8 Best Training Collars for Stubborn Dogs

Collar Training a Dog

Dog training collars are an excellent tool for safely, humanely, and effectively training your dog. You can get the best training collar for stubborn dogs to use for your dog. This review will address the benefits of training collars and how you can use them to improve your dog’s obedience and behavior. 

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Our Top Pick for Stubborn Dog Training Collars

Our best training collar for stubborn dogs is the SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers. It is the newest training gadget for your dog with the most creative technology in the industry.

How to Use a Dog Shock Collar

An electronic stubborn dog remote trainer collar is a gadget that uses electricity to send a signal to a dog’s neck. It’s battery-operated, wireless, and usually includes a controller that delivers a signal to the collar. 

The shock that the collar transmits causes a mild stimulant to the dog, comparable to what you experience from a static shock. When you transmit the shock while the dog is engaging in bad behaviors, the shock prevents the action from occurring again.

Electronic remote training collars let you use positive punishment to train your dog from a distance. You can train your dog even when they can’t see or hear your commands. Use the following process to use the best shock dog collar:

  1. Read the collar’s directions carefully before you put it on your dog. There are many types of electronic remote training collars on the market, and you must understand how to use one before using it on your dog.
  2. Place the batteries in the transmitter and the collar. Before you put them on your dog, make sure they both work. Also, before attaching the system to a dog, ensure you turn it off and set it to the lowest level. This will ensure that you do not accidentally shock the dog.
  3. Place the collar over your dog’s neck and fasten it. Some collars have small prongs that must touch the dog’s skin, but you don’t want them to irritate it. Ensure the collar is secure and the prongs contact the dog’s neck, don’t tighten the collar so that it is painful or hinders the dog’s breathing.
  4. Before turning on the collar, leave it on your dog for a week. Allow your dog to be familiar with it. Instead of punishment, the dog will identify the collar with good times and fun. 
  5. Utilizing an electrical collar aims to convince the dog that the shock results from the undesirable behavior you’re attempting to stop, not the collar. If you let the dog wear the collar and start shocking it right away, the dog may rapidly realize the problem is with the collar. 
  6. Start training the dog with your electronic remote collar. Begin with the lowest stimulation level and pay attention to your dog when turning it on. The dog’s ear may twitch, or its head may shift in an attempt to free itself from the collar. If it does not respond to the lowest stimulation level, gradually increase the transmitter’s level and try again.
  7. Reward your dog for obeying commands. Start with commands that your dog is already familiar with when using an electronic collar to train your dog. Wait for your dog to respond to the order, such as sit or remain. If your dog isn’t listening, hit the transmitter’s button and repeat the instruction.
  8. Set the transmitter to the lowest stimulation level your dog tolerates. When using an electronic collar, you train your dog, not hurting it. As soon as your dog replies, praise it. Pat it on the head, say “good dog,” or give it a special reward. When training dogs, you want to use an incentive to encourage their excellent behavior.
  9. Control the dog’s bad habits. An electronic collar can control obnoxious or aggressive behavior. If your dog, for example, digs holes in the backyard whenever you let it out, prepare to use an electronic collar to train it. Activate the transmitter when the dog starts digging or engaging in any activity you want to manage. Remember not to hold the button down for more than three seconds or continually press it. The goal is to train your dog rather than hurt it.
  10. Allowing your dog to see you is not a good idea. When your dog starts digging, you don’t want it to realize you’re the one who’s causing the terrible sensation around its neck. Rather than associating the sensation with the negative conduct, you want your dog to associate the sensation with the bad behavior.

What are Some of the Advantages of Wearing a Training Collar?

Using a training collar has various advantages, including teaching your dog to walk on a leash. Sit, stay, come, and even lie down are all commands you may also teach your dog. The training collar is also useful for teaching basic obedience commands to your dog. If you travel with your dog, it’s also important to use a training collar.

One of the advantages of utilizing a training collar is that it can assist you in teaching your dog to behave in a specific manner. You can also train your dog not to do things like bark or jump up on people.

If your dog gets destructive, a training collar can help you convince them to stop. It is a relatively inexpensive item that you may use on dogs of any size. Read our article and find out 6 Of The Best Flea Collars for Dogs.

How to Avoid Dog Training Issues

Dog training may be a pleasant experience, but it can also be difficult, especially when dealing with an obstinate dog.

If your dog has problems with obedience, it’s critical to address them as quickly as possible. Consider some of the following suggestions.

Recognize Your Dog’s Personality Traits 

Dogs have a variety of personalities, so you must be aware of yours and know how to cope with them. Is it a dog that is obstinate, independent, or friendly? If it’s an independent dog, you’ll have to teach them good behaviors via positive reinforcement, which is the most effective method. 

You should utilize a reward-based training strategy if it’s a friendly dog. If it’s an obstinate dog, you’ll need to use a non-reward-based teaching method.

Recognize Your Dog’s Strengths and Weaknesses 

The strengths and weaknesses of your dog will aid you in training it. You can utilize a reward-based training strategy that works well for your dog if it has a strong personality. If your dog is timid and afraid, you should use a reward-based training strategy to assist it in overcoming its phobias.

Make a Strategy 

Make a strategy for teaching your dog the appropriate behaviors. What is your strategy? How would you ensure that it understands?

Many dog trainers have difficulty using training collars because they don’t realize their importance. They believe employing vocal commands or hand signals is the only method to train a dog. 

Teach Your Dog the Following Commands 

Teach your dog the proper manners. How? Do you wish to employ a reward-based or a punishment-based style of training?

Reward Your Dog

Reward your dog when it responds well to your instructions. It will improve when you add other instructions. After every achievement, reward it.

Punish Your Dog

If your dog refuses to do what you want, punish it. Punishing it will ensure it recognizes the good and the bad behavior.

How to Properly Use a Training Collar

Make sure you use a training collar correctly to get the most out of it using the following guidelines: 

  • Follow the collar’s instructions. Snug the collar around your dog’s neck, but not to the point of causing pain or discomfort. Keep the collar on for the whole training session, which should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • When you’re through, remove the collar and place it in its bag. 
  • If your dog pulls or struggles while wearing the collar, tell it to stop using a firm, consistent voice.
  • Never let the collar come into contact with the ground.
  • When your dog is wearing the collar, never put any weight on it.
  • Give your dog a treat when you finish training them.
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An Overview of the Top Training Collars for Canines

ProductBest for Case
SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers – 500 Yard Range Best overall
PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock CollarBest for beginners
INVIROX Dog Training Collar [2022 Edition] Best for large dogs
PATPET Dog Training Collar with RemoteBest for long-range control
PetSpy P620 Training Shock Collar for DogsBest for blind operation
SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Family Remote TrainersBest for yard training
DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with RemoteBest for adjustable shock levels
Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs UpgradedBest for short-range control

Your Stubborn Training Collar for Dogs Shopping Guide

Size of the Collar

The size of the collar is crucial since it must be comfortable for the dog. In this scenario, you’ll need to determine the ideal neck size for your dog. Let your dog wear a collar, and then put your two fingers through it to get a perfect size. It’s the proper size if both fingers fit nicely between the collar and the neck.

The Level of Difficulty (Stimulation Mode)

The intensity of a collar is the most important factor to consider when purchasing one. The highest training collar’s stimulation setting for resistant dogs controls the collar’s intensity.

You will have better control over the intensity with more stimulation settings. The three modes of a collar are usually warning, momentary, and constant.

The collar vibrates or rings to warn the dog before the shock; in momentary mode, the collar sends a small shock, and in continuous mode, the shocks occur in waves.

Some of the best training collars for resistant dogs also feature complex functions. Some collars also have a run and point mode, allowing you to listen to your dog’s activities via the walkie-talkie. You must first determine which stimulation types you require and select the ideal training collar for a difficult dog.

Distance Ranges 

When you turn on the device, this feature will tell you how far your dog can go. The majority of training collars have a distance range of 1 to 12 miles (1.60 to19.3 kilometers).

But how far you let your dog roam out of your observation range is entirely up to you. However, you can stick to the normal options.


The size of the collar must be comfortable, and the material must also be pleasant. Most dog collars are nylon-made; however, some are leather-made. Most people choose nylon collars for their pets, but you can switch to leather if they are uncomfortable.

The Cost and the Brand

The price and brand of the collar are the other crucial factors. Assure your dog’s safety by using safe collars; if you choose less expensive collars, your dog may get injuries. So only get a training collar from a reputable brand. After all, you’re only attempting to train your dog rather than harm it. Go for a safe and high-quality collar. Dog collars come in four different styles;

Martingale Collars. 

A limited-slip collar is another name for a martingale collar. A dog breed with a narrower head than its neck will benefit from this collar style. This collar is necessary if food or toys don’t excite them.

Nylon Collars 

Nylon collars consist of metal or plastic clasps. We have a wide range of patterns, colors, and sizes to choose from. This collar is ideal for a dog who enjoys aquatic activities or lives in a wetter area. This is because nylon fabrics can withstand water and humidity.

Velvet Collars 

A velvet collar is an excellent choice if you value style, elegance, and refinement. The collar is a nice mix of elegance and comfort for your dog.

It has a detachable collar that you can wash quickly in the event of an accident or if it gets dirty. This collar also has a detachable lead that adjusts in length, allowing you to customize the length of your dog’s leash to meet its size and temperament. This collar can go with a regular nylon or leather leash. 

Head Collars 

A horse halter is similar to a headcollar. It keeps the horse’s head erect and restrains its mouth while still enabling the dog to move freely. Place one strap over your dog’s mouth, directly above the teeth. You can start immediately by securing the leash beneath the dog’s chin.

The halter’s design, without a doubt, causes the puppy to lose a lot of leverage. Therefore, if your dog pulls on a lead with its entire body weight, it will fail.

Dog collars come in various styles, but choke chains and nylon collars are the most prevalent. Choke chains regulate a dog’s movement, and its manufacturing is usually of metal or plastic. Nylon collars are stiff collars that prevent a dog from biting.

Electric Shock Collar vs. Steel Prong

Unfortunately, the steel prong and the electric shock collar can harm your pet, causing it to change its behavior toward you, the collar, and life in general, and not always for the better.

As a result, we advocate using these gadgets sparingly and only when necessary to persuade your dog to behave properly. 

We recommend starting with the electric shock because many of these devices have multiple degrees from which to choose, allowing you to choose something that isn’t too uncomfortable for your pet. 

These devices are effective and may function from a long distance, so your dog will be aware that you’re watching even if you’re not nearby. The steel prong is effective for huge dogs who may not be disturbed by many brands’ electric shocks since they cannot provide the volts required to change their behavior. 

You may manually vary how hard you pull on your leash by attaching it to a prong collar so your dog understands who is in charge. Please exercise caution when using these collars and see your veterinarian for more information on how to achieve behavioral modification without causing harm to your dog.

Collar Range

Many brands will boast about how far their electric collar’s range is. While it’s theoretically possible to command your dog from afar, it’s not practical to administer electric shocks to an animal you can’t see.

Collar Weatherproofing

If you’ve had a dog for a long time, you’re probably aware that many breeds like leaping into the water for a quick swim. They are frequently caught in the rain and become wet, so any collar that isn’t waterproof will fade quickly.

Training Collars for Stubborn Dogs – Reviews

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers – 500 Yard Range: Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice in Electronic Training Collars 

Brand: SportDOG 

Color: Black

Closure Type: Buckle

Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.3 inches (6.6 x 3.04 x 3.3 centimeters)

Star Rating: 4.0/5

About This Item

  • This one is for the newest training gadgets for your dog. The FieldTrainer 425, according to SportDog, contains the most creative and industry-leading technology of any of the company’s e-collars.
  • This SportDog Brand dog training harness is part of the new X-Series, and it has a 1,500-feet (457.2 meters) range and a rechargeable battery. This field training collar is ideal for field training or hunting with close-working dogs.
  • With the same remote transmitter, you can train three dogs simultaneously. The transmitter’s slider allows you to modify the intensity level from low to medium in a second. For example, you can choose whether to use a beep tone or a vibration mode train. 
  • It is one of the most powerful Shock collars available. It is part of the newest X-series of dog accessories businesses, offering high-quality dog collars and other items.


  • Range of 1,500 feet (457.2 meters). 
  • Seven variables that you can change.
  • Levels of static stimulation.
  • Batteries that you can recharge.
  • Up to three dogs can use the remote at the same time.
  • Waterproof.


  • This product is not for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds (20.32 kilograms).
  • Huge dogs may not fit.

PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar: Best for Beginners

Amazon’sChoice in Electronic Training Collars by PetSpy

Brand: Petspy

Color: Black

Closure Type: Buckle

Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 3 inches (15.24 x 3.81 x 7.62 centimeters)

Star Rating: 4.5/5

About This item

  • Professional dog trainers and first-time dog owners alike will benefit from this collar.
  • There are four training modes: continuous shock, 1-second shock, vibration, and beep trainer, each with eight difficulty levels.
  • The remote collar ranges up to 3,300 feet (1,005.8 meters) and is suitable for dogs weighing between 10 and 140 pounds (4.54 and 63.56 kilograms).
  • The blind operation design with rechargeable batteries allows for simple and successful dog training without glancing at the remote.
  • Waterproof collar with an IP67 rating.


  • Have four training modes.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Not suitable for dogs below 10 pounds (4.54 kilograms).

INVIROX Dog Training Collar [2022 Edition]: Best for Large Dogs

Amazon’s Choice in Electronic Training Collars by INVIR


Color: Black

Material: Polycarbonate

Dimensions: ‎6.77 x 5.55 x 1.81 inches (17.19 x 14.09 x 4.59 centimeters)

Closure Type: Clip

Star Rating: 4.5/5

About This Item

  • This professional dog shock collar has a unique remote design with three training levels, beep (1 to 8), vibration (1 to16), and shock mode (1 to 99). You can adjust the stimulation level on the INVIROX Dog shock collar to the optimal level for gently communicating with your furry buddy.
  • It is a safe collar for dog training. To avoid misoperation, slide the security keypad lock to reduce inadvertent shock. This shock collar for medium dogs ranges up to 3,350 feet (1,021.08 meters), allowing you to train your dog in any environment, including the park, garden, beach, forests, or open field.
  • The dog training collar is 100 percent waterproof: A lightweight 1.72 ounces (49 grams)  dog shock collar with a remote. Manually, you can use it as a bark collar. Suitable for canines weighing between 8 and 110 pounds (3.63 and 49.94 kilograms). Shock collar that fits large canines and babies as young as six months.
  • Long battery life and 24/7 customer service: The shock collar may operate for up to 15 days on a single charge, while the rechargeable dog training collar can last up to 45 days: 1-year warranty and customer service are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Have a long battery life
  • It is waterproof


  • Not suitable for dogs below 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms)

PATPET Dog Training Collar With Remote: Best for Long Range Control


Color: Black

Closure Type: Button

Dimensions: 9.84 x 5.12 x 2.52 inches (24.99 x 13 x 6.4 centimeters)

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Material: Polycarbonate

About This Item

  • The Patpet Waterproof P-Collar 640 has three different training modes: vibrating, beeping, and static for owners and trainers. You can adjust the severity of this collar on 16 levels, with 16 as the most powerful.
  • This collar has a 3,000-feet (914.4 meters) range, ideal for dog trainers, dog owners, and hunters who require long-range control. The collar and remote are also waterproof, so that you can use them in any weather.
  • The device uses lithium batteries, which are easily rechargeable and last longer between charges.


  • Has a control range of 3,000 feet (914.4 meters).
  • There are different training modes to choose from.
  • Because it is waterproof, it is fit for all weather.
  • There are 16 levels of stimulation available.


  • You cannot replace the batteries.

PetSpy P620 Training Shock Collar for Dogs: Best for Blind Operation

Amazon’s Choice in Electronic Training Collars

Brand: PetSpy

Color: Black

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Closure Type: Buckle

Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 3 inches (15.24 x 7.62 centimeters)

Star Rating: 4.5/5

About This item

  • It has three training modes; electric shock, vibration, and beep trainer, with 16 configurable levels that assist professional trainers and new dog parents in changing their dog’s behavior.
  • It fits canines weighing 10 to 140 pounds (4.54 to 63.56 kilograms), is rechargeable, and is waterproof.
  • The range of the remote collar is up to 1,950 feet (594.36 meters).
  • Design of blind operation for simple and effective dog training


  • Good for blind operation.
  • Have three training modes.


  • Not suitable for dogs below 10 pounds (4.54 kilograms)

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Family Remote Trainers: Best for Yard Training

Brand: SportDOG

Dimensions: ‎ 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.3 inches (6.60 x 3.04 x 3.30 centimeters)

Color: Black

Material: Polycarbonate

Closure Type: Buckle

Star Rating: 4.3/5

About This Item

  • This product is for dogs that don’t respond to lesser levels of static stimulation.
  • E-collar with a 300-feet (91.44-meters) range for training one dog
  • You can choose from 8 levels of static stimulation, vibration (buzz), tone (beep), or vibration (buzz) (in a higher range than the YT-100)
  • The use of DryTek technology makes it waterproof and submersible to a depth of 25 feet (8.33 yards)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries include a 2-hour quick charge time, and a low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to charge.
  • It is a good choice for dogs weighing 8 pounds (3.632 kilograms) or more, with neck diameters ranging from 5 to 22 inches (12.7 to 55.88 centimeters).


  • Range of 300 feet (91.44 meters).
  • Levels of static stimulation.
  • Has batteries that you can recharge.
  • Waterproof


  • It may not fit dogs weighing less than 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms).

DOG CARE Training Collar with Remote: Best for Adjustable Shock Levels


Color: Blue

Material: Polyresin

Dimensions: 9.06 x 6.57 x 2.24 inches (23.01 x 16.68 x 5.68 centimeters)

Pattern: Dogs Only

Closure Type: Buckle

Star Rating: 4.2/5

About This Item

  • Three training Modes – Do you ever find your dog’s barking irritating? You can give him a beep warning with the DOG CARE dog training collar and then click the vibration or static button if he doesn’t stop barking. 
  • Dogs are intelligent, and after a few training sessions, they will grasp that you don’t permit certain habits. As a result, they will automatically exert self-control to obtain your beautiful affection.
  • Ninety-nine adjustable Shock levels for dogs of various sizes – You may change the stimulation to a level appropriate for gently communicating with your dog, thanks to the customizable training capabilities. 
  • DOG CARE dog shock collar with remote allows you to set the ideal level of protection for your dog. These two shock collars for dogs with remotes can immediately memorize in the training device once you establish the right level. There’s no need for concerns about unexpected overstimulation.
  • Have a maximum of 99 control channels. Do you ever fantasize about having a pack of well-behaved dogs waiting for you at home, with your furniture neat? With the DOG CARE dog training collar, you may realize your dream sooner and more easily than you can imagine.
  • With the DOG CARE dog shock collar with remote for medium dogs, you may control up to nine dogs with just one remote and extra training device. There’s no reason to worry about new family members.
  • Remote range of up to 1,000 feet (304.8 meters). Thanks to the DOG CARE dog training collar, millions of dog owners can now enjoy stress-free walks. The DOG CARE vibration collar for dogs has a range of up to 1,000 feet (304.8 meters), making it suitable for training in the yard or field and hunting with close-working dogs.
  • No more accidental statistics with this ingenious design. Switching between modes with the same button could cause your dog shock. The DOG CARE dog training collar features an original touch-distinguished button design that makes it easier to train your dog while avoiding injury. 
  • The security keypad locks on the DOG CARE vibrating shock dog collar prevent you from giving your dog incorrect instructions, resulting in faulty dog training or accidental static.


  • Have ninety-nine different levels to choose from.
  • Suitable for remote-range use


  • It is expensive.

Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs Upgraded: Best for Short Range Control

Amazon’s Choice in Electronic Training Collars by Bousnic


Color: Black and green

Material: Nylon

Closure Type: Button

Dimensions: 7.72 x 6.5 x 1.93 inches (19.6 x 16.51 x 4.90 centimeters)

Pattern: Dogs Only

Star Rating: 4.5/5

About This Item

  • Owners and trainers seeking short-range collars may like the Bousnic training collar. It’s rechargeable with quality Lithium-Polymer batteries and a waterproof collar.
  • This collar has a 1,000-foot (304.8 meters) range and is ideal for dogs who enjoy going for walks in the park but do not want to separate from their owners or trainers.
  • Within a 1,000-foot (304.8 meters) range, the Bousnic collar includes three stimulation modes: vibration, beep, and safe shock. These parameters are adjustable up to 16 levels of severity, with 16 as the most intense.
  • This collar can serve two dogs simultaneously by pet owners with several canines. This collar also offers two channels for operating and controlling both animals simultaneously.


  • There are numerous training alternatives available.
  • For the best dog control, use two remote channels.
  • Collar with a waterproof coating.
  • A phone adaptor can also charge the batteries.


  • The collar is prone to wear and tear.
  • For certain dogs, shock therapy may not be helpful.
dog wearing black collar

The Final Say on the Best Training Collars for Stubborn Dogs

It is advisable to invest in the best training collar for stubborn dogs if you have a pet that is constantly barking or if you want to train your dog to stay in the yard. You may train your dog with various tools, but dog shock collars are likely the greatest option for owners.

If you aim to train your dog to obey your directions and behave properly, you’ll realize how important good e-collar dog training is. These collars are some of the most effective training tools available to dog owners. E-collars can aid from simple directions like sitting and staying to more complex directives like tracking prey.

The shock collar may frighten your dog, but a little discomfort is essential to discipline it if it exhibits unruly behavior. Remember to use the shock collar to strengthen rather than as a kind of punishment.

Investing in the greatest training collar for resistant dogs with the best features is critical. With those training instruments, you can track how much pain or shock you deliver. The products described above are the best training tools; pick one from the list, and it will assist you in how to collar train a dog.

We highly recommend our pick if you’re looking for the greatest overall training collar for a stubborn dog. The SportDOG WetlandHunter 425X Remote Training Dog Collar features a 500-foot (152.4-meter) range and 21 levels of stimulation, allowing you to give your dog just enough shock to change its behavior.

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