7 of the Best Combs for Poodles to Own

Poodles are amazing and affectionate creatures, but they require regular grooming due to tangled and unruly hair. Having the best comb for Poodles can work magic for your pet’s coat. These combs are designed with great features to accommodate your dog’s needs. For this reason, we conducted thorough research on different combs.

We found Paws Pamper Greyhound Comb for Dogs and Cats the best comb for Poodles. This is because it is durable, gentle on pets, and lightweight. Don’t go further if you are looking for a perfect comb for your Poodle.

We have a compilation of the best combs to choose from. You will also find a buying guide to help you during your purchasing process.

So, let’s kick in and explore more!

Poodle dog after combing

The Different Types of Poodle Coats

There are different types of combs, and pet combs are among the best grooming tools. However, getting the best comb for Poodles will depend on the type of Poodle coat. Poodle coats vary and come in different types, such as corded puppy and curly coats.  

Other types of coats include the puppy clipped coat, English saddle clipped coat, and continental clipped coat. With the right comb, you will end up creating a perfect look for your canine friend.

Now that you know the types of Poodle coats, here are essential things that you need to consider when brushing your pet.

Considerations to Take When Brushing a Poodle

Poodle hair is a good breeding ground for pests such as bugs. It is also a good place where dirt and dust will find rest. Brushing will help you identify whether such things are eating your pet’s body.

Regular inspection is the best method to see if your dog is suffering silently. Moreover, regular brushing is almost impossible because it will consume too much time and energy. 

Therefore, you need to put in place some essential things when brushing. These aspects will help you achieve a nice look for your dog. The considerations are as follows:

Create a Perfect Moment

Grooming is an unpleasant experience for dogs. This is because it involves many processes, such as bathing and brushing. The good news is that you can make the whole process fun with toys.

These Poodle grooming tools will keep your Poodle busy since it will spend time chewing and playing with them. However, you have to be careful since Toy and Standard Poodles need different tools and attention. 

After all, you don’t want to use large full-size tools on your Toy Poodle. Similarly, you don’t want to use small toy breed tools on your full-sized Poodle. Therefore, train your pup to behave well. 

Reward good behavior with treats and cuddles. Provide positive reinforcement and high-value rewards to keep your dog engaged and calm during the entire grooming process.

Check on the Type of Coat

There are different types of Poodles coats, and each will require different types of brush. One thing that you have to remember is that most Poodles don’t have an undercoat. Generally, most dogs have a topcoat where you can see the hair. Others also have the undercoat packed with full hair but still require a lot of brushing.

Since Poodles only have the topcoat, they shed less hair. Because the undercoat has no hair, make sure to brush where the hair ends. Be sure to do it gently while approaching the undercoat since it is made of skin. 

How to Brush a Poodle

Brushing your Poodle is a walk in the park with these considerations at your fingertips. However, frequent brushing will create a perfect time with your four-legged friend. Therefore, check out these steps on how to properly brush a Poodle.

Step 1

The first step is to find the best Poodle brush with the correct needle size. You can opt for thin and long needles to prevent hurting your Poodle’s skin. Place your dog on a high end such as a table to reach it easily. Have your dog stand before beginning the session to brush legs.

Step 2

Brush sections of the leg using a pin brush. Brush up to the tail and then the body. Brush your dog’s ears as they lie on their side.

Step 3

Brush the coat from the skin to the end of the hair. Start with small sections while using a conditioning spray.

Step 4

Use your fingers, metal comb brush, or slicker brush to work on the mats or tangles. If tangles are minor, just use your fingers to separate the hair. If they are tough, use the end part of the comb and start at the edge of the mat. Use a metal comb or slicker brush to loosen the matt for larger matts.

Step 5

Keep working on the whole body, brush, and loosen any mats or tangles. When done, brush the coat with the metal comb.

Step 6

Check the pet’s coat and skin to check if there are any fleas, rashes, or bare spots. Reward your pup with a treat or a pat on the back if there are none. Lastly, you can bathe the Poodle if you wish.

By now, you are good at brushing your pet, but you need extra tips to perfect your work. 

Groomer combing dog

Tips for Brushing a Poodle

Poodle hair is different from that of other dogs. It is soft and gets tangled easily. Therefore, you need to be careful when brushing their Poodle’s hair. Furthermore, you will look for any skin infections while brushing. Check these potential tips for brushing a Poodle.

Brush Regularly 

Brushing your Poodle does not only involve doing it once then leaving until later in the year. It is all about doing it frequently. Making it a habit will help reduce excess and prevent further damage. For better results, brush your Poodle daily. 

Thorough Brushing

Apart from regular brushing, employ thorough brushing methods. When brushing, make an effort to brush your Poodle’s hair thoroughly, especially the sensitive parts such as the ears, genitals, legs, and belly.

Select the Right Brush 

Before brushing your Poodle’s hair, select a brush that will suit the session. Your Poodle needs to be comfortable, or they won’t let you brush them. Also, if the brush hurts their skin, the dog will become wild and resist future grooming activities.

The Benefits of Combing  Your Poodle’s Hair

Bonding Time

Combing your dog not only entails making it clean and decent but also creates a perfect bonding time. If your dog enjoys the whole session comfortably, then you are on the right track. 

A perfect bonding time is a plus since you will have a peaceful time to rest and unwind from your busy day at work. If your dog is uncomfortable throughout the session, find ways to make it comfortable.

Distribution of Natural Oils in the Body

The second advantage is the distribution of natural oils in the body. The dog’s coat contains natural oils that play a vital part in the skin. Since they can’t groom themselves, a perfect Poodle dog brush will help spread the oils evenly. Not to mention, it will help them shine and block greasy buildup.

Prevents Painful Mats

Have you ever pulled your hair mistakenly?  If so, you can imagine the pain that comes out of it. Well, this is the same pain that Poodles feel on their entire body due to mats. These mats are painful and can cause skin problems. Therefore, brushing with the right comb will prevent the formation of mats.

A Perfect Time to Inspect Your Pet

Aside from preventing painful mats, combing your Poodle will help you inspect your pet. In addition, you will get to know what your Poodle’s skin looks like. These will help you to notice anything unusual such as skin infection.

Reduces Shedding

Poodles shed a few strands of hair at a time. Unfortunately, these hairs can fill up your entire house if you don’t brush. Using the best dog brush for Poodles will help reduce shedding and minimize the chances of an allergic reaction.

Brushing your dogs 

Enhances Comfort

Dogs with matted hair will spend time moving around or scratching their body on the ground due to trapped undercoats. Using the correct comb to brush will reduce mats and make them comfortable again.

Brushing Helps Your Dog to Look Good

Like human beings, dogs need to look decent and presentable. Who will want to spend time playing with a shaggy dog? But, of course, no one wants to end up with hair floating on their clothes.

Leaving excess hair on your dog will speak of how you don’t have time for your pet. So, conduct regular brushing to keep it clean and maintain its look. 

The Best Combs for Poodles at a Glance

  1. Paws Pamper Greyhound Comb for Dogs and Cats (Best Overall Comb for Poodles). 
  2. Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool (Best Comb for Detangling Poodle’s Matted Hair).
  3. OmniPet Leather Brothers Cocker/Poodle Wooden Handle Comb (Best Comb for Long-Haired Poodles).
  4. Detangling Pet Comb with Long & Short Stainless Steel Teeth (Best Comb for DIY Poodle-Grooming).
  5. Pettom Pet Steel Grooming Tool Poodle Finishing Butter Comb (Best Finishing  Comb for Poodles).
  6. Chris Christensen NTS Staggered Tooth Buttercomb (Best Comb for Grooming Thick and Double-Coated Poodles).
  7. Andis Pet Steel Comb (Best Comb for Fluffing and Removing Loose Poodle-Hair).

Rounding up the Best Poodle Combs on the Market

There are various Poodle combs on the market, and among the best are outlined and discussed below:

Paws Pamper Greyhound Comb for Dogs and Cats (Best Overall Comb for Poodles)

Amazon’s Choice Award in Cat Combs by Paws Pamper

Key Features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic comb design
  • Round pin ends
  • Wider handles

General Description

Do you have problems with the handles of your dog comb? If so, the Paws Pamper Greyhound Comb for Dogs and cats is here for you. This comb from Paws Pamper uses manual power and is designed with an anti-corrosion spine and round pin ends. 

Being among the best Poodle grooming tools, it has a spine made of aluminum and is enhanced by the anodizing process. It converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. 

This comb is also outfitted with rounded pins and lacks sharp edges. As a rule, lack of sharp edges means no scary scratching. The blue comb can slide when gripped and feels comfortable at hand with a lightweight, ergonomic design. Additionally, this comb is made from aluminum which is eco-friendly, sturdy, durable, and ultra-strong. 

With a star rating of 4.7 out of 5, it is a perfect choice for grooming all furry pets. It also uses larger pins to tackle tangled knots and matted fur. It has fine teeth for easy combing. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back.


  • Durable
  • Safe since it has no sharp edges


  • The edges are sharp and painful to the fingers

Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool (Best Comb for Detangling Poodle’s Matted Hair)

Key Features

  • Easy-grip handle
  • Long steel blades to reach deep into the thick fur
  • Hole for hanging

General Description

Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool is designed to gently & effectively remove knots, matted spots & tangles from coats. The best dog comb for Poodles will clear the knotted undercoat. One unique thing is that you can use it on other long-haired animals such as horses & rabbits.

It features a handle that has been crafted out of heavy-duty rubber & textured with wavy ridges. The Poodle pet grooming rake fits comfortably in hand to avoid slips that lead to accidents. It is also safe for use on wet or dry pet hair.

Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush is fitted with extra-long 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters) stainless steel dematting blades and reaches deep into thick fur to quickly break up knots, mats & tangles. For this reason, it is the best pet grooming tool for undercoat brushing.

With these tools, you won’t be worried about space. This is because it contains a hole cutout on the handle of our dematting pet comb that allows you to hang it to keep it safely out of the way when not in use.  

With a star rating of 4.5 out of 5, it is made using the best material; metal and rubber. These materials make it strong & sturdy enough to handle all of your longhaired horse, rabbit, dog, or cat grooming needs.


  • Suitable for long-haired animals
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Some parts, such as the handle, break easily.

OmniPet Leather Brothers Cocker/Poodle Wooden Handle Comb (Best Comb for Long-Haired Poodles)

Amazon’s Choice Award in Dog Combs by OmniPet

Key Features 

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Made of the wooden handle

General Description

Dogs come in different breeds and different hair lengths. And combing the two types of dogs will not feel the same. If your dog has long hair, it will require a special comb to accommodate its needs. 

Everything is sorted with Omnipet Leather Brothers Cooker/Poodle Wooden Handle Comb. This comb made in China is from OmniPet and operates on a wooden pallet. The one-size comb is made of stainless steel, thus strong enough for long-haired dogs.

With a star rating of 4.7 out of 5, it is the best seller in dog comb and will perfectly brush your Poodle’s curly hair.


  • Strong enough for long-haired dogs
  • Suitable for curly hair


  • Quite expensive

Detangling Pet Comb with Long & Short Stainless Steel Teeth (Best Comb for DIY Poodle-Grooming)

Key Features

  • Anti-slip handle grip
  • Has a stainless steel teeth

General Description

Sometimes grooming can be a pain in the neck. Imagine combing your long-haired Poodle with mats and tangles with the wrong tool? It must be hectic, right? However, you can simplify all that hard work by using the dual-length pet combs for dematting detangling & combing. It is purple and features both long & short metal teeth.

Unlike the average dog combs for grooming, You can use this tool to care for long-haired or short-haired breeds. For example, use it to comb the hair of Pomeranians, Poodles, and Persian kitties.

You don’t have to worry about being too cautious when using the pet combs because it has been enhanced with a non-slip handle to help avoid accidents.

The long & short teeth featured on this 2-in-1 pet comb with handle are made of solid stainless steel to ensure they’re strong enough to remove knots & mats effectively. This comb is best for show dog trainers, long hair cat groomers & everyday pet owners. It’s the perfect all-in-one detangler comb to have around!


  • Fewer accidents since it contains non–slip handles
  • It is strong because it is made of stainless steel


  • The handles might break when they fall on a hard object.

Pettom Pet Steel Grooming Tool Poodle Finishing Butter Comb (Best Finishing Comb for Poodles)

Amazon’s Choice Award in Dog Combs by Pettom

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth-rounded teeth

General Description

The Pettom Pet Steel Grooming Tool is ideal for cats and small, medium dogs. It is a dog comb for removing tangles, dirt, and Knots; it is also a perfect comb for removing loose hair and matted fur. On top of that, it stimulates skin and hair follicles.

If you have backaches or are afraid of a heavy tool, don’t panic. Pettom Pet Steel Grooming Tool is lightweight and thus perfect for finishing and fluffing. But, of course, with a star rating of 4.7 out of 5, you have to keep it dry after use. To add,  it comes in a pack of one and is silver in color.


  • Removes tangles easily
  • It is lightweight


  • The rough metal can damage the fur

Chris Christensen NTS Staggered Tooth Buttercomb (Best Comb for Grooming Thick and Double-Coated Poodles)

Key Features

  • Flat spine
  • A rounded tip allows it to glide through the coat avoiding breakage of the coat

General Description

Chris Christensen NTS Staggered Tooth Buttercomb is easy to use since it has a flat spine and rounded tip that allows it to glide through the coat, avoiding breakage. This dog grooming comb is one of the best pet combs on the market.

Each Buttercomb has a flat spine and rounded tip, which allows it to glide through the coat, avoiding breakage. This dog grooming comb is one of the best pet combs on the market.

Chris Christensen’s NTS Staggered dog combat also comes with a stainless-steel body which ensures durability. This is suitable for all pets with thick double-coat types. The 6-inch (15.3-centimeter) design and style are a universal standard for all people and groomers alike. 

It is slightly heavy, which prevents you from working harder to get through thick coats, knots, and tangles. This is why professional dog groomers, breeders, and handlers love using the comb daily.

This Staggered tooth comb comes with a six-month guaranteed factory warranty covering all manufacturing and quality defects. Chris Christensen is a dog show and professional grooming brand trusted in the industry for performance and best in show results.


  • Durable due to the presence of a stainless steel body
  • Rounded tips to glide effortlessly through the coat


Heavy-weight on hands

Andis Pet Steel Comb (Best Comb for Fluffing and Removing Loose Poodle-Hair)

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Coarse and fine teeth

General Description

Andis Pet Street Comb is Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes. This brand from Andis removes tangles, mats, loose hair, and dirt. It also stimulates skin and hair follicles and is perfect for finishing and fluffing. 

The lightweight design is for fatigue-free grooming. This brush for poodle mix is silver in color and uses manual power to operate. With a star rating of 4.8 out of 5, it is suitable for all life stages. 


  • Stimulates the skin and hair follicles
  • Removes mats and tangles easily


  • Small handle diameter

Your Poodle Comb Shopping Guide

Brushing is an integral part of the grooming process for any dog, but it is especially true for Poodles since they are one of a kind breed. Grooming a Poodle takes a lot of work, but the benefits of them being hypoallergenic and nonshedding mean you won’t have to suffer from allergies. 

Additionally, brushing your pet leaves their fur without mats or tangles. There are many brands of dog brushes available, but you need to find the one that meets your Poodle’s needs. 

Therefore, we have curated a list of features to look for when selecting the best brush for Poodles.

Different Types of Brush

Topping the list of the critical things to consider before buying a Poodle comb is the type of brush. There are different types of brushes today. Each is designed to suit the needs of the corresponding Poodles.

This is why what works best for one Poodle may not apply to the other. These types of brushes range from curly to corded puppy coats. In addition, they are designed with different models and contain distinct specifications. Therefore select the one that suits your Poodle best.

Gentleness Factor

Poodle combs come in different types and have different levels of gentleness. This aspect depends on the material and kind of pin. If it is made from a soft material, it will be gentle when combing. 

But if the pins are coarse, it will be a challenging task due to pain. For this reason, select the one that will make your pet comfortable and smile throughout the grooming session.

Dematting and Detangling Factors

Another vital factor to put on your fingertips before buying a Poodle comb is dematting and detangling factors. Different Poodle brushes come with the best specifications for dematting and detangling.

Matting and dematting are affected by hair quality, hair structure, wind exposure, and of course, the brushing frequency. However, a good brush will dematt and detangle effectively. Also, remember to use detangling and dematting sprays to make the entire process easier and leave your dog happy, clean, and smelling fresh.

Flexible Pins

The ideal choice is a slicker brush with flexible and gentle pins strong enough to brush a Poodle’s thick fur yet not scratch their skin. A straight and stiff pinned brush might hurt your Poodle. To add, it might cause infection and wounds. As a result, your Poodle will not ever let you brush them again due to a lack of trust and fear.

Comfort Handle

There’s nothing better than getting comfort while bruising a Poodle. You will meet different handles, and some are not comfortable to handle. So, check if the hands are comfy for easy grooming. Moreover, a handle with the right-hand size will make the whole experience better. 

Lightweight and Durable

Another vital factor is weight and durability. Poodle combs are made with different types of comb weight. Some are heavy, while others are lightweight. Before settling on a specific kind of comb, look for the one that will last longer, and that will not get you to visit your bank account more often.

Large Head Brushes

There are different types of head brushes. Each size is designed to suit different needs. Of course, no one will want a brush that will keep them on one Poodle for a long time. Having a large-sized brush will save you from spending a lot of time brushing your Poodle. 

Choose a dog brush that has a broad head so you can brush through your dog’s hair quickly and easily.

Poodle dog after brushing

FAQ’s on the Best Poodle Combs

Q: Can I use a Furminator on my Poodle?

A: Yes, a Furminator is perfect for your Poodle. A Furminator uses a blade to remove hair. However, you have to be careful because it can pull the roots of the hair causing hair loss, discomfort, or skin disorders.

Q: Should I brush my Poodle every day?

A: Yes, you can brush your Poodle daily, but two to three times a week is highly recommended to keep mats to a minimum. It helps distribute natural skin oils. 

Q: How often should I brush my Poodle?

A: Should my Poodle be shaved?

Poodles should be shaved to minimize tangles or mats, but you need to be careful to watch out for sensitive parts like the face, ears, and armpits.

Q: How often should my Poodle be groomed? 

A: Grooming every 3 to 6 weeks is highly recommended for easy maintenance and reducing excess hair.

Our Final Say on Poodle Combs

Grooming your Poodle to a perfect look is not easy. It requires special tools such as a comb. This comb facilitates easy maintenance and decency. The Paws Pamper Greyhound Comb for Dogs and Cats is the best dog brush for Poodles since it can tame rough coats without damaging your pet’s skin. It is also durable and lightweight.

On top of that, it is affordable and can reach troublesome areas. The other brushes outlined and discussed in the article will work wonders for your pet. If you are planning to get a comb for your Poodle, select the one that will reduce matted and fluffy hair and improve health and appearance.

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