Useful Reviews on the 6 Best Cat Pheromone Diffusers

What are Pheromones for Cats?

Is your cat misbehaving or acting aggressively? Having the best cat pheromone diffuser can help you solve this issue. Pheromones are chemical communication that all cats use to interact with themselves and the world around them. 

They influence the behavior of the receiving animal by acting like hormones outside the body. To determine which cat pheromone diffusers are the best of the best, we examined six models from a variety of brands.

What Does Calming Pheromones for Cats Do?

These tasteless, colorless chemical signals are unique to each species and communicate consoling messages to other cats. Your cat naturally releases pheromones to identify its territory, strengthen relationships, foster familiarity, communicate with potential breeding mates, and comfort itself.

When they scratch, bump into another cat (or you! ), rub up against something, rub their bodies against something, or urinate, they can exchange or deposit these pheromones.

You can find cat pheromones in various products, including collars, plug-ins, wet wipes, and sprays. The cat calming plug-in diffuser functions like an essential oil diffuser once you connect it to an outlet. The substance gets warmed by the product, which then allows it to spread throughout a room’s air.

Diffusers that release calming pheromones for cats are a synthetic way to relax your cat and offer it a sense of security and well-being. Your cat cannot make decisions that are preferable to its human companion if it is constantly anxious. However, your cat can better comprehend and absorb what you want from it when it is calm and exhibits acceptable behaviors.

Our Favorite Feline Pheromone Diffuser

Our favorite feline pheromone diffuser is the FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit. This classic Starter Kit for cats is a potent, drug-free way to reduce stress-related behavior in your cat. 

According to the makers, this diffuser is perfect for treating inappropriate marking or stress brought on by boarding, changes in the surroundings, introducing a new cat, or brief stressful events like fireworks and thunderstorms. 

Results start to show up in as little as one week, according to many customers who say it works wonders at keeping their cat calm under stressful circumstances. According to several users, the inappropriate behavior starts to drop off within a week. Still, it took a month or two to end entirely. 

Others, however, claim that results appear in just a few hours. Since every cat is unique, some might respond to this diffuser differently than others. Keep in mind that diffusers get better the more you use them.

When to Use Calming Cat Pheromones

If your cat engages in undesirable activities like clawing up your leather couch or urinating outside the litterbox, it may be experiencing anxiety. Other indications of an anxious cat could be

  • Excessive hiding.
  • Change in the mood.
  • Increased vocalization or more meowing.
  • Increased lethargy.
  • Vomiting.
  • A change in weight.
  • Appetite loss.
Cat hiding

Causes of Feline Anxiety

Your kitty buddy may become worried for various reasons, especially if you bring a new cat into the house. Your cat may become anxious if its routine or environment undergoes significant changes. This can involve relocating, having a child, or altering your job schedule.

Many cats can experience anxiety when their old traumas reactivate. This is why you should understand everything you can about the cat you acquire. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep it out of any circumstances that can incite dread or cause worry.

“Cat separation anxiety” is another stress factor for cats. Cats with a history of mistreatment are most likely to exhibit this behavior. When you separate a cat from its owner or another pet with whom it has developed a bond, they show symptoms of cat separation anxiety.

Cats suffering from separation anxiety will compel you to follow them around the house and give them constant attention. Additionally, they’ll start noticing when you go for your wallet or car keys, which are indicators that you’re preparing to leave the house. 

They will grow upset and run away, pout, or meow nonstop. They might not damage your furniture or use the litter box when left alone.

Cat looking curious to another cat

How to Pick the Best Cat Pheromone Diffuser

Knowing which relaxing pheromone diffuser is appropriate for your cat will let it use it to its full potential. To help with your decision-making, consider the sources of your cat’s anxiety and problematic habits.

Pheromone Aid Type

There are various cat-calming pheromone devices, even though they are “pheromone diffusers.” Traditional diffusers, wet wipes, spray pumps, and collars are a few examples of these. Finding the pheromone aid that best meets your cat’s particular demands requires careful investigation into all available options because each has advantages and disadvantages.

The conventional diffuser aid can reduce scratching and marking and is best for indoor use. For indoor/outdoor cats and kittens who are wary of larger felines, pheromone collars are wonderful since they will make them tolerate their presence. 

The pump best guards specific furniture items you don’t want scratching or urinating on. You can even spray some on yourself to make your cat more comfortable around you.

Cat Pheromone Liquid Volume

The number of cats in your home will determine how much pheromone liquid you need to purchase. You can buy less of the material if you only have one cat. However, avoid using expired liquid because it won’t work and might potentially injure your cat.

Pheromone Diffuser Range

During your search, you should consider the pheromone diffuser range. You may be okay with a diffuser with a restricted range if you confine your cat to a small space because it is nursing kittens. If your cat roams freely throughout the house, you can have many plug-in diffusers with a large dispersion range.

Natural Diffusers

Look for all-natural diffusers to ensure you and your pet are as safe as possible. Your cat’s or other pets’ health may suffer from harsh chemicals.


An average cat pheromone diffuser has an efficiency rate of 90%. Diffusers that do not meet this stipulation or have not been through clinical testing are typically not worthwhile purchases. Instead, pick a diffuser from our top six list that is clinically efficient.


There are several different types of cat pheromone diffusers. While some cover your entire home, others are only useful in a particular area. You could probably get by with a diffuser that works only in one room if you only need it in that location. 

However, you should get a diffuser with a greater range if you want to create a peaceful atmosphere across your entire home.


You should change a diffuser less frequently. There is a good probability that a diffuser will run out before you can change it if it runs out readily and fast. If this occurs, your cat will frequently relapse and resume its earlier stress-related behavior. 

This conduct can occasionally get worse than it already was. Select a diffuser that lasts at least 30 days, and swap it out frequently to prevent this.


You may blend other scents into certain diffusers, while others may have scents. Select a solution based on your preferences and requirements. Choose one with an additional lavender scent if you want the fragrance of lavender to permeate your house. Pick an unscented one if you’re sensitive to scents and odors.

The Best Cat Pheromone Diffusers at a Glance

Name of the ProductBest for CaseFeatures
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter KitBest overall cat pheromone diffuser-Works in 90% of cats.
-Results appear within seven days.
-100% satisfaction guarantee.
Comfort Zone Cat Calming Diffuser Kit (Starter Pack) for a Calm HomeBest value cat pheromone diffuser-Clinically proven to be 90% effective.
-Satisfaction guaranteed.
-Covers 650 square feet (60.4 square meters).
Felisept Home Comfort Plug-In Diffuser and Refill Set - Calming and Tension Relief for CatsBest calming cat pheromone diffuser -90% effective.
-Contains natural ingredients.
-It is fast acting.
Sentry Calming Diffuser for CatsBest budget cat pheromone diffusers-Compatible with other cat pheromone products.
-Lasts 30 days.
-Works within seven days.
Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser KitBest multicat pheromone diffuser-100% natural ingredients.
-Vet tested.
-90% effective.
ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit | Powered by FELIWAY | Reduce Cat Conflict, Tension, and FightingBest cat pheromone diffuser for urine marking-90% effective.
-Covers 700 square feet (65 square meters).
-Refill lasts 30 days
-Clinically tested.
Cat Calming Diffuser & Pet Anti Anxiety Products - Feline Calm Pheromones Plug in & Cats Stress Relief - Relaxivet Comfort Helps with Pee, New Zone, Aggression, Fighting with Dogs & Other Behavior
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)
Sentry 484243Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats, 1.5-Ounce
Product name
Cat Calming Diffuser & Pet Anti Anxiety Products – Feline Calm Pheromones Plug in & Cats Stress Relief – Relaxivet Comfort Helps with Pee, New Zone, Aggression, Fighting with Dogs & Other Behavior
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)
Sentry 484243Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats, 1.5-Ounce
Cat Calming Diffuser & Pet Anti Anxiety Products - Feline Calm Pheromones Plug in & Cats Stress Relief - Relaxivet Comfort Helps with Pee, New Zone, Aggression, Fighting with Dogs & Other Behavior
Product name
Cat Calming Diffuser & Pet Anti Anxiety Products – Feline Calm Pheromones Plug in & Cats Stress Relief – Relaxivet Comfort Helps with Pee, New Zone, Aggression, Fighting with Dogs & Other Behavior
Buy Now
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)
Product name
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)
Buy Now
Sentry 484243Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats, 1.5-Ounce
Product name
Sentry 484243Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats, 1.5-Ounce
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Reviewing Our Favorite Feline Diffuser Picks

FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit: Best Overall Cat Pheromone Diffuser


Flavor: Flavorless

Age range description: All life stages

Item form: Stick

Mode of operation: Plug-in diffuser

About This Item

Our top pick is the Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser. It eliminates tension and fighting between cats almost immediately. It keeps your multi-cat household in a constant state of peace for up to four weeks on a single refill of the diffuser. 

This medicine shows results in your feline pals within only the first week, and it comes highly recommended by veterinarians. This pheromone diffuser for cats is effective in rooms as small as an apartment or as large as a house, thanks to its ability to cover up to 700 square feet (65 square meters).

Do not purchase this item, though, if you have birds of any kind, especially parrots, psittacines, or budgerigars. Because of the high sensitivity of these birds’ respiratory systems, it is possible that inhaling the pheromone molecules could be harmful to their overall health. In conclusion, we believe that this particular product is the greatest pheromone diffuser for cats overall.


  • It is vet-suggested.
  • One refill lasts four weeks.
  • It helps in cat anxiety treatment.
  • From studies, it makes cats more relaxed.
  • Ideal for households with more than one cat.
  • It covers a total of 700 square feet (65 square meters).


  • Hazardous to birds.

Comfort Zone Cat Calming Diffuser Kit (Starter Pack) for a Calm Home: Best value Cat Pheromone Diffuser

Brand: Comfort Zone

Flavor: Flavorless

Age range description: Kitten

Item form: Liquid

Mode of operation: Plug-in diffuser

About This Item

Cats frequently scratch and mark inappropriately when they are under stress. Cats are generally not upset by this behavior, but their human partners often are. The Comfort cat calming diffuser Kit mimics a cat’s natural calming hormones to help relax your cat. This product was 90% effective in a clinical setting. 

You must use this product for at least one month to be most effective. You should keep using the product if the stressful scenario is still present. You might see results in as little as one week. The hormone can have an immediate effect on many cats due to its mode of design.

The way each cat responds to these hormones may vary, though, and some cats may do so more quickly and effectively than others. Despite being the most powerful hormones available, some cats will not react to them. 

A different cat pheromone diffuser might work better for these cats. But given that this product’s range of efficacy is the broadest, we advise that you begin here. This diffuser has three variations: colorful, plastic, and white. You can also buy a single or three diffusers with six refills. 

If your cat only acts out in one spot, you usually only need one diffuser. It might be wiser to buy the set of three and distribute them about the house if your cat seems to be acting out generally. 

Refills are quite cheap; a pack of six costs about $60. That comes out to roughly $10 per month.

Utilizing it, you should place the diffuser close to where your cat spends most of your time, upright with the vents facing the ceiling. The diffuser uses warmth to release calming pheromones throughout the space. 

You must never hook the diffuser into a power strip or wire or place it upside down or sideways. The diffuser has an automatic safety shut-off to prevent overheating and a rotatable plug to ensure proper positioning in any wall socket. 

Improper use may result in the diffuser losing its color, being more cluttered with vapor residue, or leaking. If you use one diffuser per space, replace the refill every 30 days. Every 12 months, replace the diffuser unit.


  • Very reasonable.
  • Spans 650 square feet (60.4 square meters).
  • 90% efficient.
  • Available in various colors.


  • It does not address the aggressive tendencies of some cats.
  • Susceptible to spills

Felisept Home Comfort Plug-In Diffuser and Refill Set - Calming and Tension Relief for Cats: Best Calming Pheromone Diffuser

Brand: Felisept

Flavor: Lavender

Age range description: Adult

Item form: Liquid

Mode of operation: Plug-in diffuser

About This Item

Did you know that around 75 percent of those who own cats encounter undesirable behavior from their pets at some point? Your veterinarian may suggest using the Felisept Home Comfort plug-In diffuser to help your feline friend relax. 

Simply plug it in, and you’re good to go with this product; there’s no learning curve involved. It can cover an area of up to 50 square feet (4.6 square meters). The formulation has natural components, including those you may discover in catnip. 

As soon as two days pass, you will observe a shift in behavior. On the other hand, cats might quickly develop a resistance to the diffuser and stop experiencing the calming effects of the device. People with a delicate smell should also avoid it because it will bother them.

It is important to read and follow the directions before using the product. If you plug the diffuser in the wrong way or upside down, it will not function properly. Do not use it in places with inadequate ventilation. Depending on its use, the refill could last up to a month.

When the bottle in the diffuser is no longer in use, unplug it and let it cool down. Turn the bottle upside down and draw it down slowly until it disengages from the unit. Then, throw away the bottle once it is empty. Only use FELISPET diffuser refills when making replacements.

When cleaning it, turn off the power to the diffuser, and let it cool down. To prevent fluid accumulation, carefully wipe the interior of the warmer unit with a dry towel. Do not immerse the diffuser in water—wash hands after handling.


  • Vet suggested.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • It covers an area of up to 450 square feet (41.8 square meters).
  • Fast-acting.


  • Cats may develop tolerance more quickly.
  • Has a strong aroma.

Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats: Best Budget Cat Pheromone Diffusers

Brand: Sentry

Flavor: Lavender

Age range description: Adult

Item form: Liquid

Mode of operation: Plug-in diffuser

About This Item

Suppose your cat is difficult to handle. Still, you don’t want to spend much money on a pheromone diffuser. In that case, the Sentry Calming Diffuser is an excellent option for you to consider. 

This stress-relieving cat pheromone diffuser contains important pheromones that decrease stress-induced behaviors like inappropriate marking, excessive meowing, and scratching. A single refill is approximately $18, making them quite affordable. 

The size of the range, which is only 215 square feet (19.9 square meters), is significantly less than that of the majority of our other top picks. Suppose you are sensitive to perfumes and different scents. In that case, you may consider purchasing one of our other top recommendations rather than this diffuser because it contains a faint lavender scent. 

However, several customers who used the diffuser in more confined spaces claim that the smell became increasingly noticeable as time passed. Many customers report that the scent is not particularly potent. 

Due to the limited coverage area of this diffuser, we strongly advise purchasing multiple units if you want your entire home to benefit from its aromatherapy properties. 

If you’re only going to buy one diffuser or want to test out the diffuser before making a significant investment, position this diffuser in a central spot and ensure that you keep your doors open so that the aroma can flow to all of the rooms in your home.


  • It lasts up to a month.
  • It has a faint aroma.
  • Rotating plug.


  • It only spans 250 square feet (23.2 square meters).

Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit: Best Multicat Pheromone Diffuser

Brand: Relaxivet

Flavor: Natural

Age range description: All

Item form: Liquid

Mode of operation: Plug-in diffuser

About This Item

Your pet will feel less anxious if you use the Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser. This diffuser, made from only 100% pure and safe-to-use chemicals, works wonders for anxious cats, stressed out, or engaged in sexual hunts. 

This cat diffuser, which has been through testing by veterinarians, does not lead to the development of resistance, and you can use it safely continually to get long-lasting benefits. There have been reports of pet owners being unhappy with the stench that this product leaves behind. 

Therefore, if you have an easily irritated nose, you should look elsewhere for a diffuser. In addition, the diffuser may use the chemicals quickly, necessitating frequent restocking of the reservoir to ensure proper operation.


  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Vet tested.
  • It is safe for use in an unbroken chain.


  • It has a strong smell.

ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit | Powered by FELIWAY | Reduce Cat Conflict, Tension, and Fighting: Best Cat Pheromone Diffuser for Urine Marking

Brand: Feliway

Flavor: Flavorless

Age range description: All

Item form: Liquid

Mode of operation: Plug-in diffuser

About This Item

One of the most annoying actions cats engage in when stressed out is inappropriate urine marking. After all, urine marking on furniture destroys it and smells bad, unlike scratching. With the help of the ThunderEase Cat Calming Diffuser, unwelcome behaviors in your cat, such as urine marking, will eventually stop as it relaxes more. 

Pheromone refills for 180 days cost $60, like other refills of this brand. Using this diffuser, you can prevent spraying, which is more likely to be stress-related than simple accidents outside the litter box. This diffuser is what you need if your cat has a history of spraying your house.

Like all of our top recommendations, this diffuser imitates a cat’s natural face hormones, which lets your feline know the environment is secure. Cats are less likely to act aggressively or attempt to establish their territory when they detect that the place is safe. 

This diffuser’s coverage area is 700 square feet (65 square meters), which will take care of several rooms in most homes. Please place it in a central location so the perfume can readily go from room to room. Of course, walls and doors will influence how and where the scent reaches specific regions. 

One refill typically lasts 30 days, but to ensure that there is always a pheromone in your home, we advise switching out the refills a little before they run out. Your cat may return to the old behavior when you abruptly cease taking the product, frequently more severely than before.


  • Odorless.
  • Up to 700 feet (65 square meters) of coverage.
  • It lasts 30 days before refilling.
  • It is excellent for multi-cat houses.
  • 90% efficient.


  • Expensive.
  • Vulnerable to leaks.

FAQs on Cat Pheromone Diffusers

Should I Consult With My Vet First?

Every cat is different, and each one will react to a pheromone diffuser differently. While some cats may benefit greatly from one, others might not alter at all. You must speak with your veterinarian if you see any behavioral changes because they could not result from stress. It can be an underlying medical problem.

Can Cat Pheromones Affect Humans?

No. Only the same species of the organism can use pheromones. Since cats and people are two different animals, their pheromones do not affect one another.


In Conclusion

You might wish to invest in a cat-soothing pheromone diffuser if your cat displays stress symptoms like marking, scratching, or aggression toward other cats in your home. This will help them feel less anxious. 

We believe the FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit is the best option out of the six evaluations we shared. This is because it has a broad distribution range, is very successful in families with several cats, and is clinically proven to soothe your cat.

Always talk to your vet about your pet’s behavioral changes to see whether your cat is under stress or if there is another underlying issue. To protect your pet’s safety, using a diffuser made with only natural materials is crucial. You can reduce the tension and worry your cat is experiencing with the aid of soothing cat diffusers. 

SaleBestseller No. 2
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30...
FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30…
84% of Cat Owners saw significant improvement when using FELIWAY MultiCat*