Simple Dog Tattoos for the Canine Lover

A dog lover goes all the way to celebrate their canine friend. Getting simple dog tattoos is one way of celebrating your dog. Remember, your dog will remain loyal to you into an unforeseeable future. So, you will have its tat for a long time.

If you do not have dog tattoo ideas, we will help you find a ton of simple, meaningful dog tattoos. But first, do you know why you need to have a dog tattoo? We shall also tell you about the human to canine bond if you do not know. Let us get started: 

The Human to Canine Bond

Man and dog have been friends for around 15,000 years. The evidence of the early man-canine relationship was the Bonn-Oberkassel dog. Archeologists found its remains buried together with two humans in Germany in 1914. The dog dated back to 14,223 YBP (years before the present).

You can find a dog in almost every home. It lives well with children and adults. People like dogs for their loyalty and companionship. 

Boris M. Levinson was the first person to identify the human-canine bond in 1953. However, his discovery was accidental. Whenever he presented his dog to uncommunicative and withdrawn children, their interaction with the dog was positive. Levinson later discovered that there are benefits associated with pet therapy. 

In the 1970s and 1980s, people engaged with dogs more actively than earlier times. Dogs can smell sadness, fear, and anxiety. This capability makes people use them for services, such as guidance, mobility, and medical alertness. Hospitals are also increasingly using dogs for pet therapy. 

Regarding the benefits of the human-canine bond, dogs make people release the oxytocin hormone. The hormone makes people happy and affectionate. Dogs also enhance the well-being of their owners because they provide companionship and support. So, a dog can determine your psychological well-being. 

A dog-human bond also gives you a sense of purpose. It helps you develop a daily routine. So, you always wake up looking forward to something daily. Also, a dog-human bond prolongs your lifespan because it can reduce stress and anxiety. 

However, you can only achieve the said benefits after treating your dog well. In some instances, a dog can become aggressive to its owner. The reasons for the aggression include past abuse, psychological issues, and heightened aggression training. 

If you notice excessive aggression in your dog, you should engage professional trainers to help manage the condition. 

Nevertheless, the history of man-canine relationships qualifies a dog to be the apt choice for pet tattoos. It is an animal that provides unique benefits that other pets cannot offer. 

Man And Dog Sitting On Beach

The Most Popular Dog Tattoos

Would you like to know whether your dog appears on the list of the most popular dog tattoos? Well, according to, the following is the ranking list of the 20 most posted and searched dog tattoos: 

  1. Pug
  2. French Bulldog
  3. Doberman Pinscher
  4. Chihuahua
  5. Dachshund
  6. Greyhound
  7. Boston Terrier
  8. Rottweiler
  9. Poodle
  10. Labrador
  11. Beagle
  12. Whippet
  13. Schnauzer
  14. Pomeranian
  15. Shih Tzu
  16. Jack Russell
  17. Golden Retriever
  18. Border Collie
  19. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  20. Chow Chow

If your dog did not make it on the list, it remains adorable and worthy of its tattoo on you. Its beauty is incomparable, and what it does for you is immeasurable. So, have its tattoo on you.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Dog Tattoos


  1. Apply creativity: Your dog tattoo should be unique. You do not want a tattoo that everyone wears. So, you can have a tattoo of the personality of your dog. You can also have one showing the nature of your relationship with your dog. 
  2. Get it from an expert: An expert tattooist should have a portfolio. Reviewing the portfolio will give you an idea of the styles and skills of the tattooist.  
  3. Present several reference materials: Arm yourself with photos of your dog and other inspirational images when contacting your tattooist. The move will help the tattoo artist ensure that the resultant tattoo is to your liking. 
  4. Trust your tattooist: If you find a qualified tattooist, trust their skills. Also, accommodate their suggestions even though you can raise your concerns. 
  5. Ask questions: The tattoo-drawing process should be comfortable for you. However, if you are a beginner, ask questions whenever you feel confused.
  6. Offer a tip: Tattoo drawing is a complex exercise. So, if you can, tip your tattooist. An average tip is twenty percent of the total cost of a tattoo. 


  1. No dogs: Tattoo studios should maintain a sterile environment. So, your dog should remain behind when going for a dog tattoo. 
  2. Avoid cheap tattoos: Good tattoos are expensive. They come from highly-skilled experts. Also, you need to pay more for something that will remain on your body for a long time. 
  3. Do not wait: Have a dog tattoo when your canine friend is still alive. It feels better than when the dog is dead. However, have a dog tattoo whenever you feel like having it. 

41 Cute Dog Tattoos to Consider

  1. Lifeline dog face 
  2. Love to infinity dog-paw 
  3. “I hold you in my heart”
  4. Watercolor dog head 
  5. Origami solid or flowered dog 
  6. Full-body dog silhouette 
  7. Heart-in-paw wrist 
  8. Dog outline tattoo
  9. Cartoon pup full body
  10. Watercolor background happy face
  11. Dog portrait tattoo
  12. In memory bone tattoo
  13. “The path to my heart”
  14. Pawprint memory tattoo
  15. Pink paw print tattoo
  16. Hidden paw print
  17. Dog paw tattoo with name initials
  18. Index finger tattoo
  19. Heart paw print
  20. Simple red name outline tattoo
  21. Heart-path paw prints
  22. Whole dog family
  23. Sugar dog skull tattoo
  24. Pawprint replica
  25. Collared roses 
  26. Tribute to dog
  27. Dog name
  28. Waterfront paw print
  29. Perfect portrait
  30. Cute puppy
  31. Back paw print
  32. Little watercolor tattoo
  33. Dog quote
  34. Nice dog quote
  35. Minimalist dog memorial tattoo 
  36. Two-dog heart
  37. Ankle tattoo
  38. Paw in hand
  39. Flower crown
  40. Watercolor Pug
  41. Dog on a pin

Now, you have them all. The next step is to place them wherever you want on your body. They can rest well on your wrist, palm, neck side, back leg, ankle, chest, and fingers. You will get spoilt for choices regarding where to have a dog tattoo. 

Tattoo artist tattooing mans forearm

The Beauty of Dog Tattoos

What can you give to a dog that wags its tail happily whenever you get home? Which present can suit a dog that knows how to play with your children? A simple tattoo of your dog on your skin is a perfect gift to your dog. 

Remember, your dog is never in a hurry to leave you. It will stick by you for the longest time possible. So, you will never need to rub your dog tattoo off. Also, the tattoo reminds you of a friend who loves you unconditionally. 

It is time to have a dog paw tattoo on your wrist or a minimalist dog tattoo on your neck. Your dog tattoo makes you stand out as a dog lover regardless of how it looks. So, book a date with your tattooist today, and remember to leave your canine friend behind on that day. Also, remember to choose a tattoo design you want to have on your body forever. 

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