Advice From Our Experts: Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Golden retrievers are good family pets. They are loyal, friendly, and super cute. But do Golden Retrievers Shed? Well, this is a question that many pet parents ask themselves. As much as you might get attracted to their beautiful coats, be sure that they shed a lot. 

This is due to the presence of a thick double coat. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting one as your pet. It’s part of their nature, helps control blood flow and reduces skin infections. 

All you need to do is find ways to control excess shedding. With that in mind, here is a compilation of facts about Golden Retrievers. Let’s dive in!

Golden Retriever Dog

Do Golden Retrievers Shed? 

Do Golden Retrievers shed? Yes, Golden Retrievers shed. Since they have a double coat, shedding must happen due to the warm and fuzzy undercoat. While a Golden Retriever sheds lightly throughout the year, it does in large amounts twice a year. 

Typically, during spring, your dog will get rid of its thick winter coat and its lighter summer coat in fall. This is necessary since it will pave the way for the cold winter coat growth.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Now that you know Golden Retrievers shed, you need to understand why they do this. Below are the reasons why.

Presence of Double Coat

As mentioned earlier, Golden Retrievers have a double coat. This coat contains an undercoat and a top layer. If you look at the topcoat, you will notice it is shiny and dense. 

Other than that, you will see a thick undercoat that regulates their temperature. For this reason, they need to shed all year round as the hair goes through its normal growth cycle. Furthermore, they will “blow their undercoat” twice a year.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

How much do Golden retrievers shed? Before getting these lovely creatures for your home, you need to understand how much they shed. Ideally, these beautiful four-legged companions shed twice a year, during fall and spring. However, they do this moderately throughout the year and heavily during shedding seasons.

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Shedding is part and parcel of golden retrievers. They do this to eliminate excess hair since they have a double coat. But when do Golden Retrievers shed? These dog breeds don’t shed at any time. Instead, they have a season for shedding. In simple terms, they shed twice a year, during spring and fall. 

At this time, they shed excessively to prepare for a thin summer coat and a heavier winter coat. When the temperature warms, they shed the old winter undercoat to create space for a lighter summer coat. 

They also shed the lighter undercoat to a thick, insulating coat in preparation for the winter when the weather cools. This enhances comfortability throughout the year. On top of that, the thick undercoat may fall out in clumps for around two to three weeks. 

During this period, your dog will be shedding pretty heavily. And indeed, you won’t be able to avoid noticing it fluttering around your home. Yes, it is normal for them to shed, but you must also check on the pattern. Sometimes it might not be normal. 

Why is My Golden Retriever Shedding So Much All of a Sudden?

You should be aware that not all shedding in Golden Retrievers is normal, especially now that you have a clear idea of their shedding pattern. Sometimes shedding out of the cycle might suggest that something is wrong. If your dog starts to shed abnormally, it might be due to health reasons. Among them are:

Poor Diet

One of the health reasons that’s making your dog shed much unexpectedly is poor diet. Yes, probably you are not giving it proper food. But, like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients. A proper diet will make the dog healthy and strong. On the flip side, a poor diet will result in weakness and thus loss of hair. So, review your dog’s diet.


Dehydration is another cause of too much shedding in Golden retrievers. When your dog is dehydrated, the oxygen and blood supply reduces. For this reason, tissues and organs will become weak; hence coats fall out. So, ensure that your dog gets enough water for a healthy coat.


If your dog has certain allergies, they might affect their coat. When this happens, the coat will fall out. Since Golden retrievers need a double coat, too much fallout can lead to further issues. Therefore, check if they have allergies to certain foods or surroundings. 

Your vet might help you know the specific allergy. In the end, you will get medication to help ease the situation. Avoid them like the plague if your dog is allergic to certain things.


Dogs with parasites will constantly scratch their skin, causing irritation and itching. While doing this, hair will fall out, and the skin might get infected. This calls for regular grooming to remove parasites or skin issues.


Stress can make your Golden Retriever chew and lick its hair and skin. Allergies or certain skin issues can also cause it. This will leave patches on the skin, weakening the tissues as the hair falls out. 

So, try and make your dog happy and comfortable. Avoid places that will increase boredom. For better results, provide chewing toys to keep them busy. Other than that, visit your vet to check the root cause since it can be a sign of a health issue.


If you notice excess shedding and thinning, your dog might be suffering from hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, Golden Retrievers are prone to this condition. So, get help from your vet to find the root cause and treatment.


Last but not least, pregnancy can cause hair loss. Yes, that too much hair from your Golden Retriever might be due to pregnancy. Check with your vet to see if it is the cause. If they are pregnant, then good news-an additional family member, right? You will get advice and medication to control the hair fallout.

Whatever the source of your Retriever’s abnormal shedding, the prevention and remedies are the same as they are for reducing normal and heavy shedding. Get advice from veterinarians so they can distinguish between normal shedding or other health issues.

With all the causes, it is not enough that they are the only reasons why your dog is shedding. Therefore, it is good to know the signs of peculiar shedding.

Golden Retriever dog bathing

Signs of Peculiar Shedding

Dry or Brittle Hair

Typically a dog’s hair is soft and lively. But sometimes, you might notice that the hair is dry or brittle. This is not something to ignore. It means that there’s an underlying issue. When this happens, hair might start coming out. So, check out with your vet to find the best solution.

Irritation, Open Sores, Blisters

If your dog has blisters, open sores, or skin irritation, they might experience peculiar shedding. This is because the irritation and blisters weaken the pores, meaning that hair will not grow but fall out.

Bald Patches

Bald patches are a result of skin infections. The infections eat up the skin tissues leaving them dead, hence balding. When this happens, hair will start falling out unexpectedly. 

Do Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labs?

Do Golden Retrievers shed more than Labs? Both of these breeds shed. But, first, Labrador Retrievers have a unique double coat which makes them shed throughout the year, especially when the seasons change. 

In the spring, Labs will shed more to lose their winter coat and prepare for the summer. During fall, they’ll regain the hair to bulk up for the winter temperatures. From these, it is evident that Labs and Golden Retrievers shed the same amount of hair. 

They’re both double-coated breeds that shed seasonally. However, since Golden Retrievers have longer fur than Labradors, they require regular grooming. For this reason, don’t get comfortable; labs still require some maintenance.

Do All Golden Retrievers Shed?

Do all Golden Retrievers shed? Well, Golden Retrievers are double-coated dogs. By this they have two coats, the inner and outer coats. For this reason, they need to shed. Typically, all double-coated dogs shed. It’s a natural and healthy process since it helps in regulating the overall body temperature. 

As a Golden Retriever owner, it would be wise to know how to control the shedding. This is because too much of it can cause a mess in your house. The worst part is that it can affect people with allergies. So here’s how to control Golden Retriever shedding.

How to Control Golden Retriever Shedding

Get the Right Deshedding Tool

As mentioned earlier, Golden retrievers shed to bring a new coat for the next season. However, the shedding can be too much, and the worst part is when you have dog allergies. Since you love and want to keep your pet, why not look for a good deshedding tool. 

There are varieties of deshedding tools out there, but getting the one suitable for Golden Retrievers will help you remove dead and loose hair.


Brushing plays a vital role in controlling Golden Retriever shedding. This is because it helps in removing excess hair and distributing natural oils. So yes, they need regular brushing like any other dog breed. Nonetheless, the long hair will not be too much, saving you time for vacuuming. 

Brushing will take a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. But you have to be careful while dealing with sensitive parts such as the tail and ears. Ensure that you have the right Golden Retriever deshedding brush to make the session successful. You’ll also have a great time bonding with your pup. 


Apart from brushing, Golden Retrievers need to bathe. It not only helps in controlling shedding but also keeps them fresh and happy. So bathe your dog at least once a month or weekly. 

Frequent bathing may cause dry skin, which increases shedding. If you can, use a good dog deshedding shampoo, it  will moisturize the skin all day long.

Avoid Using Pills and Sprays

Golden Retriever excessive shedding can be a pain in the neck. Many pet parents hate walking in a house full of dog hair. When this happens, they might resort to sprays and pills to reduce shedding. As they might work, they are very dangerous to the dog. Prolonged usage of these products may ruin the coat and skin. Much worse, it may lead to severe skin problems.

Incorporate Sufficient Protein and Omega 3 in Your Dogs Diet

Controlling shedding in your Golden Retriever is not all about brushing and bathing. It also involves a proper diet. Feeding your dog foods rich in Omega 3 and protein will boost their immune system and reduce shedding. It will make the hair roots strong and improve elasticity. However, don’t overfeed; follow your vet’s recommendation.

Generally, feed them with a nutritious diet to prevent a host of canine illnesses. Furthermore, it helps keep your dog’s coat beautiful and healthy. Also, try raw, natural feeding. As long as you keep the food clean or well-sanitized, it’s always a good choice.

Avoid Anything That Gives them Stress

Like human beings, dogs too get stressed. Shedding will be more when they are anxious and stressed. To avoid this, ensure they are in a comfortable and relaxed setting. The places they stay and sleep should be free from any threat or disturbance. Keep your Golden Retriever calm with fun activities, such as games, training, and chew toys.

With these tips, it’s evident that you will control too much hair in your house. But while doing this, remember that all dogs are different, and some of these methods may work on one dog and fail on others. So for better results, be patient.

Go for Foods That Target the Coat and Skin

Of course, you are feeding your dog with the right food, but is it healthy for its coat or skin? Certain dog foods are best for overall health, while some are best for their coats and skin. Look for foods that have the right ingredients, preferably natural. 

Ensure that they are not full of chemicals to ease digestion. Most importantly, opt for the one with proteins since they help provide healthy skin and coats. Otherwise, the Golden Retriever double coat will become weak. So feed foods that meet its nutritional demands, and you’ll be able to limit the amount of shedding.

Keep Your Golden Retriever Hydrated

Shedding may also be due to dehydration. Give your dog enough water to improve its overall health and lessen the amount of hair that ends up all over your house. Get a dog water fountain that will entice your pet to drink for better results. 

This will save time since you will not spend energy fetching water. If you opt for warm water, give it ice cubes to keep it hydrated. You can also feed it fruits such as raspberries or strawberries. Most fruits contain water, which will help quench their thirst and boost their immunity.

golden retriever drinking water

What NOT to Do

Now you know that the Golden Retriever sheds, there are don’ts that you need to know. First, do not shave the coat. It helps in regulating body temperature. Secondly, don’t apply spray or pills to reduce shedding. They may fail to work or cause more effects. Generally, follow the tips outlined above, but most importantly, feed the right diet and invest in the right grooming tools.

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