed Hair

Shedding is part and parcel of all dogs. It is a vital aspect since it helps in removing dead hair. When your dog sheds, don’t get furious. Of course, it is part of their body’s activity. But sometimes the shed hair becomes too much, and all you need is to sweep. But can you sweep with any broom? Obviously, no. Read our article and find out about non-shedding dogs.

A common house broom will not give the best results. However, getting a good dog broom for dog hair will clear hair everywhere. 

Easy to Use

Unlike normal brooms, a dog hair broom is easy to use. Getting a broom with all the features you need will save you from headaches. For instance, a perfect dog hair broom contains an ergonomic handle. 

This handle comes in a way that will make your hands do the work without sweating. Also, most dog brooms are lightweight., meaning that you will not get tired easily. Apart from that, you will not spend the whole day cleaning as it will not leave a single scratch.


Another reason why you need to own a dog hair floor sweeper is that most of them are versatile. As much as they are suitable for dogs’ hair, you can use some types of pet hair broom to clean the car, windows, and other flat surfaces. Isn’t it nice to clean your windows after removing your little friend’s hair on the floor?

Has the Perfect Height

If you are tired of several trips to the doctor due to back pains from the normal broom, why not switch it up with the latest pet hair brooms? These brooms are exactly what you need because they have the perfect height with a long customizable handle, meaning that you will not spend the entire day bending. 

And if you are short, you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders. The perfect height will enable you to reach those fur balls from high places.

Easy Maintenance and Storage

You require a pet hair broom because it is easy to maintain. Unlike other brooms, a pet broom will not give you a hard time because most of them have materials that resist water. For better results, check your broom every month to identify faults.

Easy to Store

Storing brooms is not as easy as you think. As much as they look small, they can take up much space. But today, dog hair brooms are easy to store. For instance, they contain adjustable handles that you can put back in place after cleaning.

Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

Lastly, you need a pet broom that you can use indoors and outdoors. After cleaning the house, sweep the pavements or balconies to remove specks of the pet’s fur. 

Alternatively, you can purchase two brooms and allocate one for the outside. This is necessary, especially if you are the type that maintains cleanliness or don’t want to pick dirt and germs from the outside.

Dog broom

What is the Best Broom for Dog Hair?

  1. Best Overall: FURemover Broom
  2. Best for Removing Dog Hair on Carpet: Pet Hair Rubber Broom
  3. Best for Removing Pet Hair: 2 PCS Multifunction Magic Broom

The Best Pet Brooms Tried and Tested

As a proud pet parent, you know the hard work of getting rid of pet hair from your furniture, couches, or the entire house. A good broom will remove every speck of dust and fur. So, here’s detailed information about the best dog hair broom to help you get the job done.

FURemover Broom: Best Overall

#1 Best Seller in Household Push Brooms

Key Features

  • Made of Rubber
  • Telescopic handle
  • Built-in squeegee edge

General Description

If you are searching for a quality dog hair broom, check out the FURemover Broom and Brush. This pet broom is 100% natural rubber and acts like a pet hair magnet to easily trap fur from carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors.

This broom from FURemover comes in a yellow color and weighs 1.65 pounds (0.75 kilograms). On top of that, it measures 37 by 4 by 4 inches (94 by 10.1 by 10.1 inches), thus the best tool for removing hair from floors. 

Additionally, it aids in general cleaning by lifting dirt. Unlike regular brooms, it is innovative and versatile, hence suitable for carpets, rugs, tiles, and other surfaces. 

It comes with a lint brush, meaning that your clothes and upholstery will be free of fur and lint. Apart from that, the furemover and brush combo style remove the excess cat and dog hair on the unflagged rubber bristles. To clean the bristles, use soap water or an antibacterial detergent to sanitize.

Nonetheless, you won’t get tired of this pet fur broom because the rubber material is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. The telescopic plastic handle will help you reach high spots since you can adjust the handle to a length that suits you best. Also, the adjustment process is easy.

Furthermore, the built-in squeegee edges will make cleaning windows, showers, and windshields easy. And if liquid spills on tile, concrete, or any hardwood surface, it will remove easily.

With a star rating of 4.2 out of 5, customers love it because it has a long height suitable for cleaning high surfaces. Additionally, the unflagged bristles are perfect for embedded carpets. However, some people don’t like this broom because it has weak handles.

Pet Hair Rubber Broom: Best for Removing Pet Hair on Carpet

Key Features

  • Made of super hygienic rubber
  • Rubber bristles

General Description

Say goodbye to hair on your carpet from your cat and dog hair with Pet Hair Rubber Broom. This pet hair broom from the Dustpan and Brush Store is a purchase you will be pleased to buy because it will remove embedded surface dust, dirt, and hair from the wood, floor, and hard surface, as well as tiles.

The dual carpet squeegee broom is silicone and rubber and measures 51.18 by 11.81 by 1.97 inches (130 by 30 by 5 centimeters). It is a magic sweeper since it contains a plastic handle and rubber bristles. Apart from that, it is perfect for removing water, and its versatility makes it best to sweep windows, cars, or pavements.

On top of that, this innovative black tool features many rubber rake bristles that all work together to get the job done. The brush can also be used as a carpet rake or push broom. Also, you can use it as an indoor kitchen brush or sweeping broom for hardwood floors, keeping your home clean and tidy.

It is a durable hair sweeper since you can wash it under a tap to clean the bristles. Therefore, you will not keep buying new brooms every time. With a star rating of 4.1 out of 5, customers love it because it is versatile and affordable. However, some complaints about the handles that break easily.

2 PCS Multifunction Magic Broom: Best for Removing Pet Hair

Key Features

  • Multifunctional 4-In-1 broom
  • Adjustable and detachable

General Description

The 2PC Multifunctional Magic Broom from Bravace is a must-have since it weighs 1.79 pounds (0.8 kilograms) and contains two brooms with different functions and places of use. It is the best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors. Moreover, the deep blue handy tool can sweep and scrape.

In the end, you’ll be able to effectively remove dirt, hair, pet fur, oil stain, water on the floor, table, and sofa. The floor squeegee broom is 4.6 feet long (1.4 meters} and measures 14 by 0.7 by 56 inches (36 by 1.8 by 142.3 centimeters). The stainless steel handle of the silicone wiper is adjustable.

It can safely reach stools and other hard-to-reach areas, as you can adjust it from 14 inches (36 centimeters) up to 56 inches (142 centimeters). The high-quality broom consists of TPR material, which fits the floor seamlessly and won’t miss any dust. 

Besides that, hair will not stick to the broom because it is made of aluminum alloy and is lightweight, durable, and sturdy.

After using the multifunctional magic broom to remove hair, wash it with water to keep it clean. Customers love it with a star rating of 3.8 out of 5 because it is durable and easy to use. On the contrary, the plastic grip keeps coming off.

A Detailed Buying Guide: Selecting the Best Brooms for Dog Hair

It can be exhausting to decide which broom suits your canine friend with so many brooms out there. You need to consider aspects such as the type of dog, floor type, and head size, among other things. To hopefully help you make your decisions easier, look at these buying considerations.

Your Dog

Opening the list of the important factors to consider when buying a dog hair broom is the dog. There are different types of dogs, hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic. Still, dogs come in different sizes. You need to think about these aspects to get the best broom that picks up dog hair.

For instance, dogs with more hair require bigger brooms with a higher pickup capacity. On the other hand, dogs with less hair require a smaller broom. This tactic is the only way that you can count on to get the job done right.

Floor Type

The second factor on the list is the floor type. Do you have carpets, hardwood floors, or a combination of both? What kind of floor will you use your broom on the most? Get the best broom for pet hair on hardwood floors and leave it sparkling clean. 

If your house is full of carpet, it is wise to pick a carpet wreck to help you remove embedded fur. But if you can have a combination of both, use a silicon or rubber brush.

Head Size

While looking at the floor type and type of dog, don’t forget the head size. The size of the head contributes a lot to sweeping dogs’ hair. As much as all sizes are better, some do a perfect job. 

For instance, if you have a broom with a bigger head, you will certainly enjoy a quick clean-up. Similarly, a broom with a small head will still remove dog hair stuck on hardwood floors.


Apart from the floor type and head size, check on the price. This is a very significant consideration to put at your fingertips. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that has low quality. If you want a strict budget, go for a broom that doesn’t cost much. But if you want a long-lasting tool, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. 

Ergonomic Handle

Generally, we are talking about brooms. You need to get a broom with an ergonomic handle to avoid hurting yourself. A broom with an ergonomic handle will be comfortable to use for long periods. 

It may help you resist muscle fatigue and feel better after a long clean-up. Apart from that, you can choose an adjustable or extendable handle. If you don’t need an extra length, you can stick to a fixed handle.

Style of Bristles

The style of the bristle can affect how the broom works. There are different types of bristles. And, of course, there is always the typical bristle style that you are likely to find on pretty much any broom. 

Among the types of bristles, silicone bristles tend to do a lot better than rubber. It is reliable and can withstand more heat. Hair sticks in the bristles naturally, and they are also easier to clean and sterilize.

For Carpets

Lastly, you might find it prudent to invest in a pet hair broom if you don’t like vacuuming your carpet. There are brooms suited for cleaning carpets. Carpet brooms tend to resemble rakes and have bristles that comb through the carpet’s fibers and pick hair and dust along the way. 

These rake-style tools are very handy to have but are not versatile. As simple as it sounds, a good broom pulls the hair away instead of making them float back. Good brooms rarely leave any scratches on the floor. 

Tips for Keeping Your Floors Clean

Keeping floors clean is important for hygiene issues, as dirty floors pose health risks. So, check out these steps to help you maintain the cleanliness of the highest level:

Sweep the Floor Regularly

Sweeping your floor is essential since it will enable you to remove dirt, dust, and fur. This is a good practice to keep your little fur baby away from germs. As a rule, the more you vacuum, the less accumulation of dirt. Alternatively, you can use the best broom to collect hair, then finish with a vacuum cleaner.

Mop Regularly

Apart from sweeping, ensure that you mop regularly. To do this:

  • Use a damp mop.
  • Don’t forget to change the water when it starts to turn color.
  • For more dirt, use detergents or a commercial cleaner.

Wipe any Spilled Liquid 

You cannot avoid liquid spills, especially in a busy house. When this happens, don’t leave it unattended. The more you let it stay on the floor, the more damage it will inflict. Therefore, use a clean mop to clean the liquid. This way, you will maintain your pet’s health since they won’t have to lick dirty spills.

How We Tested the Dog Hair Brooms

To test the best brooms for dog hair, we gathered several brooms containing different features such as size. We tried these brooms on the floor, tiles, and carpet. The results were spectacular. Not only did they remove dog hair but also human hair and other dust particles.

The carpet and floor were visibly clean after about 10 to 15. 

Surprisingly, both large and small brooms effectively gathered all the dirt, even fur embedded on the carpets.

Best Dog Hair Broom FAQS

Q: Why should I get a broom for dog hair?

AAs a dog owner, you need to have a good dog hair broom. This broom ensures that your floors stay safe from germs. Also, a good broom will not form scratches on the floor and retain its shiny finish for as long as possible. A good broom is a plus if you are allergic to dogs since it will prevent allergies or other diseases caused by unhygienic conditions.

Q:  Are dog hair brooms suitable for all types of floors?

A: There are many types of brooms on the market. Each type of broom is suitable for a particular surface. These brooms have different materials, such as rubber and silicone. For instance, rubber brooms are usually good for hardwood, vinyl, concrete, tiles, and even carpets. For outdoors, use any broom on any surface for cleaning.

Q: How often should I use my dog hair broom?

A: In simple terms, use your dog’s hair broom as frequently as possible. This is because dogs shed almost every minute. 

If you can take five minutes of your day every day to broom your floor, you’ll be using much less energy compared to when you sweep once a week or month. The more time pet hair gets to accumulate on floors, the harder it gets to remove them. So do it regularly to enhance a safer environment.

Q: Should I opt for a dog hair broom or a vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

A: The two parties are good for getting rid of dog hair. But obviously, one must outweigh the other, which is a broom. In this case, brooms are the best since they pull all the hair out. On the flip side, vacuum cleaners often fail to pull or attract tiny hairs and dust particles. 

Q: Do brooms for dog hair remove other types of hair?

A: Well, dog hair brooms have unique features that will enhance the easy removal of dog hair. However, most of them are versatile. They can also remove other types of hair, such as human hair.

Colorful Brooms

Our Final Verdict on Dog Hair Brooms

Owning a pet is a fun and amazing experience, but it can quickly turn your home into the wild west. These incredible and loving creatures always leave the house full of hair, mess, and dander. However, you cannot get rid of the hair tumbleweeds with bare hands. For this reason, it is imperative to own an ideal hair remover tool- a dog hair broom. Such as the FURemover Broom.

This broom is the best since it features an extendable handle with soft bristles made from natural rubber. As a result, it makes it perfect for collecting the fur left behind by your puppy. Furthermore, it is ideal for every pet owner since it sweeps up hair, dust, dirt, and more from any surface.

Additionally, you’ll rescue your clothing, upholstery, carpet, hardwood floors, and tiles from layers of pet hair. Suppose you are looking for the perfect tool to remove hair; look no further! Try the ones outlined above and attest to your fellow pet parents.

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