Why is my Cat SHEDDING so Much?

Would you like to own a cat, but not sure? Is it because your cat-owner friends are stuck with the question, “Why is my cat shedding so much?”

But, like human beings, cats too shed hair. While it is a normal part of their body function, it might also be due to various reasons such as medical issues, stress, or poor diet. Whatever the reason, we are here to assure you can still own one or two kitties.

why is my cat shedding so much

For this reason, we have curated everything you need to know about cats, the causes and reasons for hair fallout, along ways to tackle cat shedding. 

Cat Shedding Season

Shedding is a natural and normal event in every cat’s life. As much as the hair length varies, cat shedding is essential. But as a feline enthusiast, you might be drawn to this question, “why is my cat shedding so much?” 

Well, it might be due to various reasons and among them is cat shedding season. Cat shedding typically occurs twice a year for those that stay outdoors. The seasons include spring for losing the heavy winter undercoat and fall in preparation for the next winter undercoat. 

When is Cat Shedding Season?

Cat shedding season is the duration when cats’ hair needs to hit the ground. But they spend inordinate amounts of time grooming themselves. When they groom themselves, they cause hairballs thus intestinal blockage.  

Cats shed hair in spring. It is primarily influenced by the number of hours they are exposed to sunlight daily. Moreover, felines who live indoors, mostly in heat and hair conditioning homes, shed more because their biological system is greatly influenced. 

The Difference Between Normal and Excessive Shedding in Cats

Shedding is a common issue in cats that occurs either seasonally or due to various problems. It allows new air to grow in while old hair falls out. While it happens, it can either be normal or excessive shedding.

This is when you’ll find cat owners asking themselves this question, “Why is my cat shedding so much all of a sudden?” On the contrary, the two parties are different and occur due to various reasons. So what’s normal and what’s not?

Normal shedding involves shedding in the whole body. Additionally, it is not confined to a particular body area as it can happen anywhere. Nonetheless, it does not leave bald spots on the cat’s body.

On the flip side, excess shedding involves hair fallout in the whole body or a large part in large amounts. When it occurs, it leaves vast and noticeable sparsely-haired areas on the cat’s body.

How to Tell if Your Cat Sheds Too Much

Now that you know the difference between average and excess cat shed, how can you tell if the hair fall out is too much? Cats shed hair to enhance a new set. But sometimes, shedding can occur in high amounts.

If you are keen, you’ll notice the difference. So if your feline friend is shedding a storm of hair, here’s how to identify.

Excess Hair

Cat’s hair is available in two types. Some have excess hair, while others have less hair. Consequently, they tend to shed hair, but some do more than others. As such, you may notice more hair than usual on your couch or lap.

Excesss Grooming

Typically, cats tend to groom themselves. Therefore, when they are not eating, sleeping, or playing, they groom themselves or their counterparts.

white brown striped cat grooming itself

Stress or Boredom

Hair loss is not only caused by excess hair and grooming but also stress. When your feline friend is stressed or bored, you’ll find them trying to groom themselves or their partners. Unfortunately, this may lead to skin irritation or bald patches.


Lastly, allergies are another cause of excess hair. Typically, people often complain about cat allergies whenever they touch or get near them. What they don’t know is that cats get allergies too. And just like human beings, they need to avoid things that cause them.

Things such as skin, food, and environment may cause cats to itch and scratch a lot, thus the excess hair loss. Although allergies have no cure, they can be managed by special diet and medication.

Causes and Reasons of Shedding Cats

Cat hair shedding is normal, but when it occurs, could it be explained by something else? Well, there are many causes of cat shedding. Some of them are as follows:


Fleas can be a nuisance sometimes. Who wants to stay in a place filled with fleas? How does it feel to have fleas all over the face, well probably weird? Cats, too, are living things. They get irritated by the slightest scratch on their body. When fleas are all over the place, they end up scratching their skin hence shedding more hair.


Some cats shed more when they are under some type of stress. For example, you will find them hiding, having litter box issues, or trembling. Change the environment to lessen the condition. 


Ringworm is commonly found in animals. For example, when your cat sheds too much hair, then it might be ringworms. As a result, you need to find the best medication.

Allergies to Surrounding Environment or Food

Your cat might be getting a proper mix of nutrients but is allergic to the food. Therefore you need to select the best food that will not cause any reaction. You can also keep them in places that don’t react with their body.

How to Keep Cat Hair Under Control

Cats shed every day, but sometimes, the fall out might become too much. When this happens, you need to find ways to control the shedding. If you are tired of cat hair all over your house, check out some tips to manage the situation: 

Regular Brushing

The first tip to help you control excessive shedding in cats is regular brushing. Like human hair, cats need a brush to help reduce excess fur. On top of that, your little buddy will feel fresh and happy. While doing this, ensure that you have the best brush to suit your pet’s hair.


Another effective method is bathing your cat. Bathing helps your cat to feel fresh, happy, and healthy. Wash them at least once a month as it will help remove excess hair, and in the long run, they will enjoy the whole experience.

Keep Them Hydrated

Another potential method is hydration. Kitties need water to keep their skin moist. For better results, keep your bowl full with clean and fresh ready drink water.

Provide Shelter

Nothing pleases like having a place to call home. A place you can sit, relax, and unwind without any distraction. Give your cat a palace they can shed their hair comfortably. Instead of leaving unwanted hair on your couch, set aside a bed or chair or a specific spot in the shelter to keep the excess hair contained.

Cat Breeds That Shed a Lot

Shedding is a normal part of a cat’s life. Almost all cats shed seasonally. However, since it is the most distinctive trait, some of the breeds shed more than others. Among these heavy shedding cat breeds are:

American Bobtail Cats

The American Bobtail has a wild look,  short tail, tufted ears, and a powerful body. 

Chartreux Cats

This breed exhibits a strong body in a thick, short water-resistant coat. The unique feature is the orange eyes in a rounded, broadhead.

American Curl Cats.

American Curl Cat has a silky coat, unique shaped ears, and a lovely expression.

Cymric Cats

Cymric cats have a soft, silky, long double coat in numerous colors, such as solids and tortoiseshells.

Nebelung Cats

Nebelung resembles a muscular blue color with medium-length coats.

Ragdoll Cats

A Ragdoll cat is large in size, with sparkling blue eyes, shaped, and a semi-long coat in a pointed pattern.

ragdoll cat sitting on a table

Ragamuffin Cats

Large walnut-shaped eyes characterize this breed; they are large and come in numerous patterns and colors.

Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blues have a unique coat color. They might look gray and sometimes even bright blue with silver-striped hairs that make them glisten.

Siberian Cats 

Lastly is the Siberian Cat. It is well-known for having a long tripped coat with guard hairs and a downy undercoat.

Can I Shave my Cat to Stop Shedding?

If you find excess hair on your coach or float around the air, there are many ways to curb this issue. But can you shave your cat to stop shedding?

Well, this is a crucial question to many feline owners. Yes, you can shave your cat’s hair to minimize excess fallout. Shaving is an effective method of taming fur and reducing excess shedding.

It also keeps the cat clean, allows easy medication application, and gets rid of pests and diseases. However, it has some drawbacks. First of all, avoid shaving your cat as much as possible since it can remove protective hairs responsible for temperature regulation.

Besides that, the whole process might be uncomfortable. Some shedding cats may find the entire process painful since they are not used to such activity. Nonetheless, not all cats are the same. Some love shedding while others are fearful.

It can also expose them to wounds and injuries, remove all-natural oils, stop hair growth, and don’t keep your cat cool.


By now, it’s evident that you love everything about your feline friend. However, you won’t love the tumble of fur every day. As much as we can avoid this, they must shed it as it is part of their health routine.

But sometimes, the snowstorm of cat hair can be irritating. This may be due to various reasons. If you are a cat owner, be sure to check out everything you need to know about cat shedding. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy a happy time with your little four-legged friend.

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