Cat Haircuts To Try And Admire

Can You Shave a Cat?

So, can you shave a cat? Yes, you can shave a cat. There are numerous cat haircuts that you can try, but you should only do so in particular circumstances. 

There are several reasons why you might want to give your cat a haircut. If your cat sheds a lot, good grooming can help reduce the amount of fur you find around the house, on your furniture, on your clothes, and so on.

Do Cats Need Haircuts in the First Place?

So, do cats need haircuts? Some people cringe when they see a cat with a haircut. But everyone knows how erratic cats can be. They appear to be willing to do only what they believe is right.

Many cats are unaware that they require a haircut, even though their owners are sure they do! If you are a cat lover who believes that your cat could benefit from some cute cat haircuts, you should seek the advice of a professional groomer. Attempting to cut your cat’s fur can result in disaster for your hands and face. 

Only experienced professionals know how to do the job correctly.

White cat getting a haircut

Types of Cat Haircuts

Suppose you live in a hot climate and suffer from the summer heat; your cat will as well, especially if its fur is long and thick. Summer cat haircuts could include lion cat haircuts or simply trimming cat hair. Shortening the fur on the animal’s belly makes grooming easier and protects your pet from fleas. 

Cat haircuts vary greatly. Some are intended to make the animal feel better, while others are designed for owners who want their pets to stand out. Below, we are going to look at different cat haircuts for long hair and other types of cat haircuts:

Summer Trim

If your cat has thick and long fur, you can give it a surface summer trim by cutting about 1/8th of an inch (3.18 millimeters) off the top. You might want to leave the facial hair alone because touching the animal’s face is upsetting.

Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is the most well-known method for making the cat appear amusing and delightful. You must keep the hair on the head and trim the fur on its body. Some owners may also choose to shape the tail fur.

Shape it Up

Some cat grooming haircuts include some trimming to shape the fur. To make your cat look more exciting and worthy of a pageant title, give it a square (or even round!) shape.

Egyptian Style

Egyptian cats with prominent ears are attractive, but they may have long fur that detracts from their appearance. To make your Egyptian cat look even more elegant, have a professional groomer create a short haircut for it.

Tail Grooming

Because cats dislike having their tails touched, cutting the fur on their tails is one of the most challenging cat haircuts. But, on the other hand, furry cats have difficulty keeping their tails clean and require your assistance.

Frilled Front

A frilled front hairstyle can benefit a short-haired cat. It entails forming the hair on its chest into a circular shape. Some owners experiment with different shapes, including the heart.

Ear Trim

Cats frequently have hairy ears that contrast with their otherwise silky appearance. You may need to sedate the animal if you want the hair on the ears cut. Touching the hair inside the ears may impair the animal’s hearing.

Natural Look

Kittens don’t usually have a fur problem, so the only time you should cut their hair is if they do. Kittens may have hygienic belly cuts, but they should remain natural in most cases.

Cat Dragon Cut

This is an intriguing combination of lion and dragon styles. You can create this cat hairstyle if your cat has long enough fur. Please make sure you only use this option when it’s hot outside, so your cat doesn’t get cold.

Real lion

This authentic lion hairstyle is an excellent choice for owners who want their cats to stand out. Please take note of the paws and tails as they complete the image. Maintain as much warmth as possible for the cat.

The Gray Lion

The furrier the cat, the more extraordinary a lion hairstyle can appear on it. Take pleasure in your cat’s new look. Keep some fur on the cat’s neck and down the back when creating a mane for a more voluminous look.

Panther Cut Cat Style

If your pet is black and you want it to look like a sleek black panther, you should trim its fur. To make the fur look smoother, ask the groomer if it is possible to remove about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch (3.18 to 6.35 millimeters) from it.

Belly Shave 

Because the cat’s underside is the most prone to matting, some pet parents prefer to shave this trouble spot. The belly is usually shaved close to the skin, but the rest of the fur is left long. The shaved belly may be completely unnoticeable when the cat walks around, but it significantly affects mat reduction.

Kitten Clip

Who wouldn’t want to appear two years younger? This is one of the cat haircuts for long hair. It is an all-over trim for long-haired cats that reduces fur length to that of a short-haired cat. It is a valuable preventive cut that reduces the number of mats and the amount of shedding for a few months, in addition to looking cute.

The Tigon

This look is half tiger and half lion. This look features a tiger head on a lion body. There is no mane, and the head is round and perfectly manicured. The body is cut in a lion style, with “boots” left on the legs and a lion tail. Also ideal for short-haired cats.

Hygiene Cut

The hygiene cut is primarily intended to keep your cat clean; it is about function rather than style. A hygiene cut, also known as a “sanitary clip” or “sanitary cut,” is when a groomer trims the hair near the cat’s anus to remove feces or litter clumps that may become stuck in the fur on the way out of the litter box.

A hygiene cut is an excellent option for longhair breeds and senior or overweight cats who have difficulty cleaning themselves.

cat haircut in the salon

The Pros and Cons of Kitty Hairstyles


There are several reasons why you might want to give your cat a summer haircut:

  • If your cat sheds a lot, good grooming can help reduce the amount of fur you find around the house, on your clothes, on your furniture, and so on.
  • In the summer, cutting your cat’s hair can also help your cat stay cool if it’s scorching outside. 
  • A cat haircut is good in making your cat feel more at ease if they have matted hair or hair that has debris stuck in it that they can’t lick off or that would be harmful to them to lick off. 
  • Cat haircuts can help reduce hairballs and make grooming easier for senior cats.


There are also some shortcomings to giving your cat a haircut. For example:

  • If you have an outdoor cat, you should be cautious about shaving them because exposing their skin to the sun can cause sunburns and other health issues.
  • Fur also serves as an insulator and can help keep cats cool– even in the summer. So naturally, you want to leave your cat’s fur in place during the winter to help the animal stay warm.
  • If you do decide to give your cat a haircut, the general rule is to avoid cutting the fur all the way down to the skin. If your cat appears to be in pain following a haircut, you should immediately consider taking them to the veterinarian.
  • Most cats don’t need all of their fur all of the time and won’t notice if some of it is missing, so even if a cat without all of its fur looks sad, shaving a cat is generally not cruel.
  • If you don’t shave off all the fur, let it keep its coat in the winter. Your cat won’t seem to struggle to regulate its temperature after a haircut, so cutting your cat’s hair should be fine.

Professional Groomer Vs. DIY

If your cat is a shorthair breed, they may not require monthly grooming, but others with long fur, temperament issues, or advanced age may necessitate professional grooming only. It all depends on your particular pet’s requirements. 

If your pet does not respond well to touching while grooming, has matted patches of fur, or has rapid hair growth, you should leave all grooming procedures to the professionals. Most people can do their routine bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental cleaning at home between professional grooming visits.

Below are areas that you should leave to a professional groomer:

  • Hair cuts: If you’ve ever seen a pet whose haircut was attempted by its owner rather than a groomer, you’ll agree that this step in grooming is more complicated than it appears!
  • Matting: It is critical to understand that you should not attempt to remove matting from your dog’s fur on your own, particularly with scissors. It has the potential to cause pain and skin damage. If they refuse to brush out, it is best to leave it to a professional groomer.
  • Undercoat Care: For cats with undercoats, it is time-consuming and exhausting for you to remove all of the furs and get the fur to look the same length. A professional pet groomer can do it faster and more accurately.

One thing is sure: if you decide to get your feline companion a haircut, you should consider taking them to a professional groomer. Your groomer knows how to cut a cat’s hair in a safe and non-aggressive manner without exposing its skin to dangerous elements.

They will also be knowledgeable about different cat shave styles and will be able to provide you with the exact kitty hairstyle. They may even be able to show you pictures and make recommendations for both fun and functional haircuts for your feline companion.

longhair cat during haircut

To Cut or Not to Cut

Even though a cat’s coat does not need to be trimmed or shaved, you can trim or shave your cat’s coat if you so desire. Contrary to popular belief, shaving a cat is not cruel as long as it is done by a professional and if your cat is not overly upset or stressed by the process.