Don’t Get Left Behind on the Lion Cut for Pomeranians

The Lion Cut on a Pomeranian 

The lion cut pomeranian style is how you cut your pomeranian to achieve the lion look on your dog. 

The thick fur around the upper body, shoulders, face, and chest remains thick to create a mane, while the rest of the coat is trimmed short with clippers. 

The fur at the end of the tail is left thick to finish the look.

Pomeranian cutting

Other Pomeranian Haircuts 

The pomeranian lion cut, while popular, is not recommended as the cut is too close to the skin, and the coat may never regrow. Cutting the fur too close to the skin exposes the pomeranian, also known as poms, to adverse weather, which can cause dermatitis and other skin issues.

Many other pomeranian cuts will look cute on your dog while providing protection. Here are other pomeranian cuts to consider.

  1. Show Cut

The pomeranian show cut will vary depending on the owner or if they belong to a kennel club. This cut is custom to the size of your pom. The trimming is precise and includes undercutting to thin out the different sections of the coat.

The show cut is best for dog competitions or shows as it gives an elegant look.

  1. Fox Cut

The goal of the fox pomeranian haircut is to give the pomeranian the same look as a real fox. The fur on the body is cut short, but the face and the ears are cut in a triangular fashion giving it a pointer look resembling that of a fox.

  1. Teddy Bear Cut 

The teddy bear pomeranian haircut, also known as the puppy cut or the pomeranian leaves your pomeranian looking cute, like a teddy bear, as the finished look resembles that of a puppy or a plush teddy bear. 

The fur is cut uniformly to about 2 to 3 inches while shaping the face and legs round. This is quite difficult to achieve as it requires precision; therefore, do not attempt this; rather, visit an experienced groomer. 

While this is adorable, it can result in permanently damaging the fur of your pomeranian as the cut is too close to the skin. 

  1. Traditional Cut

This is the recommended pom haircut and the most basic low-maintenance cut for your pomeranian. The intention is to trim the fur to outline its natural shape for a manageable cute look. 

  1. Princess Cut

The princess cut is the cutting short of the fur around the pomeranian head while keeping the back and chest long and brushed straight for a luxuriant look suitable for an elegant princess. 

  1. The Lamb Cut

The pomeranian lamb cut, one of the short hair cuts, transforms your pomeranian into a fleece lamb with a plush coat by following the natural body, accentuating the muzzle and ears with sharp, soft angles. Read our article and Explore the Lamb Cut on a Poodle.

  1. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is fashionable, leaving a startling contrast. The fur on the head is cut in a pixie appearance, while the fur on the body is cut short.

A pomeranian has two layers of fur, the inner that’s directly next to the skin and the outer. Most of these cuts will remove the outer layer and leave some of the inner layers of fur. 

Trimming the coat of your pomeranian is necessary, but it has to be done correctly and not too close to the skin to maintain both layers for maximum protection.

Cutting the fur of a pomeranian is fun, and you can choose which one will suit your pom. If you have not cut pomeranian fur before, you should talk to an experienced groomer to discuss which cut is best for your pomeranian. 

Cute white pomeranian dog

Our Top Pomeranian Grooming Tips

Pomeranians are well known for their signature fluff compared to other dog breeds. The fluffiness of a pomeranian will depend on many factors, such as age, breed, genetics, and grooming practices. 

Regular grooming of your pomeranian is necessary as they shed fur more than other dog breeds. 

Pomeranians are lap dogs and are not usually outside, so other parts of the body such as toenails have also to be specially tended to as they can wear out toenails, and they are 

Here are our top tips on pomeranian grooming you may find useful. 

  • Never shave the coat of a pomeranian too close to the skin. The coat does not grow back the same way and removes the protection your dog needs. 
  • Clean your pomeranian ears regularly to prevent infections. Do not use Q-tips; rather, use a wet cloth or dog ear cleaners and gently wipe the inner of the ear. Do not over-insert too deep into the ear.
  • Use the right products for the grooming of your pomeranian. Do not use human shampoos and moisturizers as they are incompatible with dog fur and skin. 
  • Do not forget to clip the nails as soon as you hear them click on the floor. Apply paw wax to prevent cracking and dryness when necessary.
  • Brush the fur regularly, especially during shedding season, at least a few times weekly, to help shed and detangle the coat. 
  • Be gentle and patient when grooming your pomeranian, especially when they are puppies, as they are not used to the grooming process. Eventually, they will get used to the grooming, and it can become an exciting, fun activity for both you and your dog. 

The Benefits of a Groomed Pomeranian

Groomed Pomeranians are those whose eyes, ears, nails, teeth, fur, and overall health are regularly tended to. There were many benefits to properly grooming a Pomeranian.

  • Grooming keeps things hygienic, especially checking and trimming the area on the backside.
  • Daily cleaning of the pomeranian teeth will prevent dental decay, bad breath, gum disease, and tooth loss.
  • Regularly washing and trimming the fur will reduce coat odor and help promote healthy skin and coat.
  • Constantly cleaning the eyes will help prevent eye stains and help detect eye infections early.
  • Clipping toenails is vital to maintain broken or ingrown nails. It also prevents the degradation of pom feet and paws.
  • Washing and brushing the fur will keep the pomeranian looking good, maintain the health of the coat and prevent the fur from matting and tangling. 

What You Need to Know About Shaving a Pom

Many people will shave their pomeranian for the following reason; to achieve the adorable look they have seen on the internet and to keep the pom cool in summer. Others also think shaving a Pom will prevent shedding or will stop allergies.

These are myths, as shaving your pom causes more harm than good. 

The fur protects the pomeranian from UV rays and from overheating. Shaving the fur of your pom is not good for its skin and fur as it removes the natural layer that protects your pom from sunstroke, sunburn, hypothermia, frostbite, and skin cancer.

It is not good to shave a pom as the fur may never grow to the same lustrous full look as previously. 

The exception is only for the area around the anus to prevent damage and infections from dry excrements.

Trimming the fur may be necessary over time, and if you choose to shave your pom yourself, you must have the essential equipment and tools. You will need brushes, clippers, and shampoos to ensure you are doing the right thing.

The best way to get a good trim is to send your pom to an experienced groomer as they know what they are doing. Discuss the options and the styles that will fit your pom’s personality while providing the necessary protection. 

How Often to Groom a Pomeranian

Just like any other long-coated dog breed, Pomeranians require grooming regularly. The grooming of certain body parts has to be done more frequently than others.

Pomeranians are high-maintenance dogs, and grooming, while a serious responsibility of owning a Pomeranian, should be taken as a fun activity with your dog so that they are comfortable. The best time to groom your pomeranian would be after exercise or an evening meal.

Pomeranians need bathing at least once a month or more if required, such as when they have been in the mud. You have to wipe under the eyes, brush your teeth, and check under the bottom daily. 

A Pomeranian’s fur grows quickly and will shed to prepare for growth for the next season. Brushing the coat of a pomeranian is necessary to help with the shedding and keep the fur shiny. Brush the fur at least two to three times a week. 

Bath your pom and trim the toenails using a nail clipper or a grinder every two to three weeks. Apply paw wax and nose balm if necessary.

Trim the coat every four weeks but not beyond six weeks.

Following this schedule is good hygiene for your pomeranian. Grooming your pomeranian will prevent odors, promote good health, prevent the fur from matting and tangling, and detect infections as early as possible. 

Summer vs. Winter Pomeranian Cuts

Pomeranians have an undercoat that acts as insulation and a top coat that protects the undercoat and skin from weather conditions.

There is no real difference in what kind of cuts a pomeranian should have between summer and winter. A pomeranian will automatically shed its outer fur between the two seasons, ensuring it has the necessary protection from natural elements. During this time, you will have to brush more often to prevent the fur from entangling together. 

Pomeranian cuts for summer must be the ones that leave a lot of fur since it is hot, and it is best to keep the dog’s temperature. It is, therefore, best to keep traditional or show cuts styles. 

While many Pomeranian cuts may look cute, any cuts too close to the skin are harmful as your dog may suffer from shaving alopecia, a permanent fur loss. 

Keep the dog sun protected and moisturize the coat and skin to avoid damage. 

Similar to summer, the best cuts for winter are the ones that leave the most fur, as you need your pomeranian to be able to regulate its body temperature while having protection from adverse weather. 

Due to winter air being dry, you may also need to moisturize, as well as keep the fur dry, to avoid matting and tangling.

Preparing pomeranian for cut

The Bottom Line

A Pomeranian is a cute fluffy dog; however, owning one is a huge commitment as a strict grooming schedule is required to promote good health and prevent infections. 

Shaving off the fur of a pomeranian is not recommended as it causes more harm than good. A full and fluffy cut like the traditional pomeranian cut is, therefore, the best for your dog.

If you have to trim the fur, this must be done with the utmost care, preferably by a reputable groomer, for the best results. A haircut too close to the skin will permanently damage the coat leaving the pomeranian skin exposed, which can hurt your pom.

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