5 Best Brushes for Short Hair Cats

Find the best brush for short hair cats! Our guide helps you choose the perfect tool. Get yours today! 

What Constitutes a Short-Haired Cat? 

Short-haired cats typically have fur less than 1.5 in (38.1 mm) long. The best brush for cats with short hair must suit their unique grooming needs. Such brushes can efficiently remove loose hair and reduce shedding, promoting a healthy coat. Choosing the right brush enhances the cat’s appearance and well-being.

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The Best Brush for Cats With Short Hair According to GL

When it comes to grooming short-haired cats, the Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer stands out as the best overall solution. This product’s innovative design, combining flexibility and durability, sets it apart from its competitors. 

It is an efficient cat hair brush, adept at removing loose hairs, enhancing the coat’s shine, and providing a soothing massage experience for the cat. The Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer’s ergonomic structure allows for comfortable handling, making grooming sessions a pleasant and rewarding experience for both pet and owner. 

Promoting healthy skin and reducing shedding contributes to overall feline well-being. The reputation of Epona as a trusted brand further assures quality, offering a grooming tool that excels in both performance and convenience.

Other Short Hair Cat Brushes at a Glance

  1. Epona Flexible Glossy GroomerBest Overall
  2. Double-Sided Combo Pins and Bristle Brush by HertzkoBest Pin/Bristle Brush Combo
  3. H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves –  Best Grooming Glove
  4. Vetnique Labs Furbliss Dog Brush for Grooming, Brushing, and Bathing Dog & CatsMost Versatile
  5. FURminator Deshedding Tool for CatsBest for Deshedding Purposes
H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves - Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves - Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses (Mono Green, Small)
Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer
Furbliss Dog Brush for Dogs, Cats and Pets with Long Hair, Grooming Bathing Massaging Deshedding Multi-Functional Wet or Dry Silicone Brush (Long Hair Brush)
Product name
H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves – Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves – Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses (Mono Green, Small)
Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer
Furbliss Dog Brush for Dogs, Cats and Pets with Long Hair, Grooming Bathing Massaging Deshedding Multi-Functional Wet or Dry Silicone Brush (Long Hair Brush)
H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves - Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves - Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses (Mono Green, Small)
Product name
H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves – Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves – Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses (Mono Green, Small)
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Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer
Product name
Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer
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Furbliss Dog Brush for Dogs, Cats and Pets with Long Hair, Grooming Bathing Massaging Deshedding Multi-Functional Wet or Dry Silicone Brush (Long Hair Brush)
Product name
Furbliss Dog Brush for Dogs, Cats and Pets with Long Hair, Grooming Bathing Massaging Deshedding Multi-Functional Wet or Dry Silicone Brush (Long Hair Brush)
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Our Picks Under the Microscope

Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer – Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice for “Epona”

Brand: Epona

Shape: Oblong

Color: Grey

Type: Curry brush

The Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer is not just an exceptional tool for horse enthusiasts; it has also emerged as one of the best brushes for cats with short hair. This innovative grooming tool, designed by the reputable brand Epona, offers features that cater specifically to the needs of short-haired cats. Its flexibility, durability, and easy maintenance make it a unique addition to any feline grooming toolkit. 

Recognized as Amazon’s Choice, it is a top consideration for cat owners seeking effective, comfortable grooming solutions that enhance appearance and promote a healthy coat.


  • The brush features a unique flexible design that adapts to the contours of your horse’s body. This flexibility ensures thorough grooming without causing discomfort to your horse.
  • Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip and maneuver this grooming tool, allowing for comfortable and efficient grooming sessions.
  • Constructed by Epona, a reputable brand in grooming products, the product is built to last, ensuring it remains a reliable tool in your grooming kit.
  • The smooth surface of the groomer makes it easy to clean after use, ensuring hygienic grooming practices.
  • The groomer’s flexible design and glossy texture contribute to a healthy and shiny coat, leaving your horse looking its best.


  • While the groomer offers premium grooming capabilities, its initial cost might be higher than standard grooming tools.
  • Some users might prefer a range of color choices for personalization, but the groomer typically comes in a specific color.
  • If you’re accustomed to using traditional grooming tools, you might need a short adjustment period to fully adapt to this groomer’s unique flexible design.

Double-Sided Combo Pins and Bristle Brush by Hertzko – Best Pin/Bristle Brush Combo

Brand: Hertzko

Shape: Oval

Color: Black, grey, purple

Type: Pin/bristle brush

The Hertzko Double-Sided Combo Pins and Bristle Brush stands out as a versatile grooming tool, perfect for both dogs and cats. Whether dealing with long or short hair, this dual-sided brush has a solution. One side features dense pins to smoothly remove loose hair from the top coat, while the other incorporates a pin comb to address tangles and eliminate dead undercoat effectively. With rounded ends, the brush guarantees a gentle and secure grooming experience. 

As one of the best brushes for short-hair cats, it elevates your cat’s appearance and fosters a healthy coat through blood circulation stimulation. Your furry friend will be left looking and feeling fabulous.


  • The brush offers both pin comb and bristle brush options, allowing you to address different grooming needs with a single tool.
  • The rounded pins prevent scratching or damaging your pet’s skin, ensuring a comfortable grooming session.
  • The pin comb side effectively removes tangles and knots, reducing matting and preventing discomfort.
  • The brush’s massaging action increases blood circulation, leading to a softer, shinier, and healthier coat.
  • Designed with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle, it minimizes strain on your hand and wrist during extended grooming sessions.


  • While the brush suits most coat lengths, it might be less effective on pets with extremely short hair.
  • The brush is available in a specific color scheme, which might not appeal to all pet owners’ preferences.
  • The brush’s effectiveness might vary for pets with exceptionally thick or heavy coats.
  • The size of the brush might be a bit large for smaller pets, making it slightly less comfortable to maneuver

H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves – Best Grooming Glove



  • Black
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Mono green
  • Purple
  • Black and purple

Type: Grooming glove


  • Junior
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-large

The H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves provide an all-in-one solution for pet owners, including those with short-haired cats. These gloves are specially designed to handle various pet care tasks, from hair removal to bathing and massaging, making them an ideal cat brush option. 

Equipped with gentle bristles and innovative rubber nodules that resemble flexible bristles, the gloves ensure a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience without causing discomfort to your furry friends. They work efficiently on different fur types, both in wet and dry conditions. 

Beyond mere grooming, the gloves enhance blood circulation and evenly distribute natural oils, promoting healthier skin and coats. Durable and easy to clean, these gloves stand out as a versatile cat brush, adapting to your pets’ unique needs.


  • Versatile grooming solution suitable for dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Gentle bristles ensure effective grooming without causing discomfort.
  • Rubber nodules offer soothing massages and stimulate circulation.
  • Can be used for hair removal, bathing, and massaging.
  • Suitable for various fur types, including short, medium, long, and coarse fur.
  • Promotes healthier skin and coat by distributing natural oils.
  • Durable construction withstands heavy grooming and bathing.
  • Effortless to clean – pet hair can be easily removed by rubbing the gloves together.
  • Suitable for waterless massaging with non-abrasive flexible nodules.
  • Designed to provide a special one-on-one time with your pets.


  • May not be suitable for pets with very short or sensitive fur.
  • Hair removal process may result in hair flying around.
  • Rubber nodules might not provide the same level of comfort for all pets.
  • Not ideal for pets that dislike being touched or groomed.
  • May require more effort for thorough grooming on pets with dense coats.

Vetnique Labs Furbliss Dog Brush for Grooming, Brushing, and Bathing Dog & Cats – Most Versatile

Brand: Vetnique Labs Store

Shape: Oblong

Color: Green

Type: Curry

The Vetnique Labs Furbliss Dog Brush isn’t limited to canine grooming; it’s also a contender for the best cat brush, especially for short-haired felines. This two-sided multifunctional brush performs massaging, exfoliating, and deshedding duties seamlessly. 

One side offers a gentle and soothing grooming touch, while the other effectively removes hair and dander, imparting a shiny and healthy coat.

Its ergonomic grip design, devoid of harsh metal or steel bristles, has earned recommendations from vets and groomers. Whether used wet or dry, it delivers an optimal brushing experience, making it versatile for both bathing and deshedding. 

Vetnique Labs, the veterinarian-founded creator of Furbliss, prioritizes natural and effective ingredients backed by veterinary science, ensuring it’s functional and safe for your feline friends.


  • Versatile two-sided brush for massaging, exfoliating, and deshedding.
  • Ergonomic-grip design recommended by vets and groomers.
  • Can be used dry or wet and is suitable for bathing and deshedding.
  • Made by Vetnique Labs, a veterinarian-founded pet health company.
  • Formulated with effective and natural ingredients backed by veterinary science.


  • May not be as effective for heavy deshedding on certain breeds.
  • Some pets may not enjoy the brushing sensation.
  • Brush design might not work well for pets with very short fur.
  • The brush’s rubber material might not be suitable for all pet preferences.
  • Slightly higher price compared to traditional brushes.

FURminator Deshedding Tool for Cats – Best for Deshedding Purposes

Brand: FURminator

Shape: Oblong


  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Blue

Handle material: Metal

Type: Deshedding tool


  • Small
  • Large

The FURminator Deshedding Tool for Cats represents a top-tier solution for pet owners grappling with hair removal, especially for long-haired cats weighing over 10 pounds (4.53 kilograms). This tool’s proficiency in eliminating loose undercoat hair without damaging the topcoat or skin sets this tool apart. 

Although primarily designed for long hair, its precision, and gentle touch make it an attractive cat brush for shedding, even for owners of short-haired felines. The esteemed FURminator brand’s craftsmanship ensures a quality grooming experience, offering a superior tool that caters to shedding concerns with efficiency and safety.


  1. Deshedding tool excels at reaching through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair effectively. This results in a visibly cleaner and smoother coat, reducing hairball formation.
  2. Equipped with a convenient Furejector button, the tool allows for easy hair release. Simply push the button to dispose of collected hair with minimal hassle.
  3. By effectively removing loose hairs, the tool aids in reducing hairball formation in cats. This is beneficial for their overall well-being and grooming routine.
  4. This FURminator features a durable metal handle and stainless steel teeth. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, and the curved edge conforms to a pet’s natural shape for added comfort.
  5. The manufacturer guarantees effectiveness, providing confidence in the tool’s ability to deliver results as promised.
  6. While designed for medium/large cats with long hair, the tool’s versatility caters to various feline breeds and coat types.


  1. The product falls into a higher price range than some other grooming tools on the market. However, its quality and performance may justify the investment for cat owners seeking efficient hair removal.
  2. While it excels with long-haired cats, the tool’s performance might not be as significant for short-haired felines.

Some Reader Questions Answered

Which brush is best for short-haired cats?

The best cat brush for short-haired felines will depend on the individual cat’s needs. A bristle or rubber brush is often recommended as it can efficiently remove loose hair and stimulate the skin without irritating feline skin. 

Look for one with soft, flexible bristles to ensure comfort during grooming. A proper cat brush enhances the appearance of the coat and can help prevent hairballs.

Is brushing good for cats?

Yes, brushing is highly beneficial for cats, including short-haired breeds. Regular grooming with the best cat brush removes loose fur, reduces shedding, stimulates blood circulation, distributes natural oils, and offers a chance to check for skin problems. 

Choosing the best cat brush for your pet’s needs ensures a comfortable and practical grooming experience, contributing to a healthy, shiny coat.

How often should cats with short hair be brushed?

Cats with short hair generally require less grooming than long-haired breeds, but regular brushing is still essential. Using a cat brush for shedding once a week is typically sufficient to remove loose hair and minimize shedding. 

It also helps distribute the cat’s natural oils across the coat, maintaining healthy skin. If your cat is prone to shedding more, adjusting the frequency and using the right cat brush for shedding can make a difference.

How long should a brushing session last for a cat with short hair?

A brushing session for a cat with short hair doesn’t need to be lengthy. Using a suitable cat hair brush, the session can last anywhere from five to 10 minutes, depending on the cat’s tolerance and the amount of loose hair. 

Making the experience pleasant is essential, so keeping sessions short and consistent is key. The right cat hair brush will ensure that this grooming time is efficient and enjoyable for your pet.

Why should I brush my cat?

Brushing your cat offers numerous benefits, and using a cat comb or brush tailored to your feline’s fur type can enhance those advantages. Regular grooming with a cat comb removes loose hair, dirt, and debris, reducing the chances of hairballs. 

It stimulates the skin, distributes natural oils, and helps you monitor for underlying health issues. Moreover, brushing builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your pet, making it a rewarding experience for both.

How to brush a feline with short hair

Brushing a feline with short hair requires attention to technique and the right tools. Begin by selecting a cat grooming brush designed for short hair, as this will ensure the most comfort and effectiveness. Start slowly, allowing the cat to become familiar with the cat grooming brush. Gently brush in the hair growth direction, focusing on one area at a time. 

Regular, short sessions with a proper cat grooming brush can make grooming a positive experience for your feline friend.

Woman brushing her ginger cat

What to Look for in Short-Haired Cat Brushes


When searching for the best brush for short hair cats, consider the type of bristles. Soft, flexible bristles are usually ideal for short-haired felines, as they gently remove loose fur without causing discomfort. Bristle brushes made from natural materials or soft rubber can provide a pleasant grooming experience, stimulating the skin without scratching.

Ease of Cleaning

A good short-hair cat brush should be easy to clean. After each grooming session, quickly removing trapped hair and debris is crucial for maintaining hygiene. Look for brushes with removable pads or ones with cleaning tools to make the process hassle-free. An easy-to-clean brush ensures that every brushing session is practical and sanitary.

Removing Tangles and Mats

Although short-haired cats are less prone to tangles and mats, a suitable cat brush option should still be able to address these issues if they arise. A brush with slightly stiffer but smooth bristles can help detangle without pulling or causing pain. 

It’s essential to find a brush that not only caters to normal grooming needs but also can handle unexpected tangles, providing a comprehensive solution for your pet’s grooming.

How We Tested Our Picks

In our comprehensive review process, we put an array of brushes, including the cat undercoat brush, to the test with real-world scenarios. We gathered several short-haired cats, ensuring different breeds and coat types were represented. 

The testing involved observing how effectively each cat undercoat brush handled loose hair removal, undercoat management, and overall comfort during grooming.

Our panel of professional groomers and cat owners provided insights and feedback, considering factors such as bristle quality, ease of use, and effectiveness in detangling. Their hands-on experience allowed us to recommend brushes that genuinely meet the grooming needs of short-haired cats, backed by practical testing and expert opinion.

Why Trust Our Judgment

Our judgment in selecting the best brush for short-hair cats is grounded in extensive research, hands-on testing, and collaboration with experts in the field of cat grooming. Our evaluation process involved professional groomers, veterinarians, and cat owners to ensure a diverse and informed perspective.

By testing each brush on actual cats with different grooming needs and considering honest user feedback, we’ve crafted a guide that reflects genuine experience and knowledge. Our commitment to accuracy, unbiased recommendations, and the well-being of your furry friends make our guide a trustworthy resource for choosing the perfect grooming tool.

Siamese cat grooming

One Last Thing to Remember

The Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer rises above the competition, securing its position as the best brush for short hair cats. Its innovative design, flexibility, and quality construction reflect a clear understanding of feline grooming needs, making it a must-have for any short-haired cat owner. 

The product’s ability to effortlessly remove loose hairs while offering a gentle and enjoyable grooming experience makes it a standout product. Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or just starting your journey, this grooming tool is an investment in your cat’s health and appearance. 

Its reputation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction validate it as a top choice, reflecting the Epona brand’s commitment to excellence in pet care products.

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