Wild Facts About International Cat Day [8 August]

What is International Cat Day?

It is customary to celebrate International Cat Day on August 8. This is a day to honor one of the most popular pets in the world. Many people find comfort and companionship in cats. According to studies, owning a cat can reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

You can fight even mental sickness with the cats’ aid. It is amazing to see cats celebrating on this day.

August 8-International cat day

When is International Cat Day?

August 8 of every year is the day we honor the enigmatic and fluffy felines we call cats in celebration of International Cat Day.

International Cat Day – Know Its Origin

Cats are carnivorous tiny hairy mammals that, for the most part, have a tail, four legs, and claws. Humans have been domesticating cats as pets since ancient times, even though they are descendants of the African wildcat and were originally used to catch rodents.

The culture of the ancient Egyptian civilization contains the earliest known historical record of humans talking about cats. As a result of the Egyptians’ reverence for cats and their belief that they were from gods, we all appear to associate cats with the ancient Egyptians. 

During the first dynasty in Egypt, the cat deity Mafdet was a guardian against snakes, scorpions, and other forms of evil. Because of this, the Egyptians believed that cats were more than simply deities; they were also guardians.

Following the fall of the Egyptian dynasty, cats rose to prominence worldwide in later years. In ancient Greece and Rome, many were keeping cats as a form of natural pest management. In eastern cultures, cats were originally only held by the wealthy. 

It wasn’t until the 1600s that cats’ reputation started recovering; however, during the middle ages in Europe, cats became associated with superstition and were suspects of carrying the disease during the Black Death of 1348. This is the reason why so many cats were dying during that period. Cats’ reputation didn’t recover until after the Black Death of 1348.

Because cats were part of the cargo on the American colonization ships to prevent the spread of illness and vermin, they eventually made their way ashore, where they thrived. 

These days, cats appear to be one of the pop idols in modern culture; after all, there are approximately 500 million of them in our midst. In addition, since 2002, the “international fund for animal welfare” has been responsible for giving cats their very own holiday.

International Cat Day Traditions

On August 8th, the world celebrates cats. Even if this happens to them regularly, you lavish them with extra affection and pamper them more than usual on this day. Cats are the pickiest family members, so you should spend the day catering to their needs. 

This includes buying them their favorite treats and expensive catnip, allowing them to shred to their heart’s content, wail, and even tuning in to their favorite TV show (there are videos on the internet of cats obediently watching “Tom and Jerry”). Cats are the most demanding members of the family.

Not all cats are as fortunate as to have loving owners who can provide them with a comfortable and rich home. As a result of the cruelty and injuries that stray cats get from car accidents and other potentially hazardous circumstances, animal shelters and welfare organizations get generous gifts. 

Cats frequently get new homes after adoption, most frequently by children acquiring their first pet.

Stats Around International Cat Day

  • 18% of homes in the United Kingdom have a cat as the head of the household.
  • The oldest cat was in existence 9,500 years ago.
  • It is an estimation that cats spend approximately 70 percent of their lives napping.
  • A cat with the name ‘Stubbs’ was a mayor in a small town for 20 years.
  • The longest cat ever was 48.5 inches (123.2 centimeters)
  • The tallest cat was 19.05 inches (48.4 centimeters).
  • The net worth of the wealthiest cat in the world is £7 million
  • In 1963 a cat went to space successfully.
  • A cat house has a maximum speed of 30mph.

Ways to Celebrate Today

Because cats are typically so unassuming, today International Cat Day might consist of as much or as little activity as would be enjoyable for any individual cat living in the household. It could be a good idea for everyone to take a short nap to get things started on the right foot.

While some laid-back cats may take pleasure in making a great deal out of the day, other cats may choose to flee the room and hide beneath the bed instead. In either case, people may make International Cat Day more enjoyable for everyone involved by implementing some of the following ideas:

Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

In addition to the enjoyment that you may enjoy on International Cat Day, one of the aspects that are among the most significant is the need to bring attention to the predicament that many cats are in. One is that they do not have homes in which to live. Animal shelters typically need volunteers to help bathe, groom, play with, and take care of cats. 

In addition, shelters frequently require assistance with office work, marketing, cleaning, and other essential responsibilities. Stop by a local shelter on this day to inquire about the kind of assistance needed and to convey to the staff how much you value their work on behalf of the community.

Make a Donation to a Cat Charity

No time to volunteer? That’s okay! It also contributes to a local cat shelter or animal shelter on International Cat Day. These organizations may be struggling to find the funds necessary to provide care and housing for cats that are in need. 

You might also give money to a larger organization that helps cats and supports the suffering of cats like these. To get started, you may provide one of these a shot:

  • Petco Love: This organization, which is a nonprofit and a pet supply business known as Petco, runs and has the goal of enabling and inspiring animal lovers to preserve and rescue the lives of pets.
  • Winn Feline Foundation: The Winn Feline Foundation is an international, not-for-profit organization that provides funding for medical research to extend cats’ healthy, happy, and productive lives worldwide.
  • Alliance of Stray Cats: This international organization deals with the welfare of cats worldwide. It seeks to promote their more humane treatment while also working to safeguard their lives.
  • Best Friends Animal Society: This charity provides a haven and living quarters for neglected and abandoned animals, adhering to the principle of “no-kill.” In addition, they have a program that involves the capture, sterilization, and subsequent release of feral cats to cut down on their numbers.

Adopt a Cat for International Cat Day

Adopting a cat is a great way to bring some love into your home and to make a difference in the lives of others. Cats are low-maintenance pets because they are relatively simple to care for, they are relatively self-sufficient, make excellent roommates, are typically friendly toward youngsters, and are low-key. 

Many cats are looking for a caring person or family to take them in and give them the attention and care they need.

Make a Veterinarian Appointment

On this important day of celebration, cat-eye sunglasses are a versatile addition to any aspect of an outfit. Choose that headband with the small cat ears, try on a striped hat, wear those slippers with cats on them, or go all out and don a full Catwoman outfit. 

All these options will help you achieve the look you’re looking for. You can do anything that you need to do today. If you want to celebrate International Cat Day while you do it, that would be great!

Spoil a Cat for International Cat Day

International Cat Day is the perfect day to remind yourself to look for your cat’s well-being. Please take advantage of the situation to give your veterinarian a call and arrange an appointment for a checkup or preventative work to ensure everything is going well with them. 

Because cats have skills for disguising the symptoms of disease or suffering, it is a good idea to make sure that they visit the veterinarian frequently to ensure that they are healthy and content.

Spoil a Cat for International Cat Day

Today is the best time to get your cat a new toy, a new bed, or maybe even some gourmet food that’s a little more expensive! Celebrate International Cat Day by making your furry little companion with four legs feel like a four-legged VIP by throwing them a small party for the day’s guest of honor. 

People who don’t have cats could consider donating to their community’s animal shelter by purchasing some cat necessities and delivering them in person.

Visit a Local Cat Cafe

You don’t have to miss the festivities of International Cat Day simply because you don’t own a cat of your own. It’s the perfect time to visit a cat cafe for a quick bite to eat, a refreshing drink, and some quality time with the feline residents. 

Not only can customers watch the cats at these establishments, but the cats typically enjoy interacting with people and will even join in on games. There is a big chance that the cats who live in cat cafes are up for adoption, making it a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with a cat before deciding whether or not to adopt it.

‘Call me Kat’ is a short sitcom about a cat cafe that stars Mayim Bialik and Swoosie Kurtz. Those unable to locate a cat cafe in their immediate area may find it entertaining to watch the show.

Dress Your Cat in a Cute Costume

Take the celebration of International Cat Day one step further by donning a costume for your lovable feline companion that would bring a smile to the face of any person who adores cats. There are many various alternatives for cat costumes that you can find online. 

Some examples of these possibilities are cowboy hats for cats, a striped scarf and circular cat glasses inspired by Harry Potter, a feather boa, a pirate costume, or even a cat dressed up in a bunny suit!

8 August-International cat day

Interesting Facts About Felines

The Loudest Purr, First!

The record-holder for loudest purr is Merlin, a black and white cat from the U.K., whose purr measures 67.8db.

Faster Than You Think

Your small cat is capable of traveling at speeds of almost 30 mph (48.3 kph)!

The Wealthiest Cat in Town

When Blackie’s billionaire owner passed away, it received a 7 million pound fortune, according to “Guinness World Records.”

Not So Tasty

Cats are not attracted to sweetness since they cannot detect it.

Meow to You

According to scientists, cats exclusively communicate with people through their meows. They do not speak with one another, except for their moms when they are kittens.

Reasons to Love This Day

We Love All Living Beings

Holidays like today demonstrate that people appreciate all living things and that there are more of us than not who respect and love cats.

A Lovely Reminder

It’s simple to believe that we are the most powerful creatures on Earth. As a sweet reminder, we are not alone; therefore, we must respect the rights of all living things and do our part, beginning with our dogs.

Fuzzy Stress Relievers

Scientific research has shown that cats’ natural stress-relieving abilities promote mental health. Our bodies can release chemicals that reduce tension when we pet a fluffy cat.

Other Cat-Related Holidays

National Feral Cat Day – October 16, 2022

National Feral Cat Day is October 16, so gather your feline companions and start honing your alley cat stride. No matter where they live, we celebrate cats of all kinds on this day. Because of this occasion, we can transform how the world views these loving nomads that have long been having the brand feral.

Activities for National Feral Cat Day

Participate in a Trap-Neuter-Return Campaign

Anyone who participates in a Trap-Neuter-Return program can have a significant impact. This involves humanely capturing a feral cat in a box trap, taking it to the doctor to get neutered or spayed, and then releasing it back into the wild. This protects the cat while also making a long-term investment to control the feral cat population.

Take in a Cat

TNR is an excellent approach to managing pet populations. Still, if adoption is an option for you, it’s also a crucial strategy to improve a lot of stray cats. Find an adopt-a-cat on October 16 at one of the many shelters in your area to welcome a new family member.

Volunteer With Alley Cat Allies

The 1990-founded organization Alley Cat Allies has done incredible work to raise awareness of this issue and create solutions. You can support the organization’s efforts to host food and supply drives, promote official government declarations regarding TNR policies, hold spay/neuter clinics, and more.

National Black Cat Day – October 27, 2022

On October 27, it’s National Black Cat Day! Given their well-established reputation as a sign of bad luck, black cats could use some good press (and unearned, frankly). National Black Cat Day allows cat lovers to celebrate their admiration for the much disparaged yet enduringly iconic animal in the weeks before Halloween.

Activities for National Black Cat Day

Social Media: Display Your Black Cat

This is the day to post on social media that you already own a black cat as a pet. We’re confident that you never share pictures of it any other day. Show it out, highlighting the color of its fur in particular, and use the hashtag #NationalBlackCatDay!

Observe a Black Cat

Black cats are among the most well-known cats in popular culture! Watch a film or television program that celebrates the black cat. Examples include Sylvester from “Looney Tunes,” Snowball from “The Simpsons,” and Salem from “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

Purchase a Black Cat

National Black Cat Day is a terrific opportunity to visit your neighborhood animal shelter and bring home a new dark-furred pet if you’ve been considering adopting a cat.

National Day to Visit the Vet With Your Cat is August 22, 2022

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is a gentle reminder of how much we cherish our cuddly, fluffy feline friends. We still adore them even if they aren’t particularly friendly or furry! We value August 22 much because we are in charge of their health and wellness (they can’t exactly schedule a visit to the veterinarian on their own).

We have all the information you need, from enlightening and fascinating insights on feline anatomy and history to some fine gifts you can score to celebrate our beloved cats. Let’s have a peek now, may we say, meow!

Activities for National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Spay or Neuter Your Kitty

These methods ensure your cat will live a long and healthy life and control the cat population. Spayed or neutered cats are less prone to stray from their homes. Additionally, your cat is less likely to get breast tumors or uterine infections if you have been spaying it. Additionally, neutering your tom shields him from prostate and testicular cancer.

Put a Microchip in

Owners of cats can relax a little with this easy operation. Miniature transponders called microchips are typically the size of a rice grain. Your cat’s veterinarian inserts it under the skin, typically between the shoulder blades. The implant should last your cat’s life without needing an anesthetic.

Keep Regular Veterinary Visits

When your pet needs to visit the vet, you know it. You should schedule routine visits to the vet for your cat. Your cat will receive attention, and you’ll feel better.

08 August-International cat day

Happy International Cat Day

Each year, we set aside a special day to honor and commemorate one of the most enduring and cherished domestic animals: the cat. World Cat Day is on February 17th in Europe and March 1st in Russia. 

Cats are fascinating animals and the most popular pet among all domesticated animals. International Cat Day is excellent for expressing affection for your cat. You know how to celebrate this day. Happy International Cat Day!

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