7 Best Dog Bath Tubs for Professionals (Portable, Elevated)

This is our review of the best dog bathtubs for professionals.

Dogs are excellent companions. At times they can be friendly and sometimes fierce. Depending on your relationship, you will enjoy lots of cuddles and hugs. However, they require regular grooming to maintain hygiene. And as they say, a clean dog is a happy dog.

Unlike cats, they can’t clean themselves. For this reason, you need to get them the best dog bathtub. Since there are many dog bathtubs on the market, finding the best one can be daunting.

But after conducting thorough research on bathtubs, we found the Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large to be our favorite choice. This is because it is large and made of UV stabilized polypropylene that enhances outdoor storage without worrying about color fading.

Here, we’ve curled up a list of the best dog bathtubs, essential for professionals, and the key features to consider before buying one. For this reason, your dog will have a shiny coat and healthy skin.

But before going further, here’s how to give your dog a good bath in the tub.

How to Give a Dog a Bath in the Tub

A dog bathtub is essential since it provides adequate space for various breeds. As a dog owner, you can clean your dog in a bathtub by putting a non-slip mat in the tub to protect your dog from sliding.

Take a cup or bowl and wet your pup using fresh water. Clean from head to toe using shampoo, then rinse and let it out to dry.

The Importance of a Good Dog Bath for Groomers

As a groomer, your work is to ensure that dogs are clean and presentable. And that’s why washing your pet is necessary. However, this cannot happen without the right tools. And this is where a dog grooming bathtub comes in handy. So, if you are still in doubt, check out how a good dog bath is essential.

Softer Coat

A dog bath is vital to the overall health of your pup. Generally, health does not revolve around being disease-free but also having a softer coat. Unfortunately, many dog owners think that grooming is all about brushing and trimming nails.

What they don’t know is that a regular bath is essential too. A dog bath helps remove harmful substances from the coat. For example, when your four-legged friend contains dirt, the coat might get blocked.

As a pet owner, you’ll notice that it is dull due to poor air circulation. However, a proper wash will enable you to remove mats and ticks on the coat.  Amazingly, clean skin brings out the beauty, thus a happy dog.

Reduced Shedding

Shedding is a common problem that affects dogs. It occurs due to various reasons such as lack of bathing or any other underlying problem. But who wants a dog that leaves a lot of fur on its body after playing together? While this might be devastating, a normal pooch requires regular bathing to remove dirt. When debris is stuck on your pet’s coat, it will end up dry and itchy.

As a result, your little friend will end up scratching every part of the coat. The reason behind this is that their coats might get dry and start falling out. This will eventually lead to the shedding of hair. As much as you can find dog breeds that don’t shed regularly, you will still need to bathe them as it will benefit you and your fur friend.

Clean and Fresh

Taking your dog to a professional groomer will benefit you greatly. It is an effective way to make it clean and fresh. At times you might notice dormancy in your dog. And as a concerned pet parent, the first thing you’ll do is rush to a vet clinic for the check-up.

What you don’t know is that your pet is not sick but fatigued due to dirt. A dog bath is significant since it aids in removing dirt. Typically, cleaning your dog helps them become fresh and active once again.

Healthy Skin

Just like human beings, dogs, too, require healthy skin. A dog’s skin contains pores that aids in breathing. When dirt accumulates on their skin, the pores get blocked and prevent the circulation of air. As a result, the skin becomes unhealthy. For better results, conduct regular baths to keep them fresh and healthy.

Strengthens Bond

Another vital aspect of dog baths is the development of a healthy relationship. When bathing your pup not only involves applying shampoo and pouring water. It also comprises fun activities such as playing with water while cleaning.

When you do this, your dog will enjoy every moment with you and desire to do it more. Furthermore, you will get to know what they like and dislike during bath times.

Removes Dirt and Odor

Dogs are amazing, but how does it feel strolling with a smelly fur baby? Probably weird. Of course, nobody would wish to play with a smelly dog. Moreover, the dogs will not be comfortable and active. However, a dog bath will help remove the foul odor.

Positive Behaviour

One practical aspect of bathing your dog is maintaining positive behavior. Just like human beings, dogs tend to display specific characteristics when they are clean or messy. When you take a cold or a warm bath, you probably feel fresh and relaxed. This applies to a dog too.

If you notice your four-legged friend is dull, maybe it is because of a lack of a proper bath. Bathing your dog affects its mental health. If they are cleaned regularly, they’ll not only maintain a good look, a pleasant smell but also feel good.

Detection and Prevention

A dog bath is the best way to detect any issue. Early detection is vital to check on any underlying problem. While washing the dog, you may notice things such as rashes, lumps, inflammations, infections, or lesions.

As a result, you’ll be able to find solutions, thus prevent significant damage. Therefore, the sooner the problem is found, you’ll be able to treat and nurse your dog without spending a lot of money through diagnosis.

An Overview of the Best Dog Bath Tubs Currently on the Market

NameBest forFeatures
Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large Home Use20-inch U-Entrance. Drain horse for easy drainage. 360-degree access for easy bathing and drying.
Fresh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station for Bathing, Shower, and Grooming, Foldable and Portable, Indoor and Outdoor, Perfect for Small and Medium Size Dogs, Cats and Other Pet Bathing, Shower, and GroomingPull and pack folding system. Built-in drain system. Three-point leash restraints.
Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub Small and Medium-Sized PetsAdjustable leveler for uneven floor. 360-degree access for accessible bathing.
PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub with Ramp, Faucet, Hoses, and Loops Home and Commercial UseOne-piece tub basin to prevent leakage. Overhead grooming arm. Sliding door with a watertight seal to contain water.
Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large Small, Medium, and Extra-Large BreedsQuick snap legs. 360-degree access for easy bathing. A drain hose for simple clean-up.
VEVOR 50 Inch Dog Grooming Tub, Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bath Tub, with Steps Faucet & Accessories Dog Washing Station Professional GroomingRemovable door to prevent water from splashing and leaking. Removable stainless steel floor grate for skid resistance during bubble bathing.
EAWELLPR Dog Grooming Tub 38 Inch Dog Bath Tub Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Station Dog Wash Tub with Faucet and Accessories Home and Professional UseS-shaped drainage pipe to filter out the odor. Water tape and high-pressure sprayer. Removable anti-skid pedal to prevent slipping.

Reviewing the Best Dog Bath Tubs of This Year

These dog bathtubs will help keep your four-footer clean. First, however, you need to look for specifications and features to see the one suitable for your pup. Here is a list of the best bathtubs currently on the market.

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large

Amazon’s Choice for “Dog Wash Station for Home”

Best for Home Use

If you want a dog bathtub with a large surface area, opt for the Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing (Large). This handy tool is our favorite pet bath tab that is made in the USA. But how is it useful? The most important thing that will draw your attention to the Booster Bathtub is the two-piece quick-snap tub.

This feature is essential since you can carry it anywhere, like camping. And if you are a dog groomer, you can carry it for various appointments since the snap tubs are portable. Another advantage is that you can wash your pup from all angles. But before washing it, the open entry will enable your dog to get inside the tub without too much effort.

It has a dimension of 45″ x 21.25″ x 15″ and a 19-inch leg height, 20-inch U-Entrance, 32.25-inch total height, and a leg footprint – 27″ x 48″. The Booster Bath is made of UV stabilized polypropylene, so it can be stored outdoors easily without fading. The drain hose allows proper drainage, and you stay dry while bathing.

The winner of the retailer’s choice awards weighs 125 lbs. However, it comes in different sizes that are small, medium, and large to accommodate all breeds. With a star rating of 4.6 out of 5, the most elegant and comfortable bathtub will prevent slipping and sliding since it saves you all features that are not available in a shared bathroom.

Buyers love it for its high quality, fewer back issues to pet owners and grooming professionals, and the fact that it saves time and money. However, some customers have complained about the parts not being compact. As a result, some dogs tremble and fall.

Fresh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station for Bathing, Shower, and Grooming, Foldable and Portable, Indoor and Outdoor, Perfect for Small and Medium Size Dogs, Cats and Other Pet

Amazon’s Choice for “dog bathtub.”

Best for Bathing, Shower, and Grooming

Do you love traveling with your fur buddy? If so, then Fresh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub is here for you. This bathtub will enable you to have an easy time while washing your pet. Apart from bathing your dog inside your house, you can take them outside to enjoy a cool breeze while receiving a warm bath. 

Furthermore, it can easily fit inside your bathtub. This will enable you to contain your pet in one area and conserve water. And if you need to drain water, the stretchable drain horse will help you drain water outside. In terms of height, you will be able to adjust it to any point. As a result, you will save yourself from backaches and knee pains.

Additionally, you will have an easy time reaching for bathing essentials since it has side pockets to store shampoo or any other bathing tools. The best part is that you can fold the whole device within seconds as it comes with a folding mechanism. For better results, dry the bathtub and pull the handle in the middle. Then, for more space, fold the legs into the proper position.

The basin measures 33″ long, 17.8″ wide, and 11.5″ deep, providing enough space for small and medium-sized dogs. It has a dimension of 35.7″L x 20.7″W x 35 while unfolded. The leash restraint has an adjustable collar to control your dog’s movement, thus maintaining safety while bathing.  

The basin is made of marine-grade PVC, which is rugged, easy-to-clean, and resistant to wear from the dog’s paws. The frame is made of stainless aluminum tubing and weighs less than 11 lbs but still supports more than 130 lbs (including water) and remains steady during bathing and grooming. It is also ideal for pets weighing up to 40 lbs.

The bathtub has a two-year manufacturer warranty. Therefore you can take it back if you are not satisfied or for replacement in case of malfunction. However, while most users are delighted with its features, some have complained about the price being too high and lack standard fittings.

Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub

Best for Medium and Small-Sized Pets

The Flying Pig Pet Dog Washing Shower is a pig grooming bathtub suitable for dogs and cats. It has a perfect size to accommodate small to medium-sized pets. Furthermore, it is lightweight and portable, thus easy to fit in standard bathtubs.

The tub basin is made out of heavy-duty plastic material. Additionally, the stand is made of stainless steel, which is non-corrosive. As a result, it will not rust easily when exposed to water. Moreover, it helps in supporting the weight of the pet and the whole tab.

It also has a maximum weight of 150 pounds and a unit of size. To add, it has 360-degree access so that you can rotate easily while cleaning. As a matter of fact, you will not have backaches since washing every part only requires one turnaround. Owners love it for being lightweight and portable, but some find the tub being challenging to assemble.

PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub with Ramp, Faucet, Hoses, and Loops

Best for Home and Commercial Use

Do you want a dog bathtub with a faucet, loops, and hoses? If so, then opt for the PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub. It has a built-in super-durable resistant stainless steel gauge. In addition, the entirely waged one-piece tub basin prevents leaks.

Moreover, the fully welded base frame enhances stability, and the sliding door contains watertight seals to keep water in and prevent leaks. Besides that, using it won’t give you a hard time since the ramp allows dogs to walk directly into the tub.

Nonetheless, you can hide it underneath when it is not in use. It is compatible with a 4″,6″,8″ wall-mount faucet and comes with a 6″ faucet sprayer. The tub has an overhead grooming arm with two loops, an anti-slip mat, drain, hair trap, four adjustable levelers.

The most exciting aspect is that the trucking company will contact you before setting up a delivery appointment. Therefore, ensure that the phone number is valid when placing your order.

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large

Best for Small, Medium, and Extra-Large Breeds

Having both large and small-sized dogs comes with a lot of responsibilities. However, you can make things easier by investing in the Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large bathing tub. The quick snap legs are essential for supporting your buddy. Moreover, you’ll be able to rotate easily without getting backaches.

The 175 lbs maximum weight is enough to carry dogs of large sizes.  It has a 30-inch leg height when assembled to help you rotate 360 degrees effectively without too much pressure. Furthermore, your 25-inch U-entrance is adequate for your dog to have an easy time entering and exiting the tub.

With a star rating of 4.6 out of 5, this Booster Bath gets rid of most of the issues with home pet bathing, such as slipping and chasing the shampoo bottle. Moreover, you’ll eliminate backaches from bending over, lifting the pet into and out of the tub, and messy bathroom clean-ups.

With dimensions of 50″ x 21.25″ x 15″, it is made of UV stabilized polypropylene to be stored outdoors without the stress of color fading. Customers love it because it is easy to assemble, and it’s easy to spray clean, mainly when used outside. However, some are not happy because it is costly, and dogs can flip the bathtub, thus harming themselves.

VEVOR 50 Inch Dog Grooming Tub, Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bath Tub, with Steps Faucet & Accessories Dog Washing Station

Best for Professional Grooming

The Vevor 50-Inch Dog Grooming Tub serves as a great solution if you need a bathtub made of high-quality materials and makes for easy time bathing. This tool can be used at home, in pet salons, and in pet hospitals. It also comes with a kit that contains rubber feet, shampoo rack, faucet, coaming, water hose, pet fixing straps, and pet play ball.

It is made with anti-rust 304 stainless steel, which is a sturdy, non-deformation with a sleek surface. It can also bear a weight capacity of 265 lbs. What’s more, is the removable door to block water from splashing and leaking.

The walk-in ladder on the left is retractable for easy storage. The dog grooming bathtub has a skid-proof pedal inside the tub. The small hole design can keep the dog from slipping and falling. You also can easily remove it with two handles at both sides for manageable dog hair retrieval.

The high-pressure sprayer is durable and anti-rust with chromium coating and a brass core. In addition, the sprayer has its switch for adjusting the volume of water, giving your pet a warm and comfortable bath. 

With a star rating of 3.5 out of 5, customers love its design. On the other side, some complained about blurry and incomplete instructions.

EAWELLPR Dog Grooming Tub 38 Inch Dog Bath Tub Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Station Dog Wash Tub with Faucet and Accessories

Best for Home and Professional Use

The pet grooming tub is made of stainless steel, anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and sturdy enough to withstand a weight capacity of 180lbs. In addition, the bathtub comes with a removable anti-skid pedal, small holes designed to protect the dog from slipping and falling. And if you want an easy time cleaning your dog’s coat, you can remove it with two handles at both sides for easy dog-hair cleaning.

The bathtub also comes with a water tape and a high-pressure sprayer suitable for cold and hot water to make things easier. In addition, an s-shaped drainage pipe makes sure the water inside the pipe filters out odor and prevents loose hair from clogging your pipes.

It comes with a washtub kit that includes rubber feet, shampoo rack, sprayer, shower sprayer & scrubber, water drain pipe kit, pet fixing straps, and pet play ball. All these accessories make it perfect for home, pet hospital, and pet beauty salon use.

With a star rating of 5 out of 5, customers love it for its durable material and handy washtub kit—however, some complained about having a hard time putting together the parts.

Your Dog Bath Tub Shopping Guide

If you are a dog owner, it is crucial to groom your dog, which is where dog bathtubs come in. Keeping your dog clean all the time is a serious business. It helps keep your pet’s coat healthy, clean and fresh. However, there are some pointers to should consider before purchasing a dog bathtub. Here are some of them.

Leash and Tether Hooks

Topping the list of things to look for before buying the best dog tub is leash and tether. First of all, many dog bathtubs have a leash restraint. A leash is essential, especially for pooches that are uncooperative.

Some tubs come with convenient hooks and leashes. On the contrary, you can also buy a separate hook but getting the inbuilt one will be strong enough and durable. In addition, having a leash and hook will enable you to maintain the movement of your four-legged friend.

As a result, you’ll be able to have them around the bathing area. If your dog hates bathing sessions, get your bathtub a leash and tether hooks. These tools will enable you to maintain safety between you and your dog because you won’t have to worry about running all over amid-wash.

Non-Slip Floor

The second thing to look for when purchasing a bathtub is the one with a non-slip floor. Washing your four-footer on a wet slippy floor can be uncomfortable and risky. Flooring is essential since it protects your dog from getting injured. There are different types of dog bath floors. Some are slippy, while others are non-slip.

First and foremost, a non-slip bathtub floor will enhance more freedom. Suitable flooring will make your dog move freely in the bathtub while enjoying the cold or warm shower. So, opt for s sturdy floor to make your pet feel secure and stress-free.

Adjustable Height

Dogs come in different breeds. Some are small, while others are large. Be sure to look for a dog bathtub with an adjustable height. It is essential since it can accommodate dogs of all sizes. To add, you will have an easy time washing your pet since you won’t have to bend while doing the cleaning.

What’s more, the adjustable-height is essential for older pet parents since they will not hurt their backs.  Whether cleaning your dog inside or outside, an adjustable height is vital to look for when purchasing a grooming bathtub.

Detachable Hose and Plugs

Another essential factor to look for is a detachable horse and plug. These tools are crucial, especially if you intend to wash your dog outdoors. Detachable hoses and plugs will make your work easier since you won’t have to break your back-flipping over a bathtub full of water. Moreover, a drainage plug is essential since it will prevent the tub from being full all the time.


As a pet owner, find a bathtub that is made of solid and durable materials. A good bathtub should serve you for a very long time. Bathtubs come in different types and materials. Typically, most dog bathtubs are made with PVC.

For better results, purchase the one that is UV protected to ensure the bathtub does not wear off. On top of that, select a bathtub that is made with eco-friendly materials. This will ensure that your pup is safe in case they go further to chew the bathtub.


Apart from having a bathtub with durable materials, look for the one with the right size too. Size plays a vital role since it displays the dimensions of the tab. Furthermore, you will have enough space to accommodate your baby. Still, in size, ensure that your dog weighs less than the bathtub. This will ensure maximum comfort for you and your puppy.


Generally, price is always a concern in every product. As a dog owner, you don’t want to purchase expensive products but have poor quality. At the same time, you can find tubs that are not worth the price. Therefore, ensure that you buy something where price equates to quality. If you go for lower prices, you will end up making multiple trips to the shop.

Number of Dogs

Lastly, check on the number of dogs. This aspect applies explicitly to dog owners who have several dogs. Obviously, some bathtubs have enough space to accommodate multiple dogs. This is essential since you can serve more clients and save enough time.

Moreover, you will be required to check the bathtub’s quality to ensure that the material can withstand heavy weight.

Tips on How to Bathe Your Dog

Giving your dog a regular bath is vital for their health and hygiene. Of course, it helps in removing dirt and foul odor. But it does not involve taking water and pouring on the fur babies. Dog bathing involves applying proper dog bathing tricks. Once you are ready for the task, here’s how to bathe a dog in the tub.

Brush Your Dog

The first and the most important thing to do is to reward your brush your dog. This is done before the actual process of bathing. It is essential since it helps in getting rid of any mats. Of course, matted hair absorbs water for a long time and thus irritates the skin.

Besides that, it helps remove fleas and ticks that might have stuck in the pet’s coat. If you experience difficulties in brushing your dog, seek professional assistance.

Prepare Your Bathtub

The second thing is to prepare the bathtub. Generally, bathtubs come in different sizes and types. At the same time, dogs have different breeds. So, depending on your bathtub’s specification, you’ll know which size fits the bathtub at hand.

Additionally, you will be able to incorporate leashes and hooks if need be. The two are essential, especially for people who have a hard time with uncooperative doggos. As a result, you’ll be able to contain them in one area.

Use Lukewarm Water

Dogs are sensitive animals. In this case, the human skin can withstand cold and hot water. On the flip side, dogs can’t because their skin is different. Hot water can destroy the dog’s skin. Therefore, a dog’s bathing water should be warm to prevent over-heating.

Communicate in a Calm Voice

Communication in animals matters a lot. Like human beings, they can differentiate if the sound is calm or harsh. If you calmly talk to them, they’ll understand that you care about them and are not torturing them.

Use a Dog Shampoo

To have a clean, healthy, and fresh dog, you must get the best shampoo. While there are different dog shampoo in the market, getting the best one won’t hurt. Therefore, put your shampoo on the pet’s coat and massage it in the whole body while watching the eyes.

Rinse Well

After applying shampoo and pouring enough water, you need to rinse well not to irritate the skin when dry. For better results, rinse continuously.


You can air dry or use a blow dryer to prevent too much heat on the skin.

Reward Your Dog

Just like a baby, it is essential to reward your pup either by praising them. This is necessary since it aids in shaping their behaviors and makes them feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I bathe my dog?

Dogs don’t need daily scrubs. Instead, they require regular baths depending on several aspects, such as the type of coat.

How can I get my dog in the tub?

Getting your Pet in the tub is a case of relationship and training. Most pets can be trained to get in the tub with time and patience. Moreover, the kind of bond you have with your baby will determine if they’ll give you a hard time or not. For better results, start training them at a young age and introduce games that direct them to get in the tub.

Should I clean the dog’s bathtub after every bath?

Just like your private shower, it’s essential to clean your pet’s bathtub after every bath. This is crucial since dogs contain dirt, and after bathing, the water in the tub is dirty. As a result, the constituents get stuck on the surfaces of the tub. Therefore ensure that you use antibacterial detergents to remove dirt.

Why Should You Trust Groomers Land?

Grooming your dog not only involves clipping their nails but also bathing. This is significant since they’ll stay fresh and in good shape. Groomers Land contains essential information such as pet grooming tips.

Driven with a passion for pets, Groomers Land contains vital tips to help you handle your dog. Furthermore, you might learn how to become a professional groomer if you love handling pets. As a result, you’ll end up having decent and healthy pets.


Owning a dog is an excellent idea since they are great companions. But sometimes, things can get messy–from remains of your puppy’s hair on your clothes to an awful smell. This is where dog grooming comes in. And it doesn’t revolve around brushing the coat but regular baths too.

Bathing is essential since it aids in maintaining your pet’s health and making him presentable. However, this is not possible without a bathtub. With this tool, you’ll be able to have an easy time and enjoy every moment with your fur baby.

And since there are many dog bathtubs in the market, our favorite choice was Booster Bath Elevated Pet, Bathing Large. This is because it is made with durable material and can accommodate dogs of all sizes. Moreover, you will have an easy time since you will wash your pup at all angles.

So if you are thinking of getting one for our pets, consider the ones outlined above. Eventually, you will end up with a fresh, healthy, and happy dog!

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