National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA)

The National Dog Groomers Association of America has your back if you love handling dogs! If so, dog grooming might be your calling as it plays a vital role in canine care. But how do you become a professional groomer? Worry not! This association works with groomers worldwide to upgrade the image of the grooming profession and lends much-needed support to grooming professionals.

What Does the NDGAA Do?

The NDGAA was established in 1969 to assist people engaged in the care and grooming of dogs. It aims to educate and uphold the professional competencies of groomers all over the world. Furthermore, it is involved in registering members, conducting seminars and grooming competitions, certification testing, and workshops to up the art of pet care.

Why Should You Become a Member of the National Dog Groomer Association of America?

Anyone can call themself a qualified pet groomer, as proof of license is not mandatory. But are you aware that much effort is required to become a certified member? To be recognized as a dog groomer, you need to register through the NDGAA.

The better part is that you’ll get extensive training and certification. Moreover, you will meet various breeds and gain grooming, interpersonal and analytical skills. If your hobby is traveling, home and event appointments will enable you to explore different parts of the country. 

Another reason why you need to become a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America is the chance to work under flexible schedules. To add, you will also get to meet other dog groomers and share ideas. 

As they say, “You learn new concepts each day” Well, that’s true. As the best dog grooming organization, you will learn different methods and techniques to develop a passion for animals.

The 9 Benefits on Offer From NDGAA

Everyone wants a job with the possibility of moving up the ladder. That’s why when you become a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits such as:

Medical Program

When you choose a dog grooming association, you also have to keep in mind its perspective. Many people think that the NDGAA only involves animal grooming. But the truth is that it also provides a medical program to the registered members. 

This program offers disability, life, home care, and health insurance. On top of that, you will be able to access legal and retirement plans.

Professional Liability 

Being among the best, the National Dog Groomers Association of America boasts the impressive benefit of providing professional liability to its members. Not everyone can give top-notch animal care, and that’s why clients require professional pet grooming services.

For instance, you might meet a client who underrates your performance service. But with the NDGAA, you don’t need to worry. This association provides a professional liability that offers an insurance cover against related claims. 

Educational Workshops and Testing

Another reason for becoming a member of this association is the workshops and testing on dog grooming. They are conducted annually to help improve skills and level of understanding.

The company also cares about its members during this pandemic. At the moment, physical learning is limited to a small number of groomers per class. But the better part is the introduction of an online dog grooming school to help protect the lives of its members.

Locating Groomers 

The American Grooming Academy not only provides adequate education but also helps groomers locate clients. Similarly, dog groomers also get an easy time to be discovered by potential customers. When you meet the caregiver, try to find out if they have the passion for making your pet feel comfortable.

Membership Directory

Another important reason for joining the NDGAA is the benefit of getting a membership directory. While it has over 2000 members, you’ll be able to communicate and establish a network of reputable colleagues.

For instance, if you have a client relocating to a different city, you can refer them by just looking at their details on the company’s website. When you come across a pet stylist, ask further questions concerning dog grooming to see if they are worthy of the job.

Access to Groomers Voice Newsletter

The association’s pet groomers are having a moment, thanks to the Groomers Voice Newsletter. Communication is essential in any organization as everyone will be on the same platform. As a member, you have direct access to various topics since it’s designed to inform, update and display personal information together with upcoming events.

What Do New Members of NDGAA Receive? 

After registering as a new member of the association, you will receive insurance stating your performance services. To add to that, you will find answers in case of any legal or tax issues. Another thing that newbies receive is the educational workshops to offer more training and testing through exams.

Medical cover such as health and life insurance is provided to pet groomers as they’ll be in safe hands in case of risks. Lastly, a newcomer will have a trademark to ensure that services are maintained. The original logo will facilitate easy recognition from the pet owners.

The groomer will not have a hard time finding a pet parent after the program since the registered information will be under the NDGAA database. What’s more, the groomer has access to upcoming events and updates by means of the Groomers Voice Newsletter.

How Do You Register For NDGAA Membership?

The National Dog Groomers Association does not require a lot of procedures to become a member. To register, you need to fill out an online application form on their website. Moreover, the organization charges an additional registration fee of $95.

National Dog Groomers Association Resources

The National Dog Groomers Association is a dog grooming industry established in 1969 by Robert D. Reynolds. Its main aim is to unite and educate groomers with relevant skills in handling pets. The association is involved in various activities such as; seminars, trade shows, meetings, grooming competitions, educational workshops, and certification testing.

What’s more, the benefits offered, such as the trademarks, protect members’ integrity by stopping the illegal use of the organization’s logo. NDGAA governs Groomers Voice which is a newsletter containing upcoming events and other helpful information. 

Being a qualified pet groomer from this association is an advantage. After certification, you will have easy access to clients since your details are in their database. Moreover, you can use an application called Pocket Suite. This app is essential for dog groomers since they can run their business on one platform. 

With Pocket Suite, you can add your clients, get booked and paid, and organize your chats. To download the application, go to Google play store or Appstore, search, then download. Similarly, you can choose to sign up online for free.

How to Get Certified with NDGAA

The NDGAA aims to offer training through class and workshop activities. Training is mandatory to make you provide exceptional services. After passing the test, you’ll have gained confidence and strong self-esteem.

Moreover, you’ll go home with a dog grooming certification. Your charges will increase as you will have an opportunity and the freedom to set high prices. Clients will also have the chance to test potential employees.

Final Thoughts

Grooming is an essential aspect of dog care. The NDGAA aims to provide training and testing to ensure that the groomer has additional information and skills to serve the world. Apart from that, pet groomers enjoy maximum benefits ranging from professional liability to medical care. If you want to perfect your skills in dog grooming, consider joining the National Dog Groomer Association of America.

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